Themify Ultra Review 2023 (Awesome Experience)

Last Updated on 9th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

themify ultra review

Looking for a genuine review of the Themify Ultra Theme. Great, because you are in the right place.

I am using this theme since the start and I am still happy & satisfied with the performance and features.

So, before starting the article I wanted to clear that this is not a sponsored post. It’s my individual opinion after using the theme for more than 3+ years.

Let’s start our well-researched Themify Ultra Review!


1. Does Themify Ultra affects page load time or website performance?

No, definitely not. Don’t believe people who don’t use it and give shit opinions without using the theme.

I am using this theme and you can check out the results below. 

They have their own cache system and performance-based settings inside the theme settings, like lazy load, minification, compression, etc.

Basically, you don’t need a third-party plugin for caching purposes.

Look at the results – It is one of my lengthiest articles. (Cross-check anytime)


themify ultra gtmetrix

Google PageSpeed Insights

themify ultra pagespeed insights mobile

themify ultra pagespeed insights desktop


themify ultra pingdom results

2. Is Themify Ultra a drag and drop theme?

Yes, you can create & customize your website with the help of their drag and drop features.

Seriously, no coding is required – just drag and drop.

3. Themify Ultra: Standard, Developer or Master?

Look, I am using themify ultra standard for my website. But it totally depends on you and your needs.

themify ultra standard

They provide more than 40+ themes in their master club,

but I have only one website then what should I do with the master club to get all 42 themes and more?

4. Themify Ultra Pricing?

Standard – $59 – ( Theme + 12 Builder Addons)

Developer – $69 – (Theme + 12 Builder Addons + Photoshop files)

Master Club – $89 – (Themify Ultra + All 42 themes + 11 Plugins + 22 Builder Addons + 5 PTB Addons)

Read till the last, I will share a coupon code for at least 30-40% off.

Or visit this official page to check current coupons or promo codes: Themify Ultra Page.

themify ultra promo

5. What should you get with themify ultra standard?

7 Free Plugins for WordPress 

themify ultra plugins

-Themify builder

-Themify event post

-Themify pop up

-Themify portfolio post

-Themify product filter

-Themify shortcodes

-Themify updater

12 Free Builder Addons for Extra Customization

themify ultra builder addons

-Builder audio

-Builder countdown

-Builder image pro

-Builder pricing table

-Builder slider pro

-Builder typewriter

-Builder contact

-Builder counter

-Builder maps pro

-Builder progress bar

-Builder timeline

-Builder woocommerce

Themify Ultra Theme + 3 Free Themes

themify ultra free themes

-Basic theme

-itheme2 theme

-Simple theme

6. Themify Ultra: For Lifetime or 1 year?

You can get it for lifetime but I recommend purchasing it for 1 year.

Renew every year until a new and better theme will not be available in the online market.

I didn’t recommend buying anything for a lifetime whether it is hosting or theme.

Because no one knows when a new and better theme/host is available in the nearby future.

Till now, Themify Themes are the best and recommended.

7. What they can offer with 1-year membership?

  • Free support and regular updates. Their support is good, even you can ask questions in the community for instant replies.
  • Free (7 plugins, 12 builder addons and 3 basic themes)

8. What happened if I didn’t renew it after 1 year?

Nothing, you only didn’t get the updates and support. You can still use the theme with your last update.

But that’s not a good thing.

I recommend updating themes and plugins regularly because they can cause security issues for your website.

It doesn’t mean renewing it suddenly, you can renew the theme after a few days or even after months if you want it,

but till then you didn’t get the update that’s all.

9. What are the features of Themify Ultra? (Important)

At themify ultra settings, you can get a lot of features that no other themes provide. Let’s check some of them,

themify ultra features

-Add/Upload favicon directly from the settings.

-Add header and footer codes from the settings like for AdSense code. No extra plugins are required.

-Enable or Disable google fonts (or choose recommended google fonts only).

-Set responsive design (to make a mobile-friendly website).

-Enable gzip scripts (for better performance).

-Change theme colour, typography, header design, mobile menu style, footer design, etc.

-Add social links. (for the audience to follow you easily)

-Integrate API settings for Twitter, Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc.

-Use hook content to directly add the code wherever you want on your website (like at the layouts, between posts, images, comments, etc.)

