How to Create a Table of Contents in WordPress Website?

Last Updated on 27th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

What is a Table of contents?

Websites can be a bit chaotic and hard to navigate.

A table of content, which is often called TOC for short, makes navigating your website simple and easy. 

Sometimes, it’s wise to organize your blog post with a table of content.

Whether that’s for your readers or just so you can better remember what goes on where. 

A Table of Content can be used to show your readers what they are browsing.

The table of contents allows the reader to quickly scan the entire piece and jump to a specific section or chapter.

A table of content is a series of clickable headings with intersecting hierarchy, included under the ‘pages’ tab of your WordPress website.

This is an effective way to encourage visitors to read your posts as they can use them as a step-by-step guide to your blog topics.

Organizing and navigating your WordPress website is made easy by creating a table of content, or TOC for short.

Instead of relying on the visitor to find what they are looking for.

Manually navigating their way through your website, you can use a table of content to tell the visitor exactly how the website is structured.

Just like increasing website speed, a Table of contents is also part of SEO.

How to create a Table of Contents in WordPress website?

To create and implement a table of content easily, we use the Lucky WP Table of Contents plugin.

First of all, you need to login to your dashboard – click on plugins – add new – search table of contents – Lucky WP Table of Contents – Install – Activate.

How To Add Plugins To WordPress Properly

How to create a table of contents in wordpress

Now on the left side, hover over to settings – you will find a new icon – table of contents – click on it.

table of contents

Now we will explain to you every single setting step by step,

  • General
  • Appearance
  • Auto insert
  • Processing headings’
  • Misc.

how to create a table of contents in wordpress

Minimal count of headings: “4”

If the count of headings in the post is less, then the table of contents is not displayed.

Means – If your article contains less than 4 headings then a Table of content is not created.

Depth: 6

Hierarchical view: Enable

Numeration: Decimal numbers (nested)

Numeration suffix: None

Title: Table of contents

how to create a table of content

Toggle show/hide: Enable

Label show: Show

Label hide: Hide

Smooth scroll: Enable

Scroll offset top: 24


how to create a table of content

Width: Auto

Float: None

Title font size: Custom value 110%

Title font-weight: Bold

Items font-size: Custom value 90%

Colour scheme: Light colours

how to create a table of content

Background colour: Your choice

Border colour: Your choice

Title colour: Your choice

Link colour: Your choice

Hover link colour: Your choice

Visited link colour: Your choice

Auto insert

how to create a table of content

Auto insert Table of contents: Enable

Position: Before first heading

Post types: Post

Processing Headings

how to create a table of content

Always for post types: Post


lucky wp table of contents

By level: Leave blank if you are not using headings properly

By text: leave

Hash format: As heading(#Example_Heading_Text)

Convert to lowercase: uncheck

Replace underscores_ with dashes- : uncheck

lucky wp table of contents

SEO: use “rel=nofollow” for links

Show panel “Table of contents” in post types: Post

List markup tags: DIV

Additional classes: Leave blank if you are not a developer

After done with all the above settings, now visit one of your posts.

You can get your Table of Contents ready!


You can use any other plugin but when I tested other plugins I got some conflicts.

Like Table of contents being displayed on my pop-ups etc.

So I used the LuckyWP Table of Contents plugin.

Hope this helps you to create a Table of contents in WordPress website.

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