11 Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2023

Last Updated on 7th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Google Adsense is the best and most popular way to monetize your website and earn a passive income.

With its wide reach and high click rates, it’s no wonder that many bloggers choose this as the best.

But what if you’ve been banned from Google Adsense or don’t want to use it?

In today’s world of competitive advertisements market, the trends are changing as one changes his clothes.

Some of you may know that a lot of Adsense alternatives are available for websites.

But most bloggers don’t know that.

So they might have a question, is it possible?

The answer is yes, some alternatives completely replace your earning experiences through your websites.

In this article, we will be discussing the best Google Adsense alternatives with their eligibility criteria.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog:


ezoic adsense alternative

Ezoic is an ad optimization platform that delivers trillions of impressions per month.

Ezoic uses advanced algorithms to show ads best suited for each website visitor.

Ezoic crawls your whole site and analyzes every page, after which the best banner or text ad will be shown on that webpage with a click-through rate of up to 15%.

It’s the best alternative to Google Adsense because it provides advertisers with features and opportunities they can’t find anywhere else.

Ezoic begins by analyzing the website content, audience demographics, and geographic location to determine how ads should be displayed on your site.

The goal is to maximize engagement while keeping the user experience pleasant for visitors.

It also helps publishers earn more money through various monetization models like video advertising, native ads, sponsorship banners, page takeovers,

or even text links which are all customizable based on their needs.

This results in a higher revenue share than what you would get from traditional ad networks like Adsense!

And if you’re worried about the quality of ads, don’t be.

Ezoic filters out low-quality or disruptive ads to ensure that only relevant and engaging ad content is displayed on your site

– something you can’t get with Adsense!

Ezoic not just provides high CPM rates but also enhances website revenue by making it easier for publishers to monetize their sites.

Eligibility Criteria:

– The website needs to have a minimum of 1000 views per month (Now publishers can apply even with fewer views).

– It should be user-friendly and highly engaging.

– The content of the site should be original and unique.

– The site should be indexed in Google and not blacklisted by them.

– It must use ad-serving technologies like JavaScript or Flash to show ads.

There are no requirements regarding the content of your website, so you can use Ezoic on any niche sites such as health, finance, lifestyle etc.

Ezoic also works with mobile apps and offers a wide range of ad formats including banners, popovers, sliders etc.

This is just scratching the surface of what Ezoic has to offer for publishers.

To learn more about how you can monetize your site or app with this platform, head over here!

2. AdStyle

adstyle adsense alternative

Looking for a powerful and reliable alternative to Google AdSense?

Look no further than AdStyle Native Advertising!

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

This means that it is designed to blend in with the look and feel of the website on which it is displayed. 

AdStyle offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • High-paying ad campaigns: They work with top brands and advertisers to bring you the most profitable campaigns and offers.

  • Customizable ad formats: Choose from a variety of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and more, to best fit your website or blog.

  • Easy integration: Their platform is easy to set up and integrate with your website or blog, so you can start earning money right away.

  • Real-time reporting: Track your earnings, clicks, and other metrics in real time with our easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Global coverage: The platform is available worldwide, so you can earn money from your website or blog no matter where you are.

To be eligible for this platform, you must have a website or blog with quality content.

3. Media.net

media net adsense alternative

Media.net automatically places contextual and behavioural ads on your website and starts earning money for you.

It works similarly to Google Adsense, but it is one of the best alternatives as it displays completely different types of advertisements than what we are used to!

Google Adsense has been the leader in media advertising for years now.

However, many people are looking for an alternative to Google’s ads because they don’t want to be limited by all of their rules and regulations.

Media.net is one such ad network that publishers are using as a replacement for Google Adsense,

because it offers more features that are beneficial to publishers, including high-paying CPM rates and low minimum requirements.

In fact, media.net pays out twice as much for every 1000 impressions compared to what Google Adsense will pay you!

Some of the other benefits media.net offers include:


– It’s open to all types of media publishers, including blogs and news websites.

