DNS Definition in Short?

Last Updated on 27th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

What is DNS?

It stands for Domain Name System.

It is a system that turns human-comprehensible website names into computer-understandable numeric internet addresses.

When you type in wordpress.com, your browser automatically uses DNS to find the corresponding IP address.

Without DNS, we would need to know numerical addresses to access all of our favourite websites.

In general, DNS is a critical component of the internet as we know it today.

Domain names in a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) are composed of various labels separated by dots, for example, wordpress.com.

Each label corresponds to a different server meant for a specific purpose.

In the case of “WordPress”, the domain name server is used by WordPress itself to host sites and provide usernames and passwords.

Is changing DNS harmful?

No, changing DNS is not harmful. Changing your DNS settings will only change what addresses your computer looks for when you want to connect to something.

This means that if your website uses subdomains (e.g., blog.example.com) and you use the same primary domain name as a subdomain with different content,

then doing this will not work, and your website may become inaccessible.

If you are using a free web host or just don’t want to pay for hosting, then changing the DNS settings could be one way of trying to get more space on your account.

It won’t work but it’s worth a try.

If somebody is able to change DNS without hacking your website or computer, then it’s worth asking them to help you.

How can I change my DNS?

what is DNS

Changing your DNS settings is different for every single provider, so it would be impossible for me to give specific instructions to everyone.

Sometimes you have to edit the host’s file and sometimes you need to use a different service.

Again, it depends on what service your website uses and who is providing it for you.

You could always ask someone who knows more than you if they can help with this!

You don’t have to know how to change DNS in order for it to work out well!

Why would I want to change my DNS?

As a last resort, you could always try changing your DNS settings if none of the other methods worked.

It’s worth a shot! Below are some reasons why people would want this:

– To speed up their website.

– If they are having problems with their website’s loading speed.

– To free up space on their web host.

If you have tried everything else, then maybe changing your DNS settings will help.

However, it may not work out well for everyone since there are people out there who know more about websites than others.

It is always worth a shot!

Thanks for reading! Hope our short answers help you.