-Access roles for the editor, author, contributor, SEO manager, and SEO editor.

-Create custom layouts like the footer of the website.

-Customize the page as per your needs.

I already published an article for the best Themify builder settings after the installation of the Ultra theme. (In case of any confusion)

10. How to update the Ultra theme?

You can do it manually by going to themify ultra settings.

or there is a free plugin by Themify “themify updater” that notifies every time whenever there is a new update available.

I am using the plugin for the updates but it depends on you whether you want to do it manually or with the use of the plugin.

The Themify Updater plugin is capable to auto-install & update all Themify themes and plugins.

11. Can I use the Ultra theme for woo commerce website?

Yes. In fact, they provide you free add-on “builder woocommerce” with themify ultra.

And a lot of free premade templates and more.

themify ultra for woocommerce

12. Which themify plugins you should use?

Themify PopUp

Everyone uses popups to gain email subscribers, sell and promote products, for promotions, etc.

And there are a lot of popup plugins available in the market.

But with themify ultra you can use this plugin for free.

Themify Shortcodes

You can find themify shortcodes on THEMIFY SHORTCODES PAGE. Use the codes with the help of this plugin.

Previously, I used this plugin to show “About Author Bio” at the end of every blog post.

I think it’s very easy and helpful. 

And It’s not only about the Author bio Column, that was just an example.

You can do a lot more other things also.

Themify Updater

You can use this plugin to get notified every time whenever there is a new update available.

Actually, the best thing I love about themify is – after every WordPress update,

they also update the theme to make it compatible with the new version.

One more thing, after testing the crucial WordPress updates on their own, they mail every themify member that the new update is available and ok to use.

Like this one,

themify ultra support email

13. Is Themify Ultra mobile friendly or mobile responsive?

The answer is “YES” and that’s a very important question because some themes are available in the market that is not mobile responsive.

You can check the mobile-friendly test using the tool Google mobile-friendly test by Google.

My website is built on themify ultra, so you can go and cross-check the result.

themify ultra mobile friendly test

14. Does Ultra theme offer pre-built layouts?

Yes, you heard right.

With themify ultra you can get a lot of prebuilt layouts for the homepage, about, contact, etc.

If you are not good at designing then use one of the prebuilt layouts for your website, even you can edit these layouts according to you.

That’s the most interesting thing by themify ultra that I love.

15. Does Themify Ultra have Affiliate Program?

Yes, they provide an affiliate program.

You can signup for their affiliate program and start making money by using their tracking links and banners.

Payout is very simple with Paypal and you can also check the stats and performance in the member area of Themify.

16. Can you add more products later after purchasing the Ultra theme?

Yes. After purchasing the theme you have the option to add more products through their member area dashboard.

You can add more products like,

-Lifetime club

-Master club

-Single standard themes

-Single developer themes

-Addon bundle

-Post type builder

-Announcement bar

themify ultra promo

17. How to get Themify Ultra for free?

In this Themify Ultra Review, I will make sure that Themify Ultra is a WordPress premium theme for which you have to pay,

but if someone is giving you for a much lower price then make sure to ask for the license key.

Because that’s a kind of scam where you paid for the theme and in return,

you will get a downloaded nulled themify ultra theme.

You can’t update the theme without the license key.

So be aware and if you really want the theme to check whether it’s good for your site or to check the compatibility with your needs,

then ask me via mail:, and I will give it to you (for testing purposes only).

Or if you want a genuine coupon code for the discount, then still you can contact me.

18. How to Contact the Themify team?

You can’t contact them by phone or chat.

You need to login into their member area and submit the form regarding any enquiry or contact them directly via mail:

Remember one thing, during form submission you have to fill up your themify username which you will get when you purchase the theme.

It’s not mandatory but only for quick support and quick reply.

19. What encourages me for this Themify Ultra Review?

Because I am using this theme since the start of my blogging career and I don’t find any issues or problems with this theme.

In fact, it’s very easy to create a website using their drag & drop features.

They regularly update the theme for security, speed, performance and also include new interesting features.

themify ultra review

Also, their themify builder is great to build or edit any page of your website.

You can add or edit anything easily according to your needs.