– Media.net also has a very low minimum payout threshold compared to other media advertising networks.

It only requires you to earn $100 in order for the payment process to begin!

You can start with media.net even if your website isn’t earning much.

– For media.net ads, publishers have a lot of flexibility with the types of ads they can display across their websites.

media.net serves both image and text-based media formats to meet your needs!

In addition to these features, media.net also offers geo-targeted ads that are highly useful for local advertising purposes as well as custom media formats.

– Media.net is a media advertising network that is run by the same company as Yahoo! Bing Network,

which means media.net has a very strong reach and high-quality traffic to offer publishers with its publisher monetization platform for websites of all sizes.

In addition, media.net supports both desktop and mobile ads so that you can get media ads for all of your traffic.

Eligibility Criteria

Since media.net is such a high-quality media ad network, the eligibility criteria to apply for media.net is pretty strict.

You’ll need most of the traffic from the US, UK, and mainly Tier 1 countries in order to be considered!

Media.Net is a great option for ad publishers who want an alternative to Google Adsense.

Because it offers benefits like higher CPM rates and low payout thresholds Plus media.net ads are easy to implement across all types of websites.

Media.net is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives for your website.

Check our comparison review of Google Adsense and Media.net

4. Propeller Ads

propeller ads adsense alternative

Propeller Ads is a dutch ad network that pays 70% revenue share plus €0.01 CPM (unlimited). They’re best suited for small to medium-sized websites.

Propeller ads is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.

It is a free ads network for publishers that allow them to earn money by placing ads on their websites.

To get started with propeller ads, all you need is to sign up and start placing ads on your site by using the ads code.

You can check the full list of features and eligibility criteria in this article.

Propellers ads Features: Ads on the website; No need for approval; ads network for publishers; Earn Money through ads on the website.

Eligibility Criteria to use Propeller ads: Have a website, No adult content allowed on the site, Website must be indexed by Google.

Features & Eligibility criteria:

– Propeller ads offer contextual advertising.

– It’s free for publishers because it uses advertiser bids as opposed to CPC or CPM models.

– Publishers can manage the ad placement on their own sites directly from Propeller Dashboard without going through any third-party interface.

– Publishers can set ads to display on specific pages, posts or categories.

– Propeller Ads has a list of ad networks that they have partnered with.

These ads are added to the network and then served by Propeller ads based on your preference settings for each site/page/post section etc.

– Apart from ads, Propeller ads also offer sponsored posts for which you can get paid.

– There are no requirements to sign up – anyone with a WordPress blog or any other website can apply.

5. Mediavine

mediavine adsense alternative

Mediavine is a CPM ad network that uses proprietary technology to monetize your website and grow pageviews exponentially.

You can choose from lots of different ad types: image, text, video or widget ads in various sizes.

Mediavine is a great alternative for publishers who are looking to generate more revenue from their content.

It is the best AdSense alternative for publishers because mediavine offers better revenue.

It offers higher eCPM rates to publishers compared to other advertising networks.

Mediavine also gives an opportunity for monetization of mobile traffic which AdSense does not provide.

Mediavine can be a great option as it has daily payment options, multiple ad formats and mediavine is highly transparent with its publishers.

So, mediavine is the best AdSense alternative for you if:

  • You want better revenue from your content.
  • You are looking to monetize mobile traffic.
  • You prefer daily payment options over monthly.
  • It offers ad formats like display ads, in-text links and custom HTML code.
  • It provides transparency to publishers.
  • It is highly recommended for all types of websites.
  • It offers better rates than Google AdSense.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for mediavine you need to have a website that gets at least 50,000-60,000 page views a month.

6. Monumetric

monumetric adsense alternative

Monumetric provides you with an opportunity to earn money from your website without Google Adsense.

It serves relevant, unobtrusive ads on a CPM basis and pays 70% revenue share plus $0.01 RPM (unlimited).

