12 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO (FREE)

Last Updated on 27th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

In today’s competitive environment, SEO is your key to success.

SEO not only helps you to improve the ranking of your site but also helps you to increase traffic.

And more traffic naturally leads to an increase in sales.

But for SEO, you need proper tools and resources. Most people go with Chrome extensions for SEO to rank their website.

There are hundreds of Google Chrome extensions for SEO available online.

Some extensions are better than others, so you need to choose with care. 

Choosing the right extension can save you time and help you achieve your goal. 

best google chrome extensions for seo

SEO Chrome Extensions:

These are small software programs. You can use it to customize the browser and use it for SEO.

You can use SEO Chrome extensions to tailor or customize your Chrome browser’s functionality and use it for SEO purposes. 

In order to run your website, you need to optimize it continually.

Most people go with professional SEO companies to do it.

But if you have some SEO knowledge, you can use Chrome Extensions for SEO and maintain your website on your own.

The best thing about Google Chrome extensions for SEO is that there are many extensions that are available for free.

You can use these extensions to maintain and optimize your website for free.

12 Best And Free Google Chrome Extensions for SEO:
1. SimilarWeb

best google chrome extensions for seo

It is one of the most common SEO tools. It is a competitor analysis tool. The primary purpose of this tool is traffic analysis.

You can use it to check and analyze the traffic on your competitor’s website.

You can use this tool for free. You will get in-depth traffic data on your browser. 

You can get data about the bounce rate along with visit details. Moreover, you can check pages per visit and monthly visit.

You can also check the visit duration. Apart from this, you can use this tool to know the source of traffic.

By using this tool, you will know what is working for your competitor and use the same for your website.

2. Redirect Path

best google chrome extensions for seo

By using this free SEO Chrome extension, you will get details about redirections. It is more like an HTTP header checker.

You can also check the redirects. It is a technical tool. You can check if the redirections are working correctly or not. 

Sometimes when you edit and delete old content, you may face problems.

Most of the time, the URL changes when you delete consolidated pages from your website. 

There are status codes to indicate the problems with redirections. You can check the issue with different status codes using this tool.

It highlights the issues. You can check if the redirection is broken. This way, you can fix it before it affects the traffic on your site.

3. MozBar

best google chrome extensions for seo

You can use this SEO tool for Webpage audit purposes. There is no pricing plan as it is available for free.

It is a standard SEO tool created by Moz.

You can use it with Google chrome. By using this tool, you can easily find the domain authority.

You don’t have to use any other device or go to any other website to get the information.

If you are using the free version of MozBar, you will get data about three crucial metrics.

You can check the page authority of your website along with domain authority. You will also be able to check your website’s total backlinks.

When the result is shown on the chrome browser, you can click on it to get additional data like spam score and HTTP status.

You will also get information about essential on-page SEO elements. It will also include Schema mark-ups. 

Types of SEO: On-Page vs Off-Page vs Technical SEO!

4. Check My Links

best google chrome extensions for seo

It is a vital SEO tool. Many SEO professionals use this tool to check if the links are broken.

Sometimes even web developers use it. By using this tool, you can easily detect broken links. 

When you build your website, you need to check if any link is broken.

You need to also look for broken links when you edit any content on it.

Apart from that, you have to check if the backlink is working or not consistently.

To save time, you can use this tool. This tool will highlight the broken link and help you to fix it.

When you get the broken link status, you can copy it all on the clipboard to start fixing it.

5. What’sMySERP

best google chrome extensions for seo

One of SEO’s biggest problems is switching from the browser to the tool to get the data.

But with Chrome extension tools, you can do everything on your browser.

You can get all the keyword data on your browser itself by using this tool.

You can use it to get data about related keywords and words people search for.

When you use this tool and search the keywords on Google, you will get all the information about it.

You can check the search volume, related keywords, and CPC. 

By using this tool, you can search for keywords multiple times without paying anything.

6. Fatrank

fatrank free chrome extension

We all want to know our webpage ranking. By using this tool, we can quickly get the details about the ranking of our webpage.

To check the ranking, you need to open this extension on chrome. After that, you have to click on the icon.

Once you do it, just enter the keyword in the box. Now, to check the rank, click on the check option.

You will be able to check your webpage’s rank on Google. Along with it, you can also check your competitor’s rank.

If the rank is more than 100, it will be shown as not found.

7. SEO Search Simulator

best google chrome extensions for seo

Your website ranks differ in different geographical locations. Based on the traffic, you need to take measures to improve it.

You need to know about the traffic to implement the right SEO strategy.

By using this tool, you can check the ranking of your website on Google.

You can enter the keyword and location to get the ranking details in a different location.

You can use this tool from your own site or on your competitor’s website.

Along with searching the rank, it will also save the query.

8. Impactana

best google chrome extensions for seo

This tool works like magic when you want to check social signals.

As we all know, social signals help you to know if the post is getting a better response from social media. 

By using this tool, you can check the social signals built by your competitor’s article.

We all check our competitor’s sites to read their content. If you like content, you can quickly check if it is worth it by using this tool. 

You can also check the user engagement in the article with this tool. You will get information about the comments, views, and clicks. 

9. Meta SEO Inspector

best google chrome extensions for seo

Most people don’t pay any attention to Metadata, but it is a significant factor for website ranking.

It is the data that is visible on the search engine results. 

By using this extension, you can easily optimize your site for ranking.

This tool will check your website and determine if the Meta tags are correctly placed. 

Metadata consists of many things apart from HTML Meta tags. It also checks nofollow links and microformats.

10. Page Load Time

page load time free chrome extension

Speed is critical to attracting visitors. If the speed of your website is quite slow, visitors will turn to other similar sites.

You need to check the loading speed regularly. To do this, you can use this SEO tool.

This tool helps you to measure the time your webpage takes to load. 

You will get the results in the toolbar. To get more information, you can get other details as well.

You can use all this information to improve your webpage loading speed.

Google also confirms that website speed is one of the main ranking factors.

That’s why I recommend,

and improve your website speed to under 1-2 seconds.

11. SEO info

seo info free chrome extension

It is an SEO audit tool.

By using this tool, you will be able to check the SEO and HTML issues directly without switching the tool. 

This tool will check your webpage for any issues and then report the problems.

Instead of reviewing everything manually, you can use this extension. 

It saves a lot of time. You can also use this tool to check the performance data.

Apart from this, you will get other information like, 

-AMP Status

-Page Title

-Meta Description

-Meta tags

-Open Graph Tags

-Page Speed


-Structured data

12. Hunter

hunter free chrome extension

Link building is a very important factor in website ranking. You have to reach out to many people to build relationships and links.

Now, you don’t have to waste your time searching for potential links.

You can use the Hunter extension to get information about sites with good traffic.

You can use it to get details about the email id of a website.

Moreover, you just have to click one button to get the details. You can then use these details to contact them.

When you use this free extension, you will get 50 monthly credits. You can use these credits to request guest posts and build links.

Wrapping Up

These are the 12 best Free Google Chrome extensions you can use for SEO to save your time and get your website’s best ranking.

You can use these extensions as per your requirement.

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