Backlinks: Definition, Importance, Types and SEO factors!

Last Updated on 27th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

In terms of SEO, backlinks are very important, it improves your ranking on search engines. But what are backlinks in WordPress?

In this article, I make you understand what these links are and why they are important for your website.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hypertext link pointing away from your website to another website.

For example, when you publish an article on your blog and then include in the post a “link” that points to some other site someone else runs, then that’s what we call a “backlink”.

what is backlink

Backlinks are very important on the internet. It helps to get your website indexed by google, yahoo, and other search engines.

It also helps to promote your website faster than you can do by yourself.

This is because when people find out that their friends are linking with you, they start linking to your website too.

Backlinks also help to increase the number of visitors to your website.

In order to get a backlink, you need to find sites that link with similar websites.

For example, if your website talks about dog training then you should search for other websites that talk about dog training too.

There are several techniques that can be used to find backlink sources like google search, anchor text, and the website tool.

The last technique is very important because it tells you who linked your website so that you can ask them to link with you again in future web publications.

This will help to get more visitors too since when other people see that you link with them, they will start linking to your website too.

This is what we call a “positive circle”. It increases your number of visits very fast.

They play an important role in creating better rankings for your website especially if the number of links pointing at your site is higher than the number of links pointing toward any other site.

So always encourage others to link to your web page through an email or a message board post.

You will be rewarded with a high place in search engine result pages when someone searches for your site’s name or topic,

e.g., if you have a website about cooking with recipes, people are more likely to click on the link to your site when they search for “cooking recipes”

Rather than when they search for “backlink” since so many other sites use that phrase in their links too.

So, you can see how important it is.

If you have a good quality link pointing to your site, then more people click on it for search results.

What are Backlinks in WordPress?

what are backlinks in wordpress

A backlink is a link that one website gets from another website also called “Incoming link”.

Earlier these links play a major role to rank a website.

Nowadays I don’t know how much importance search engines give to these links but what I know is it’s one of the most important factors for ranking.

Example : 


A – popular tech-related website 

B – new tech-related website

When website A puts a link to website B in their blog post then it’s a backlink for website B.

It’s a great achievement for website B because now they get visitors from website A which is a very popular website.

Importance of Backlinks In WordPress for SEO

what are backlinks

A backlink is a particular web resource that is linked with another website.

A web resource will be in any form whether it is in website form, web page form, or in a web directory form.

The quality and quantity of backlinks decide the quality and importance of the webpage for Google.

The number of backlinks is the same for books, academic journals, and scholarly papers.

Some other terms that were used for Backlinks are inward link, inbound link, incoming link, citation, and inlink.

Backlinks are also used in showing results in Wikipedia, but this feature is used within the boundations of Wikipedia set by the company.

Different search engines judge a website by its number of backlinks and determine its ranking in its search results with its backlinks.

It will also determine the site’s importance and popularity with backlinks.

Google describes its PageRank system as a note that Google interprets a link taken from page A and written on page B as a vote and vice versa.

Knowledge about this type of search engine rankings has increased and changed a lot of portions of the SEO industry which is commonly known as linkspam.

Companies and brands try to place as many inbound links irrespective of the originating site context.

The ranking of the search engine is very high and is considered one of the important parameters while dealing with an online business.

Also to the conversion rate of the visitors when they are dealing with the website and especially when dealing with online shopping.

To increase backlinks we use press release distribution, blog commenting, article submission, forum posting, guest blogs, and social media engagements.

backlinks Importance

To increase the number of backlinks to your website people use SEO techniques.

Black hat SEO vs White hat SEO

Some of the methods that are used while dealing with backlinks are free to use.

But some of the methods like linkbaiting require some planning and marketing skills for implementing the task.

There also exist some techniques that you can use after paying a certain amount and these types of techniques focus on targeted sites.

For example, some private blog networks are used for the purchase of backlinks.

A backlink’s value can be determined with the help of several factors.

Backlinks over a particular topic from authoritative sites have a high value.

The backlink is relevant and considered a thing that has a strong influence over the search engine ranking of a particular webpage,

if its sites and pages have gathered content about the topic.

A backlink provides an editorial vote if you have the receiving webpage from the webpage which is granted.

There is another factor that is important and that is the anchor text of the backlink.

The anchor text appears on the webpage and is descriptive labelling about the hyperlink.

what are backlinks

Anchor text is examined with the help of search engine bots and these bots help in evaluating the content for the webpage and whether it is relevant or not.

Backlinks are generated when we submit something such as a forum submission, business listing, directory submission, blog submission, social bookmarking, etc.

The content of the website and the anchor text are highly important for the query keyword of search engine users.

To increase the focus on a particular topic that is relevant, there should be changes to the algorithm which generate search engine rankings.

Some backlinks are generated from sources that are highly matric.

These backlinks can be unrelated to the customer’s interest or query.

This can be better explained through an example and that is,

a link that is generated from a shoe block that is popular with a vintage pencil sharpener that is sold at different sites.

If the link appears valuable then a little profit is added to the consumer in terms of relevance.

How to get backlinks in WordPress?

How to get backlinks

Submissions to web directories and blog comments are outdated ways for backlinks. They are useless in 2022. 

New Backlinks Update By Google

– Nofollow links like blog comments are not valuable but will count as links. 

– Website page speed is one of the main ranking factors in Google.

For website speed, we recommend using the best-hosting provider like Cloudways and a well-coded theme like Themify Ultra.

For backlinks, I prefer guest blogging. Search for big and popular websites and kindly ask them for the guest blog via mail.

Or look in the menu because some of the popular websites already add guest blog pages to their menu.

NOTE : Don’t buy backlinks, they are fake and low value links. Instead of improving rank, google may be penalize you for buying these links.

Types of backlinks

1. Nofollow Links:

This doesn’t allow search engine bots to follow the link.

That means, if a website links back to you with Nofollow attributes then only humans will be able to follow the links, not the bots. 

Google does not allow or provide any importance to these types of backlinks.

These types of tags tell the search engine to ignore these types of links because no-follow links do not pass page rank.

Therefore, they do not affect search engine rankings.

Google doesn’t consider or give importance to nofollow links.

2. Dofollow Links:

Allow search engine bots to follow the link. That means both search engines and humans will be able to follow through with the link.

For example, if there is a link built with a webmaster using the do-follow link then the search engine bots and even people can follow you.

types of backlinks


The technical difference between both of them is that no-follow links have no followed tag in them.

For a user, it is very difficult to distinguish between do-follow and no-follow links.

There is no difference between a no-follow link or any other link as you can copy, click on or use both of them similarly.

The biggest difference that lies between do-follow links and no-follow links is the optimization of links.

Do-follow links provide search engine ranking to their user whereas there is no such facility in no-follow links.

This can be explained with an example and that is google and many other search engine links use links as a signal for ranking. But they only follow the do-follow links.

According to Google, PageRank is not passed by no-follow links.

That’s all, hope you understand what are Backlinks in WordPress and yes you can check your links for free with the Semrush SEO tool.