What Are Push Notifications – Different Types in WordPress?

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What Are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications have become an unavoidable part of our life.

Although they are useful, they can be quite annoying at times.

Because of this, companies should use the proper strategy to use push notifications.

Push Notifications:

what are push notifications and its types

It is a message or a pop-up that appears on your device. It can appear on any device you are using, i.e., smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

These messages are everywhere while using apps.

You will get a notification on your device regarding the app, whether you are using them or not.

These notifications mostly provide you information with a subtle hint of sales.

The most common push notifications you will get are a reminder of sports scores, event information, or sale dates. 

Push Notifications are mostly like an SMS or an alert.

Different mobile platforms have different support systems for push notifications.

You will only get these notifications if you have installed the app or subscribed to something.


“30% discount on the purchase of any theme from Themify.”

“20% off on Cloudways hosting. Use code – AJMER20″ etc…

Types of Push Notifications:

There are different types of push notifications.

People mostly know about the push notifications they receive on the phone, but there are many other types.

1. Web Push Notifications: 

what are push notifications and its types

This type of push notification is visible to users on mobile as well as computers.

As the web is accessible from your phone as well as your desktop, you can get this notification on any of the platforms.

You don’t have to be on the website to get it. 

To receive this notification, you don’t have to install the app.

You can simply click on the subscribe button to get notifications.

These notifications work with browsers instead of apps.

This type of notification is used as a marketing tool. 

It is done to increase site traffic. It reminds you to visit the site and push you to follow the notification.

Web push notification is easy to build. You don’t need to be a developer to make it.

If you have little technical knowledge, it is enough.

2. Desktop Push Notifications:

As the name suggests, this type of notification only appears on the desktop.

When you install something on your desktop, you will get constant notifications to use it.

For example, you will get a notification to play the game you have on your desktop.

You will get reminders about the upgrades and updates. This notification is very complicated. Developers can only build it. 

3. Mobile Push Notifications:

what are push notifications and its types

This is the most common type of push notification. You get it on your mobile phone.

As most people spend time on their phones, this notification is widespread.

If you have an app on your phone, you will get notifications to use it.

The purpose of this notification is to increase customer engagement.

For example, you will get a notification to order food using your Zomato App.

You will get notifications to use Netflix on your phone. It is very complicated to build.

Push Notifications Campaigns:

what are push notifications and its types

There are certain types of push notifications that people love.

These are not your usual annoying type of notifications. These are attractive and help users.

1. Rich Push Notifications:

In this type of notification, you can add certain things to make it look attractive. Here are the things you can add.


You can add pictures or videos to appease the users. Also, it will add value to the message.


You can also add links to the messages. Users can directly use the link to get to the app or website.

It saves time and increases traffic.


You can add emojis in the message to show the emotions you want to convey in the notification message.

2. Abandoned Cart:

Most of the time, people stop after adding an item to the cart. They may do this for various reasons.

In such cases, you can use these notifications. It will help the user and remind them of the items they want to purchase.

The users can use the link to directly reach the cart and order.

3. FYI Notifications:

These are informative notifications. You can provide any information to the user by using this type of notification.

You can give information about the sale, sports scores, weather reports, or the latest news.

4. Triggered Notifications:

This type of notification helps the buyer to complete their journey.

You can send them notifications by following their journey. You can start various campaigns.

In an open-ended strategy, you can send them notifications in series.

In close-ended, the users will receive notifications as per their actions. 

5. Reminder Notifications:

By using these notifications, you can send a reminder to the users.

Sometimes the user may leave the registration process or ordering process incomplete.

In this case, you can send them a reminder to complete their action.

6. Location Notifications:

These notifications work as per the location.

By using the user’s current location information, companies send notifications about nearby stores or restaurants.

It is also used in dating apps. You will get a tinder notification as per the change in your location.

7. Mobile-friendly Notifications:

You will get these notifications on your phone. Moreover, you don’t have to download the app to get a notification.

You will get it directly on the browser.

8. Time-Based Notifications:

These notifications are based on time urgency. You will get notifications about a 15-day sale.

It is mostly done to remind you about the limited offer and get the most out of it.

Benefits of Using Push Notifications:

what are push notifications and its types

Push notifications are a potent marketing tool. Nowadays, people go with push notifications rather than the following emails. 

1. Offering Choice:

The best thing about push notifications is that it offers a choice to the users.

When users visit your site, they have a decision whether to subscribe or not.

With this, you provide an alternative for them. If they subscribe, it will generate more traffic for your site.

2. Lead Generation:

Earlier users have to enter their personal information in the forms given on the websites.

But with push notifications, only a single click is needed.

Users can easily subscribe to the site by clicking the button rather than entering their information.

It speeds up the lead generation process and helps companies to generate more leads.

3. Recurring Traffic:

Push notifications remind the users to visit the site.

Companies can use compelling messages as push notifications to lure users in and increase recurring traffic.

The users continuously visit the site because they can provide constant reminders.

Nowadays, all you need to do is click on the link given in the notification to check the website.

4. Time-Saving:

benefits of push notifications

Push notifications are less time-consuming.

Earlier marketers were responsible for sending newsletters and emails to the clients.

The process was slow and expensive.

But notifications don’t require much effort. A single message can be quickly sent to millions of users.

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5. Connection:

You can easily connect with the users with the help of these notifications.

It is imperative to build a relationship with the users and connect with them.

By sending these notifications, you can remind them and make them feel special, thereby creating a bond.

6. Improving Outreach:

These notifications help you to reach a wide range of audiences at one time.

Most people have a phone and use computers.

By sending notifications, you can contact a large number of people compared to email marketing.

Avoid These Mistakes When Using Push Notifications:

avoid push notification mistakes

There is a fragile line in push notifications becoming annoying. You need to be very careful while using it.

Marketers need to avoid these mistakes while sending notifications to users.

They can go from useful to annoying in a matter of seconds.

1. Too Many Notification:

One thing that users despise the most is too many notifications. It is a prevalent mistake made by marketers.

Push notifications are useful but should only send at the right time or when it is really required.

Multiple unnecessary notifications can annoy and irritate users. You should send appropriate notifications at the right time.

2. Automating Notifications:

Most of the time, companies opt for automating the notifications. These notifications appear at any time on the user’s phone.

When automating notifications, the proper date, and time should be fixed.

The users should receive it at the right time, not at 5 am in the morning. 

3. On-boarding Notifications:

On-boarding notifications are essential.

When a new user clicks on the subscribe button, you have to use notifications to familiarize them with your site.

Most marketers avoid this vital step.

These notifications are handy and help the user feel welcomed and know more about the site.

4. Avoid Click-Baits:

Users absolutely hate click-baits. You need to avoid click-bait notifications at all costs.

It will not only spoil the user’s experience but tarnish the reputation of your site as well.

5. Repeat Messages:

push notification mistakes

Avoid sending the same notifications to the audience. Most of the time, companies send automated repeat notifications.

These notifications are really annoying and serve no purpose.


Push Notification is an essential tool that helps you directly communicate with the subscribers and connect with them.

If you use this tool by using the right strategy, you can quickly improve your site traffic.

And, moreover, build an online reputation. It is very profitable for online businesses.

So, above are the push notifications and its types. You can use them or not that depends on your need.

Some of the best and recommended push notifications for WordPress:

  1. OneSignal 
  2. WebPushr
  3. Push Engage

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