20+ Best WordPress Plugins for New Websites (Mostly Free)

Last Updated on 3rd March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Are you wondering what WordPress plugin is best for your newly designed website in 2023?

Our list of best WordPress plugins provides a perfect answer to this.

This post does not list all the WordPress plugins out there.

Instead, it is tailored down to the list of best paid and free WordPress plugins I have personally used on my website,

and also from the thousands of great reviews gotten from website owners.

There are over 50,000+ plugins that exist, and choosing which is best for your site can be tasking and frustrating.

However, this post is channeled toward reducing that stress for you.

Plugins are a necessary and crucial extension needed for your site’s speed, security, and running.

At a glance, below is a list of the best WordPress plugins for your website in 2023.

Best WordPress plugins for new websites in 2023

1. Wpforms

wp forms wordpress plugin

WPforms is an essential plugin you need to add to your WordPress site as it provides a user-friendly interface.

Do you want direct contact with your visitors? WPforms is the perfect idea for you.

The WPforms plugin is a drag and drop online form builder that gives website owners the opportunity to get in touch with their visitors.

Like contact forms, email subscription forms, and all other types of online forms available.

It has pre-built form templates that save you the time and stress of having to design a new template.

Another unique feature of this plugin is that you can easily embed forms in your blog, pages, sidebar widget, and post, depending on your preference.

With reviews gotten from over 3million+ users, I can guarantee that the WPform is the best online form built out there.

The plugin also comes with a free and paid version.

Want something simple?

I will suggest you subscribe to the free version called the WP forms lite, but the pro version comes with a lot of great features.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for your website.

2. Yoast SEO

yoast seo wordpress plugin

The Joy of every blogger is to see that their content/product appears on the first page of Google as this gives your page more visitors from search engines.

The Yoast SEO plugin is an effective tool for on-page SEO

It has a free and paid version.

The free version provides a lot of features that include, adding a meta description to your content,

generating XML sitemaps that make it easy for Google to understand your site, connecting your site to the Google search console, and much more.

Do you want a plugin for SEO that can be easily accessed? The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for SEO.

The premium version also provides you with synonyms and related keyphrases, internal linking suggestions, a 404 redirect, and much more.

It can also be integrated with myriad options of themes and plugins such as the AMP plugin, elementor, WordPress block editor, etc.

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for your website.

It can handle all of your on-page SEO.

3. Updraftplus

updraft plus wordpress plugin

The updraft plus plugin allows you to set up backup automatically for your site and safely keeps your files in a remote location.

It allows you to easily restore your website after a backup.

It also comes in a free and premium version.

The premium version comes with great features and benefits.

4. W3 total cache

w3 total cache wordpress plugin

This is a free plugin that helps to improve the speed of your website to help boost your ranking on the search engine.

Do you have fears about your site crashing due to the tonnes of traffic received on a daily basis?

The W3 total cache is the best plugin to use.

It has many caching features, including page cache, browser caching, database cache, etc.

It also has the option to minify and compress HTTP, HTML, JS, and CSS files.

This helps to free up space on your site, hence your bandwidth is saved.

The plugin is integrated with CDN which helps to accelerate your site and decrease the server load.

It is free.

However, I am using Autoptimize. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for your website to minify Java, CSS and Html.

5. WooCommerce

woocommerce wordpress plugin

The woo-commerce plugin is the best free WordPress plugin for E-commerce.

The plugin stands as the best plugin for people who want to sell their products online.

It is a plugin that is very effective in creating an online store due to its great features.

6. Insert headers and footers

insert headers and footers wordpress plugin

The insert header and footer is a plugin that allows you to easily add a code snippet to the header or footer of your website.

Do you want to monetize your site?

The insert header and footer have a feature that allows you to easily add a code snippet,

to the head or footer of your site for verification as requested by the advertisement company.

This WordPress plugin is very easy to set up, you can easily insert script and footer code without having the knowledge of any programming language.

It is entirely free and one of the best WordPress plugins for your website.

7. Prettylinks

pretty links wordpress plugin

This plugin is for those that specifically run affiliates on their sites.

Due to the gigantic and imprecise look of an affiliate link, it can be really challenging for your audience to remember.

Hence, this free WordPress plugin allows you to easily manage your affiliate links by making them short and memorable.

8. Pin it button for hover and post

weblizar pinterest wordpress plugin

Pinterest is also a search engine that website owners have leveraged to drive traffic to their websites.

The pin it buttons for the hover and post plugin allows you and your visitors to be able to pin your pins to related boards on Pinterest.

The pin it button hovers on your images and with just a click on the image, a pin it button is displayed.

A click on the pin it button takes you directly to Pinterest, hence you share your images to the related board.

It is free.

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9. WP-Optimize

wp optimize wordpress plugin

I personally use this plugin on my website and will gladly recommend it to you.

The plugin has great features that help in the cleaning and optimization of your database, compressing images, and caching your WordPress site to increase load time.

It also has a feature that minifies and defers CSS and JavaScript thus increasing your page speed.

The free version provides the aforementioned features.

The paid version provides lots of benefits such as deleting unused messages, optimizing databases for multiple WordPress sites, and much more.

You might want to give it a try.

WP-Optimize Best Settings For WordPress

10. Monsterinsights

monsterinsights wordpress plugin

Want an accurate analysis of your WordPress site? The monster insight plugin is the best WordPress analytic plugin for that.

