Newor Media Review

Last Updated on 19th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Newor Media is an alternative to Google AdSense, the popular advertising platform used by website owners to monetize their content.

Newor Media is a newer platform that offers a similar service, allowing website owners to display ads on their website and earn revenue from clicks or impressions.

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Newor Media Review for Publishers

newor media review

Google’s AdSense is the most typical starting place for bloggers – it offers a streamlined process and hands-off approach that makes earnings with ads easy.

However, any blogger-veteran can tell you that there’s a lot of missed revenue potential when just using AdSense.

Although they offer the essentials, in a competitive industry bloggers need more. 

But for those not quite ready to leave AdSense altogether, using another platform in addition, is an easy way to boost revenue.

So let’s discuss how you can use Newor Media to maximize revenue. 

What Is Newor Media?

what is newor media

Newor Media is a Google-certified partner and header bidding provider.

Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique that draws an array of advertisers together to bid for ad units in real-time.

Unlike AdSense, with one network with one pool of advertisers, Newor Media collaborates with several networks. 

In addition to offering their bloggers more competition (which in itself can increase AdSense earnings), they are a full-service ad management platform.

Newor Media uses AI tech and machine-learning tools to streamline the ad process and optimize the various elements needed for success.

As a result, bloggers can take advantage of all these fancy (and effective) bells and whistles to boost their earnings — and even improve website quality! 

What Does Newor Media Offer?

What Does Newor Media Offer

As we mentioned earlier, Newor Media provides a full-service approach.

So they’ll assist with everything from implementation to strategy and execution. 

Streamlined Onboarding & Customer Support

Having excellent customer support whenever you need it is essential when working with ads.

Issues can arise unexpectedly – a broken website, ad fraud, an unexplained AdSense ban – and, if not dealt with swiftly, can cost you earnings and risk website quality. 

Newor Media offers a straightforward setup for bloggers.

Though most use WordPress plugins, dedicated account representatives ensure a successful integration.

So, you know you’re on the right track from the start.

Although they take measures to reduce issues, the team works to resolve them within the day if any occur. 

Ad Services 

Bells and whistles are no good if they don’t do anything.

With Newor Media, all aspects of their services work toward creating high-performing ads.

Publishers have access to a more extensive catalogue of ad types, which allows you access to more premium ad campaigns.

For example, with video ads trending in the industry, bloggers who can offer them will have access to some of the highest ad rates.

Since AdSense doesn’t support video ads, bloggers using only AdSense would miss these premium rates. 

In addition to supporting more ad units, Newor Media does more for them.

Using their proprietary tech, they’ll provide ad layout optimization strategies, which help you to earn more for your efforts.

AdSense users would have to do this independently through constant A/B testing.  

Their ads are optimized to ensure your website doesn’t experience poor user loading speed on the back-end of things.

They also help publishers by offering a consent management platform to avoid breaching privacy and data laws. 

Some other helpful features include:

  • The ability to whitelist and blacklist advertisers
  • Adblock revenue recovery
  • Revenue-generating solutions (ex: Ad refresh, lazy loading, etc.) 

How Can Newor Media Increase AdSense Earnings?

How Can Newor Media Increase AdSense Earnings

Alone AdSense can be very limiting and leave a lot of money on the table for bloggers.

But for those not ready to quit altogether, Newor Media is the perfect tool to add to your website.

They don’t require exclusivity or contracts, meaning you can use them alongside AdSense. 

Bloggers can utilize layouts and strategy testing to better their ad space value.

In addition, revenue-generating solutions help bloggers pick up earnings left behind by AdSense.

For example, ad refresh can bump your earnings by showing more to users who spend a lot of time on a webpage.

This is no effort on your end but takes full advantage of your user’s time on the page.

Any blogger seeing low click-through rates (CTR) with AdSense can benefit from Newor Media’s cost-per-impression (CPM) model.

Under CPM, bloggers get paid per view.

So they can swap ad units with primarily low CTRs to make you more money. 

Newor Media publishers boast a whopping 50-200% increase in earnings when switching or integrating with AdSense. 

Wrapping Up

In Summation, Newor Media is a distinguished and popular ad platform among bloggers.

Despite being newer, it’s creating quite a buzz for itself within the industry.

Any blogger hitting 30,000 unique visitors per month should look into them.

They also offer a free earnings calculator to better estimate what your website could be making. 

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