Monumetric is the best AdSense alternative for publishers because it has many benefits and advantages over Google AdSense, such as:

Monetizer Mode – This mode allows you to monetize your website with monumetric in just a few clicks.

You can choose from different modes of advertising on your website,

such as overlay advertisement monumetric; monumetric banner ads; interstitial monumetric.

Monetizer View – This view allows you to test different advertisements before publishing them on your website,

and then choose the best advertising company that works for you.

You can also see how much money was generated from each advertiser in monumetric.

Monetizer Settings – Monumetric has a simple configuration interface to help you create the best ads for your website,

and generate monumetric money from them.

You can change all settings, such as ad colours; banner sizes; animations…etc.

Monetization Dashboard – monumetric offers a dashboard that allows you to create and manage all the ads on your website.

This makes it easy for publishers like you to make money from their websites in a simple way without any difficulties or complications.

Monetization Rules – Monumetric also helps publishers create rules for monetizing websites,

such as: after how many views; which pages to display ads on or not…etc.

Monetization Statistics – Monumetric also offers you the opportunity to see statistics for each advertiser including impressions (the number of times your website is viewed),

clicks (how often visitors click on monumetric ads) and earnings (how much money monumetric you make).

Monetization Options – Monumetric offers publishers the opportunity to choose from a variety of options for monetizing websites,

including bid per click; cost-per-impression …etc.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have an existing website or blog to apply for monumetric.
  • Your website should not be in violation of copyright laws and regulations.
  • You should be 18 years or older to apply for monumetric.
  • Having at least 10,000 page views per month.

7. Adsterra

adsterra adsense alternative

Adsterra is best suited for small to medium-sized websites as it offers only text or image banners with the best eCPM rates compared to other best ad networks.

Adsterra is a platform that provides ad monetization opportunities for publishers.

It offers ad revenue per click, ad revenue per impression and ad revenue share with the publishers on their website.

Their ad monetization platform provides a new stream of revenue to publishers and also helps advertisers get their business on the web.

Adsterra ad network is the best AdSense alternative for publishers because it offers 100% fill rates.

Adsterra features and eligibility criteria for monetization:

  • Adsterra ad network provides ad revenue per click, ad revenue per impression and ad revenue share with publishers.
  • Publishers get 100% fill rates on Adsterra ads.
  • Adsterra ad network is a global ad platform that provides ads from all over the world on publisher’s websites.
  • Adsterra’s ad revenue program is for all – new and old publishers with low-traffic as well as high-traffic websites.

8. Infolinks

infolinks adsense alternative

Infolinks crawls the web pages you choose and inserts its own in-text link advertisements which are related to those particular content from where they’re displayed, thus increasing CTR by 300%.

Infolinks is the best AdSense alternative because it

– uses in-text ads that are relevant to your site’s content.

– provides better revenue than traditional ad networks.

Infolinks is an ad network that actually provides readers with useful info they can act on, rather than shoving ads at them as other networks do.

Infolinks text links are hyperlinked keywords within the content of your web page,

which opens up a new browser window when clicked upon by users, allowing for easy access to advertisers’ websites.

Infolinks is a pay-per-view advertising solution for publishers, bloggers and app developers who want to increase revenue from their content,

without compromising user experience or search engine rankings.

Infolinks offers the following features that make it an excellent alternative to Google AdSense:

  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Customizable ad size
  • Flexible ad positions
  • Customizable colour schemes to match your site’s theme

Infolinks offers publishers all of the following benefits:

– No registration is required. Just sign up and start making money!

– Get paid within 60 days after receiving payment from Infolinks, so you don’t have to wait long to see your earnings.

– You can enable or disable the Infolinks code at any time, allowing you to try out the service risk-free,

and watch how it improves your revenue before committing to anything long-term.

– No contracts – simply pay as you go!

9. Taboola

taboola adsense alternative

Now, this is very interesting.

Taboola delivers engaging content recommendations that drive more viewership while monetizing your site’s inventory of advertising space across desktop and mobile devices.

