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Are you having issues with setting up the  SEO on your blog? This article is going to help a lot as it contains a detailed guide on rank math plugin settings.

How would you feel when you wake up one summer morning, only to discover that the content you optimized using the rank math plugin is ranking on google”s frontpage? Great! Isn’t it?

The rank math plugin isn’t overrated, it performs just what it was rumoured about.

You will be surprised at the unique features embedded in this plugin.

It is the newbie for SEO in the market that is fast taking over other SEO plugins due to its unique features.

Before we dive deep, I will like to give a brief explanation of what the rank math plugin is and the function it performs.

What is the rankmath plugin?

The rank math plugin is the best WordPress plugin for SEO in 2020.

I know you must have heard about Yoast SEO and the likes, the rank math plugin outsmarts these plugins due to its unique features.

When compared with the Yoast plugin, you will understand that the developers not only integrated all the features that Yoast has to offer.

They also added new features which include its compatibility with wooCommerce, monitoring 404 error, adding missing alt attribute, etc.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy for users to navigate.

However great the plugin is, it also has its disadvantages.

Its redirect setting can be somewhat confusing, its image attachment setting isn’t clear, etc.

having established this, I will like to proceed to rank math plugin installation.

how to install and activate the rank math plugin?

To install the rank math plugin on WordPress, follow the procedure below:


  • Visit the plugin menu on your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the “add new” option displayed
  • Type in rank math on the search option displayed
  • Click on the install icon displayed
  • The plugin is downloaded and installed by WordPress
  • Click on the “activate” button to get the plugin activated


Now that your plugin has been successfully activated, its time for the rank math plugin settings

Rank math plugin settings

Set up wizard


After you must have activated the plugin, you will see the setup wizard icon just beneath the rank math icon. Click on it to get started

Note: It is possible that the rank math plugin automates itself. Your duty is to click on the setup wizard tab yourself to start configuration manually.

Connect free account

Once you click on the setup wizard tab, an option indicating that you connect a free rank math account will be displayed.

rank math plugin settings

Click on the “connect your account” button displayedRank-Math-Plugin-Settings

A pop-up message indicating that you select the email account connected to your website will be displayed on your screen

rank math plugin settings

Select an email account of choice.

You are now registered.

A pop-up notification indicating that Rank math is about to be activated will be displayed on your screen.
Click on OK

rank math plugin settings

After you have provided the necessary details needed to connect your site to rank math, a setup icon like the image below is displayed.Rank-Math-Plugin-Settings

The first section is a six-step setup, and each step requires that you answer some basic question asked by rank math

Based on the question answered, rank math will configure the SEO settings.

Mode selection


The first section is for mode selection and it supports 3 modes



Custom (pro only)

You can choose any of the three modes.

The custom mode is limited to rank math pro users only.

You can choose to go with the easy or advanced steps.

However, there is a slight difference between the two.

The advanced mode has more advanced settings to configure than the easy mode.

For the sake of this class, we are going to use the advanced mode in our rank math plugin settings.Rank-Math-Plugin-Settings

Click on the “start wizard” icon to kick start the configuration process



If you used an SEO plugin like Yoast on your site.

Rank math will tell you to transfer information on your Yoast SEO to rank math

Tick the Yoast SEO button as seen in the image above

Click on the drop-down button on the Yoast SEO plugin and tick all the items to transfer all the necessary information.

Click on the “Start Import” button to import the necessary information.

Your site


This tab gives rank math information about your site. whether it is a personal blog, and an online store, etc.

Based on the information provided, rank math adds an appropriate code to your site that google understands.

Fill in the necessary details.


rank math plugin settings

This section is the fourth step under the rank math plugin settings.

Click on the “connect your rank math account”

The rank math plugin automates everything for you under this section, it connects your site with google search console and google analytics.

It will also verify your site and submit sitemap automatically


A sitemap is a set of site links in the form of an XML file that contains information about your site pages, videos, images, and other files on your site.

It tells google what file they need to crawl and index on your site.

Setting a sitemap is quite easy
Sitemaps– enable
Include images– enable

Public post type– it allows you to add your articles and pages to the map
Public taxonomies– it allows the categories incorporated in your site to be crawled by google.


Check the image below for proper understanding.

Click on the “save and continue” icon


This section in the rank math plugin settings has to do with SEO optimization.

There are three parameters under this section
Noindex empty category and tag archives – enable (this prevents the indexing of unnecessary page on your blog)
Nofollow external links – disable (we don’t want to add a rel=” no follow” to every outbound link)
Open external links in new tab/windows – enable (leave this on, so that when visitors click on the link, a new tab of the site you referenced will be opened)

Click on the “save and continue” button

Take a look at the image below for referenceRank-Math-Plugin-Settings

Your site is ready.

Click on the “set up advanced” options as seen in the image below.



The advanced options under the rank math plugin setting have three sections

The role manager

The 404 + redirection

Schema markup

The role manager


The role manager allows you to restrict which of your WordPress site users can have access to your rank math settings.

It allows you to allocate responsibilities to your team.rank math plugin settings

Once enabled, a lot of settings will open up, your duty is to select only the permissions you want your team to have access to. Then save.

rank math plugin settings


The 404 + redirection

With the 404 + redirection feature in the rank math plugin, you can now bid broken links goodbye.

Setting the 404 + redirection is easy:
404 monitor – enable
Redirections – enable

Rank math plugin settings

Click on the “save and continue” option displayed

Schema Markup


The next setup on your rank math plugin setting is the schema markup.

Schema is a language that helps search engines understand the content on your website.

Rankmath plugin incorporated a schema markup in its features that allows you to add schema metadata to your post and pages.

Schema is enabled by default, leave the settings as it is.

Click on the “save and continue” button to finish the setup and return to the dashboard.

The image below signifies that your setup is completed and configured

Final thoughts

I hope you were able to find your way around the rank math plugin settings on your WordPress site with the guide I have provided above.

Have any recommendations, issues, or questions? Please use the comment section.
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