You don’t need any third-party plugin like elementor or any other builder for customizing your site.

That are the reasons for this themify ultra review. 

20. Where to check the latest Discount & Coupon codes of Themify themes?

You can check the latest coupon codes by visiting the themify home page.

Or as I said you can ask me anytime because I am a member of themify and I have all the latest coupon codes inside my inbox.

However, I will put all the new and updated coupon codes here:

Latest Themify Coupon Codes: HOLIDAY (30%OFF) & HOLIDAYLIFE ($50 off lifetime)

21. Themify PageSpeed Update Version 5 (Launch Year 2020)

Themify recently launched its Beta version of Mission PageSpeed.

Mission PageSpeed – Themify team worked on the performance of the theme, especially with their most used, popular, and downloaded “Ultra theme“.

According to them, you can see a significant jump in google page speed score after this beta version. 

After uploading the Beta version you just need to disable the minified scripts and enable the Webp image option from the settings.

Themify ultra page speed version 5 is officially released.

Now you can get 90+ scores in pagespeed insights and achieve core web vitals.

You can check the full details here: Themify pagespeed framework.

You can get all the settings, screenshots, before & after comparisons, etc.

After this update, you don’t need a cache plugin or other speed plugins to get good website performance scores. 

They successfully implemented their beta update and now it is added to their latest release.

themify pagespeed framework

After release, they did a pagespeed comparison test between Divi, Astra+Elementor, Avada, OceanWP+Beaver, and Themify Ultra.

And Themify Ultra successfully beats them in the pagespeed test.

Check the results here: Pagespeed Comparison Test

I already checked and my pagespeed tests are awesome now after the update.

My Pagespeed insights results after the update (Including Ads): 

MOBILE: 98-99

DESKTOP: 99-100

Impressive! I mean no other theme will have these results even after adding AdSense ads on my site.

It’s good because google released their core web vitals algorithm update.

As Google officially announced that speed is a ranking factor for websites.

That’s why I always recommend purchasing fast, reliable hosting like Cloudways and a well-coded theme like Themify Ultra.

22. Themify PageSpeed Update Version 7 (Launch Year 2022)

Themify skipped version 6 and moved directly from version 5 to version 7.

This is because it is the major release that comes with a lot of performance improvements.

Themify version 7 Pagespeed update was released officially.

This update (V7) is totally focused on backend performance. Themify released the last update (V5) for frontend speed.

Now my scores reached the max 100 in Gtmetrix and pagespeed insights.

This update also includes new features, some popular ones are

  • Rating star – Now you don’t need a separate plugin for rating articles.
  • Read time – Now you can easily add estimated read time to every article.
  • Table of contents – Now you don’t need another Table of Contents plugin.

A lot of other features are also added that will make you love themify.

Check the new version details – Themify version 7

23. Is Themify Ultra SEO Optimized?

Yes, Themify Ultra is a total SEO-optimized theme.

It is compatible with every SEO feature whether it is on-page, off-page or technical SEO.

Themes are very important for technical SEO, so I recommend getting a well-optimized theme not a bloated one.

24. Do I need a builder or does themify provide free builder?

Thats a plus point that you don’t need heavy resourced builders like Elementor to operate themify themes.

They have an inbuilt builder “themify builder” that you can get with the purchase of any of their theme.

The builder is very light, has drag-drop features and easy to use.

25. My Honest Opinion

You can find a lot of people writing positive reviews for themify, that’s good but what I don’t like is,

-They are promoting but not using it. I know that’s for affiliate earnings only.

To be honest, I am also using affiliate links but if you are my regular reader then you notice that,

you can only get affiliate links of products I personally use and found best for others.

I never promote products that I don’t use on my site.

That’s my law of affiliate.


26. Do I consider Themify Ultra?

If you read the article, you understand that I love this theme. Themify Ultra is a complete set of features that we need in our daily WordPress needs.

Yes, I consider getting Themify Ultra without any second thoughts.

I am also using this theme for the last 4+ years without any major issues.

Overall, I think themify ultra is the best, most flexible, and multipurpose theme for WordPress in 2023.

You can definitely give it a try. Believe me, you will never regret it.

That’s the genuine themify ultra review from my side.

Have any questions or recommendations, use the comments section.