Taboola has over 30 billion recommendation widgets served globally through some of the best publishers in the world.

If you are looking for the best AdSense alternative or an alternative to Google AdSense then Taboola can be your choice.

Google AdSense has recently announced the new guidelines for their publishers which is not beneficial for most of us.

Nowadays, google AdSense alternatives are in trend and there are many competitors to it like adf.ly or infolinks etc.,

but taboola is one of the best AdSense alternatives because you can earn money from your video content on youtube, content on your blogs and websites.

Taboola has an interesting option for publishers called “recommended” which shows the extra ads at the end of your articles or videos etc.,

but these are not annoying ads because it is related to that particular post.

Features and Eligibility criteria:

There are many features of taboola that make it the best AdSense alternative for you.

  • Taboola is not only limited to youtube or blog content but also can be used on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites.
  • You need a website with good traffic (500,000 pageviews) to apply for taboola because they give preference according to your site traffic.
  • They give you good CPM rates to make extra money from your content which is not possible with Google AdSense at all.

So, if you are looking for the best AdSense alternative then taboola can be your choice,

because it has many amazing features and options available to maximize the revenue of your website or blog posts etc.

Taboola is the best Google AdSense alternative if you have the required traffic.

10. Adversal

adversal adsense alternative

Adversal is a content discovery platform that serves ads on your website and pays up to 96% of the revenue share!

It uses advanced technology for advertisement personalization, which ensures the best CTR rates from 0.05% to over 20%.

Adversal is an AdSense alternative for publishers to make money. Adversal offers the same opportunities that google Adsense provides to publishers.

Publishers should note that it takes time to get approved by adversal as well as Google AdSense so please be patient with them before you apply.

Adversal offers the same payment options as google AdSense does.

There are no upfront fees to sign up for adversal, publishers simply need to fill out an application.

And wait for them to review it before they approve you which could take between a few days,

or a couple of weeks depending on their server load at that point in time.

Adversal Features and Eligibility criteria

– ad units, pop-ups, interstitials and many more options available for you as a publisher.

The best thing about adversal is that it works on all devices including mobile phones.

It has the largest coverage of any network with a 100% fill rate.

– you should be able to provide at least 50,000 page views per month and your site must not contain any objectionable content such as adult material or others.

11. Revcontent

revcontent adsense alternative

Revcontent displays high-quality relevant sponsored stories instead of Google Adsense banners or popups across websites it supports.

It offers the best CPM rates and pays over 90% of the revenue share.

Revcontent provides an easy-to-use platform where you can monetize your content without being limited to one ad format.

Revcontent is a Google AdSense alternative for publishers in the sense that you can monetize your content across all major platforms with features,

e.g., mobile app monetization and video monetization.

Eligibility Criteria

You have to fall under one of the following categories in order to apply with revcontent:

  • websites, blogs, mobile apps or video creators.
  • You must also be 18 years old and above who can legally enter into contracts without any help from a legal representative.
  • With this being said you are eligible if you own the content that you are monetizing or if you have permission from someone who owns it.

They also require your revcontent application to be complete with all necessary information which includes, but is not limited to:

  • name of site/application (and app store ID), website URL, landing page URLs for ads.
  • You will need to include at least one image of the mobile app or video that you want to monetize with revcontent.
  • Any website or blog which does not contain adult content, malware/viruses, spam content, or any content that is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Revcontent can apply to become a part of their publisher network.


Adsense is the most popular ad network for publishers. But, there are some alternatives that can be used as well.

We have listed them above with their features and benefits that you will get by using these networks instead of Google AdSense.

You can see that there are many alternative ad networks for publishers.

However, we recommend EZOIC (tried and tested by us) – “Better CPC & CPM than Adsense”

We will be happy to hear your opinion about using any of these alternatives instead of Adsense.

Please share this post if you like our effort in finding the best AdSense alternatives to monetize your website!