How To Place AdSense Ads on WordPress in 2022

Last Updated on 27th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

You know only decent website owners will get AdSense approval. So, first of all, congratulations on your account approval.

Well, if someone is blogging on WordPress, he/she must have an idea to earn money from his/her blogging experiences.

And adding Adsense Ads on your blogs will be the easier and only practical way to get some dollars in your account.

However, these days, Ezoic is getting more popular than AdSense. With Ezoic you can get better earnings than AdSense.

how to place adsense ads

So, you must have the question of how to place Adsense ads on a WordPress website.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad program among publishers.

AdSense is one of the oldest and most trustable program that every publisher dreams of.

It pays on time and its ads are based on content type.

Somehow it takes time to get approved by Google AdSense but once your account is activated, ads will display on your pages. How?

How To Place Adsense Ads in WordPress?

Setting up Adsense On Your WordPress site is a very much easier process,

and one can easily set it to her/his respective sites to get some Dollars transferred to his/her account.

But you can say that it’s somewhat of a lengthy process.

So, most of the time people get confused about How To Set Adsense Ads On WordPress.

how to place adsense ads

After going through these steps one can see that Adsense Ads have been applied to his website,

and traffic sources of different people will be seeing them while they are surfing through his website.

So, let’s see how you can set Adsense Ads On your WordPress website.

Google gives you the option to select the methods to place Adsense Ads On the WordPress site.

There are two types of methods to set up Google Adsense Ads On a WordPress site.

Types of ads in Google Adsense!

how to place adsense ads

Manual Ads:

Manual Ads are a somewhat lengthy process.

You need to manually select the type of ads, the unit of the ads, and the length of the ads.

All these are standard designs by Google.

Here, it asks you to name your ads and select the place where you want to place them.

In short, all the procedures we have to do manually.

Auto Ads:

Most of the time it’s irritating to add a single ad at a time, because 90 % of the users don’t know what to place where, and when.

So, Google has made an option called auto ads which allows you to simply write or paste one code to your website.

And ads will be automatically placed on the site.

Nowadays, almost all bloggers are using the auto ads function to set Google Adsense Ads On WordPress sites.

Because it gives ease to access to Adsense, and it’s very much easy for earning money.

Google Adsense Account Setup Process (With Screenshots)

Login to your AdSense account.

On the left side click on ads.

Click on Auto ads.

auto ads

Click on global settings

global settings

Enable all of them

(Vignette ads, Anchor ads, Text & display ads, In article ads, In-feed ads, Matched content).

If you don’t want every ad then enable it accordingly.

how to set adsense ads

how to set adsense ads

Auto ads will automatically display ads on your pages, you don’t need to place codes (as you already set their code between heads during the signup process).

Google will find a place for ads accordingly.

Now click on Ad units.

how to set adsense ads

You will see 3 types of ad units.

Display ads. 

how to set adsense ads

Name your ad unit: like display ads or whatever you want. You can change it later.

Display ad preview: select square, vertical or horizontal according to your needs.

Choose Ad Size: Responsive or fixed (responsive recommended)

Click on create and copy the code.

Create a new widget and paste the code into the text.

{Codes are always used and placed in the texts, in visual you can only write}

Place the widget wherever you want.

My recommended position is in the sidebar.

Native In-feed

native in feed

Let Google suggest a style for your page.

Enter your page URL – Scan – Select a content block – done.

Create an ad manually.

in-feed ad style

Select a template – click next

Fill up the ad unit name

Choose your font, borders, background colours, etc. Resize as you want.

Save and get the code.

Copy the code and paste it manually between your blog posts, wherever you want. (In-text format not on visual one)

Native In-article

native in-article ad

Again, fill up the ad unit name.

Choose font.

Resize accordingly.

Save and copy the code.

Place it in your blog posts wherever you want.

Do not use widgets for Native In-article and In-feed ads. Place it directly inside your blog posts.

I suggest you not place more than 3 ads because it can slow down your website speed.

Congrats you are done. Now have patience, it will take 15-20 mins to display ads.

If you have an AMP page on your website then enable auto ads for AMP.

FAQs on AdSense ads!

how to place adsense ads

Q: What kinds of ads does Adsense serve?

A: AdSense serves text, image, video and flash ads.

Q: How does AdSense make money for me?

A: AdSense earns revenue in two ways.

Firstly, you get paid when your website visitor clicks on the ad banner.

Secondly, Google charges fees to advertisers based on the click-through rates of their ads served by AdSense publishers.

Q: How much can I earn with AdSense?

A: This depends on a lot of factors.

These include the number of visitors that your website gets, how many ads you have been able to display, and how relevant those ads are to your audience.

On an average, you may earn between $1-5 per 100 page views.

With EZOIC, you may earn $1-10 per 100 page views.

Q: What do I need in order for my website to display AdSense ads?

A: You need a Google account. Once signed in with this account, you can create an AdSense account to begin serving ads on your website.

Q: How do I find out what is the current CTR (Click Through Rate)?

A: To check your CTR, go to the ‘My ads’ section in your AdSense account after signing up.

Your ad’s performance information is available for 14 days so you can check and compare.

how to place adsense ads

Q: Can I change the colour of my ads?

A: Yes, you can edit the colour of your text and image ads.

To do this, go to My ads > Modify ad units > Ad layout.

You will see a preview of the ad with different colours applied to it on your right-hand side.

Click “Save” and continue editing for your ad to be published.

Q: How do I earn money through AdSense?

A: The earnings will depend on your CTR, which is how often visitors choose to click on the ads.

Google charges advertisers fees based on click-through rates so your earnings are determined by how relevant your audience finds the ad to their interests.

Q: How am I paid for my AdSense revenue?

A: You can choose to be paid via electronic funds transfer, direct bank deposit or cheque depending on where you live.

Q: What is a good CTR?

A: Aim for a click-through rate of 1% or higher.

If your CTR is too low, try increasing the number of ads on your page and experimenting with different types of ad units.

Taking this route might increase your earnings but it could cause a drop in visitors to your website if you display too many advertisements.

how to place adsense ads

Q: what is the best place to display ads?

A: Top of the page, Sidebar and after the first paragraph.


Getting Google AdSense approval is a different thing and placing ads is a different thing.

You need to place ads properly and in the best places where you will get most of the clicks and impressions, like the top of the page or on the sidebars.

You will get a higher CPC when you target tier 1 countries like US, UK, AUS, etc.

Have any questions, ask them in the comments section and don’t forget to share it with your friends.