It provides you with an easy way of connecting your site/blog to Google analytics.

Monsterinsight shows your real-time stats on your WordPress dashboard.

It also allows you to keep track of how visitors find your site.

It also has a paid and free version.

Want something more, I will suggest you go for the paid version.

11. Sucuri

sucuri wordpress plugin

I bet you wouldn’t want your website to be hijacked or hacked by hackers.

The Sucuri plugin provides a long-lasting answer to that.

The plugin monitors and protects your site from brute force attacks, Malware attacks, and much more.

The Sucuri plugin helps in boosting your page speed via its optimized CDN.

In short, the plugin protects your WordPress site from every security threat against your site.

12. Learndash

learndash wordpress plugin

Do you want to sell or create a course online? This plugin is the perfect answer to this situation.

The plugin features a drag and drop builder that allows you to add quizzes, lessons, and assignments to your course without stress.

13. CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin

cookieyes wordpress plugin

With this cookie consent plugin, you can make your website’s compliance with major cookie consent regulations such as GDPR and CCPA easy.

Its top-notch features including easy cookie scan, auto third-party script blocking, etc.,

make cookie management and compliance easy for WordPress websites. 

Other than that, the plugin lets you set up a cookie consent banner that blends with your website’s style,

let users offer granular cookie consent, and offers a privacy/cookie policy generator as well.

14. LiveChat

live chat wordpress plugin

Live chat is the best customer conversational plugin for WordPress.

It provides a platform for complete customer service.

It has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use.

The LiveChat plugin has a chatbot feature that helps in generating a lead, create help tickets, etc.

The plugin can be integrated with more than 170+ tools.

15. Rafflepress

rafflepress wordpress plugin

For those interested in doing a giveaway on their site, the rafflepress plugin is the best WordPress plugin for that.

The plugin is a drag and drop giveaway builder with give-away templates that can be used to create campaigns within a few minutes.

It also has features that allow you to build your email list, increase your website traffic, and increase your social media following.

The plugin allows you to integrate your social media profiles, WordPress form plugins, etc.

The free version called the rafflepress lite is a great way to get started, but the paid version known as the rafflepress pro exposes you to more features.

16. Shared counts

shared counts wordpress plugin

The shared count is the best WordPress social media plugin that allows you to know the total shared count of your content on your social media.

It also displays social media buttons on your website to easily share your content.

With the shared count plugin, you can share content directly from your website on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The shared count is one of the best and most lightweight social share plugin for your website.

17. Akismet anti-spam

akismet wordpress plugin

The Akismet anti-spam plugin is the best WordPress anti-spam plugin.

The plugin checks and filters out spammy content automatically.

It equally provides a status history for each comment showing which spammy comment was caught and cleared by Akismet or the moderator.

The plugin also allows you to know the number of comments approved.

It displays the URL of each comment in order to reveal misleading links.

The plugin also blocks the worst spam comment.

It comes in a free and paid versions.

Akismet is the best wordpress plugin for your website to reduce comment spam.

18. WP Smush

smush wordpress plugin

The plugin is one of the best when it comes to the optimization of images.

Content without an image on a blog looks extremely long and boring.

Just as these images make your content looks great, they also take a lot of space.

The Smush plugin makes it easier to optimize and compress images without affecting the quality of the image.

The plugin was designed to be compatible with all types of themes, page builders, etc.

Hence you need not worry about whether or not it will be compatible with your theme.

However, we recommend Themify Ultra

It optimizes all types of image files using an advanced compression technique.

Want an image compression plugin? Go for these.

19. Elementor

elementor wordpress plugin

Elementor is the most popular and best page builder plugin.

It gives your WordPress site the outstanding look you desire.

The plugin also allows you to create your pages, sections, post, etc with ease.

It has over 40+ free widgets you can explore while building your site.

When you talk about a convenient page builder plugin, Elementor fits well into this category as you don’t have to struggle with codes while you build your site.

The elementor pro grants you access to more professional widgets, options, and tools that help you design faster and better.

However, if you are unsure about the elementor then try themify builder. We built our site with themify builder.

20. MailChimp

mailchimp wordpress plugin

When it comes to rendering newsletter services, the MailChimp for WordPress plugin serves you right.

The plugin allows you to build and create a good-looking newsletter via the newsletter templates available.

It also allows you to create good-looking and mobile-friendly opt-in forms.

The plugin can be integrated into other plugins such as WooCommerce, etc.

Do you want a newsletter plugin? kindly use MailChimp for WordPress.

21. Sitekit

sitekit wordpress pugin

The site kit plugin allows you to connect your google analytics with your WordPress site.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to view your site stats directly on your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to set up.

Looking for the best traffic analytic plugin, the site kit gives the ideal solution to that.

These are some of the best WordPress plugins for your website.


In conclusion, WordPress plugins are essential tools that can greatly enhance the functionality, performance, and appearance of your website.

Whether you need to improve your site’s SEO, speed, security, or user experience, there is a wide range of plugins available to meet your specific needs.

From popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Akismet, and WooCommerce, to lesser-known gems like WPForms and Mailchimp, each plugin brings its unique set of features and benefits.

However, it’s important to remember that the best WordPress plugins for your website will depend on your goals, budget, and technical skills.

Therefore, take the time to research and test different plugins to find the ones that work best for you and your website.

With the right combination of plugins, you can create a powerful and engaging online presence that attracts and retains visitors.