Top Google Adsense Alternatives to Monetize Your Website – Tried and Tested

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Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 05:28 am

Imagine your website is a billboard, and AdSense is the company that pays you to put ads on it.

But what if you want to explore other companies that also want to pay you for that billboard space?

AdSense is like a popular brand, but sometimes you want to see what else is out there.

Did you know that some alternatives offer better revenue sharing?

For instance,, one of the alternatives, has a revenue share of 70%, and Infolinks offers a unique ad format that can boost your earnings.


ezoic adsense alternative

Think of Ezoic as a reliable friend for your blog’s revenue.

It’s like having a financial advisor who helps you make money from your website.

Studies have shown that using Ezoic can increase ad revenue by up to 50%.

With Ezoic, you’re not just monetizing your blog, you’re maximizing your earning potential.

2. AdStyle

adstyle adsense alternative

AdStyle is like a fashion designer for your blog ads.

It doesn’t just place ads, it ensures they seamlessly blend with your website’s style.

Research suggests that well-integrated ads can improve click-through rates by 20%.

With AdStyle, you’re not just displaying ads, you’re enhancing user experience and boosting engagement.

3. adsense alternative acts like a business partner for your blog’s monetization.

It’s like having a collaborator who optimizes ad placements for better results.

Did you know that using can increase ad revenue by 10-20%?

This platform ensures that you’re not solely reliant on AdSense, diversifying your revenue streams and maximizing your blog’s earning potential.

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4. Propeller Ads

propeller advertisement adsense alternative

Propeller Ads is like the versatile performer in your blog’s revenue show.

It offers a variety of ad formats, ensuring you have options to suit your audience.

Studies indicate that diversifying ad formats can boost click-through rates by 15%.

With Propeller Ads, you’re not just displaying ads, you’re providing a dynamic and engaging ad experience for your visitors.

For starting sites, I recommend trying Monetag.

5. Mediavine

mediavine adsense alternative

Mediavine is like the event planner for your blog’s ad strategy.

It doesn’t just display ads, it curates an experience that aligns with your content.

Did you know that contextual ad placements can increase user engagement by 25%?

Mediavine ensures that your ads seamlessly integrate with your content, offering a cohesive and enjoyable browsing experience for your audience.

Mediavine recently decreased their monthly requirement of 50,000 sessions to 10,000 only.

It’s good for small publishers.

6. Monumetric

monumetric adsense alternative

Monumetric acts like a financial advisor, optimizing your blog’s ad revenue strategy.

It’s like having a money manager who maximizes your earnings.

Research suggests that using Monumetric can lead to a 30% increase in ad revenue.

With Monumetric, you’re not just monetizing your blog, you’re making strategic financial decisions to boost your overall revenue.

7. Raptive (Previously Adthrive)

raptive adsense alternative

Raptive, formerly known as AdThrive, is like the business manager for your blog’s ad revenue.

It goes beyond just displaying ads, it optimizes and strategizes to increase your earnings.

Studies show that sites using Raptive can experience a revenue increase of up to 200%.

With Raptive, you’re not just partnering with an ad platform, you’re aligning your blog with a comprehensive revenue optimization strategy.

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Raptive also decreased their monthly requirement from 100k to 50k.

8. Adsterra

adsterra adsense alternative

Adsterra is like the global market for your blog’s advertisements.

It doesn’t just target local audiences, it expands your reach to a worldwide audience.

Did you know that tapping into global markets can increase your ad revenue by 40%?

Adsterra ensures that your blog has a global presence, attracting advertisers and maximizing your earning potential.

9. Infolinks

infolink adsense alternative

Infolinks is like the subtle storyteller for your blog’s ads.

It integrates ads seamlessly into your content, making them a natural part of the reading experience.

Research suggests that native and in-text ads, like those offered by Infolinks, can improve click-through rates by 30%.

With Infolinks, you’re not interrupting your audience, you’re enhancing their engagement with contextual and non-disruptive ad placements.

10. Taboola

taboola adsense alternative

Taboola is like the content matchmaker for your blog.

It doesn’t just display ads, it recommends relevant content to your readers.

This approach can increase user engagement by 50%, as users discover more content aligned with their interests.

With Taboola, you’re not just monetizing, you’re providing a personalized and engaging experience, keeping your audience captivated.

11. Adversal

adversal adsense alternative

Adversal acts like a marketing strategist for your blog’s ad revenue.

It goes beyond basic ad placement, offering targeted strategies to maximize your earnings.

Studies show that publishers using Adversal can experience a revenue boost of up to 50%.

With Adversal, you’re not just displaying ads, you’re implementing strategic approaches to optimize your blog’s revenue potential.

12. Revcontent

revcontent adsense alternative

Revcontent is like the content curator for your blog’s ads.

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It focuses on native advertising, seamlessly blending ads into your content.

Native ads are known to increase engagement by 20%, as they feel more organic to users.

With Revcontent, you’re not just monetizing, you’re providing a non-disruptive and integrated ad experience for your audience.

13. Newor Media

newor media adsense alternative

Newor Media is like the creative director for your blog’s advertising.

It offers unique and visually appealing ad formats to capture your audience’s attention.

Did you know that visually engaging ads can improve conversion rates by 15%?

Newor Media ensures that your ads stand out, making them more effective in driving user interaction and increasing revenue.

14. Sovrn Commerce

sovrn commerce adsense alternative

Sovrn Commerce is like the commerce partner for your blog, integrating e-commerce elements with your content.

It doesn’t just show ads, it turns your content into a revenue-generating platform.

Research suggests that combining content with e-commerce can lead to a 30% increase in revenue.

With Sovrn Commerce, you’re not just monetizing, you’re transforming your blog into a dynamic commerce and content hub.


“I Recommend Mediavine”

After exploring a variety of ad networks and the best Google AdSense alternatives, one platform stands out as a highly recommended choice for publishers to optimize their ad revenue and user experience – Mediavine.

Mediavine’s comprehensive suite of ad management services and dedication to delivering fast-loading, non-intrusive ads make it an ideal partner for content creators and website owners.

Mediavine aims to find the right balance between making money from ads and ensuring that visitors have a pleasant browsing experience.