Why MailChimp is Best For Email Marketing

Last Updated on 17th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

While we have a list of other email subscription plugins as well. Mailchimp is one of the most popular and used email subscription plugin. 

Why MailChimp is best for Email Marketing!

1. Email Marketing is made easy with MailChimp

The online seller has to reach out to the audience, and it’s pretty tough when you have millions of others doing the same.

Grabbing attention and converting it into sales will be a strategy that has to be worked on and reworked many a time.

If your business is small or perhaps big, you would always choose alternatives that are budget effective such as email marketing.

You have to make an effective plan to place your product or service in such a way that,

it garners the audience and makes them invest their time and money into it.

The business should be able to generate revenue and get more sales conversions, as well.

2. What Mailchimp can help you to do?

You would have to work on your email campaigns, and with the help of Mailchimp, you could pull this off.

It works around many automizing operations that will help you deal with many potential customers,

by improving relationships as well as keeping in mind the existing customers as well.

It improves connectivity as you will be able to keep track of the order history along with the time spent on your site.

Now you can approach to make targeted campaigns with a niche customer base, or with the general customer’s outlook.

You can figure out different ways of approaching customers and behavioural patterns.

You would have to look for the people you will cater to, with an effective marketing plan in place.

The demographic which actually will be your customer base has to keep in the loop when you think of getting the signup forms.

And know what fields have to be customized as they have to hit the target.

3. How crucial it is to your business?

mailchimp email marketing

When you are sure of the content, you will have to provide special treatment to your subscribers.

You will have to send emails that are useful and make them open the mail and not trash it.

The mail has to have some tone and personality which can engage the reader.

Knowing the frequency at which you will send the emails to the customers.

And what is it you want to convey are vital pieces of the puzzles that have to be thought well in advance and planned accordingly.

Planning a schedule and having a calendar to place the content for specific days,

and what posts have to be put, such as blogs, social media, and others.

You can make use of Mailchimp, which helps to segmentize you will have the advantage of generating campaigns faster.

If you have to get the Mailchimp set into the plugin, you could do this by,

-You could connect Mailchimp with the generated API key.

-You can see the entire process on the admin panel of your plugin.

-the plugin will form a widget and check out for other signup options.

-If you want advanced installation, you could go in for the plugin’s shortcode.

You will be able to gauge the working when the subscribers can sign up for the form through the widget and onto your site,

Simultaneously the data is also passed to your Mailchimp list which has the following information

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Any other listed fields in the form are also collected.

The next step involves going to the admin panel,

and the user can customize the signup form and get the Mailchimp widget to your site after doing so.

The list will be updated.

There is an opportunity to customize form settings as well right from the content to remove the CSS to even styling to the list options,

and merging certain fields to make a change in the group settings finally.

There is also an option of disconnecting the settings that you have made.

And not only the widget, but you can also use the shortcode to place the form anywhere you want on your website.

4. Setting up automatic and manual emails

mailchimp email marketing

When you use Mailchimp, you will be able to trigger automatic emails,

which usually happen with subscriber activity or special events of customers that are stored.

There are options for using preset automation that can be customized to your needs.

Mailchimp allows you different kinds of automation types to choose from, which are also present and they can set the triggers for your site.

The triggers can be customized and made as per your requirements.

The user can send an email to suggest whether there is a campaign or an email is triggered when they open the campaign mail.

A mail is sent if they don’t respond to the campaign mail or if the subscriber clicks a specific link.

There are triggers when subscribers have signed for emails,

-Here the user has to manually add the subscriber to the automation, which then triggers the email.

-When a subscriber signs up as a subscriber then this triggers an email to the person.

-Changes in the subscriber audience can trigger an email.

-If the subscriber joins a group in your audience, this too can trigger an email.

-If the subscriber happens to leave the group, this causes the trigger of an email to be sent.

-A specific tag added to the contact can trigger an email.

There are several other triggers for whether the initial mail is sent after the subscription.

mailchimp email marketing

If opened another will be triggered too, if not opened another would be triggered.

If a link is clicked to not being clicked can trigger the email, and many such situations are present.

You can add your triggers or let out some and choose the ones you want for your site.

The triggers can be set for,

-When someone signs up for the weekly newsletter for your blog posts.

-Ecommerce- purchase of product, specific product, not purchased, abandoned cart, email retargeting.

-Integrations- when the customer email ID is posted to the API endpoint, even the name and the discounts are availed with the email ID.

-Date based- when added to the audience, based on the date field, birthdays, and audience field date.

Someone does not set the number of emails that you send and each product or service may have a different policy.

If you happen to send regularly, the subscriber may get bored and may eventually unsubscribe.

A daily update about your blog posts or events of the week that you may be holding can be sent as long it’s fresh and new,

along with interesting tidbits of other information as well.

In conclusion, Mailchimp for email marketing is a good option for beginners as well as pros.

Because email marketing is always effective either for small businesses or for big ones.