What is Guest Post Blogging?

Guest post blogging is a very popular way to get one of your posts out there on a different blog.

It’s usually used by large companies, SME owners and people who don’t have their own blog/site already running for a while.

How to get traffic from other sites?

To solve this problem, Digital Marketers have found a way to use Guest Blogging as an effective solution.

Guest posting helps share content so other marketers can benefit too.

But the success of this technique depends on how well you manage your efforts.

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Guest Post Blogging Explanation

Guest posting is when you write an article for someone else on their website.

This could be any type of article, from reviews to tutorials or how-to articles.

In return, they will almost always put a link back to your site.

And sometimes they may add the logo of your company too (and this can help with search engine rankings).

Before you jump on board with guest posting,

It’s important to know both the good sides and the bad sides of it so you can make an informed decision.

The good sides of guest posting:

good sides of guest posting

– You get free traffic from another site/blog with a huge audience of their own.

– Getting your name out there for potential clients to see who you are and what you can do.

– Building a relationship with a blogger or website owner may help in the future.

– Link building is the most common reason people blog on guest posts – but remember link building is now Google’s number 1 tabu.

This means that if your article gets picked up by anyone at all (99% chance it will as there are loads of ways), then just think you’re going to be penalised for those links being dropped from your site.

So this method isn’t as effective as it used to be (so don’t rely on links within your articles for ranking).

The bad sides of guest posting:

bad sides of guest posting

– You need to write an article for someone else, so not only you get credit/link back to your own site, but you also have to spend time writing an article that isn’t directly benefiting you at all.

– Your views will probably be split between the two sites e.g.

if you get 100 visitors per day on your site and 50 of them go to the other site because of the link in the post,

then it can be frustrating having less than half of what you usually get.

Also if there are any comments left under your name or brand on their blog it’s unlikely you’ll be notified.

This means you need to keep an eye on both sites for your own post, so it can be time-consuming if you do this regularly.

– It may get harder to rank in Google Search results; because you are publishing an article that has another link within it (which again will probably get dropped eventually)

And also because your views will be split between two websites, meaning less of your own site’s content is seen.

– If the site gets hacked or something similar happens then not only could they drop all of their links to you,

but it would look terrible if the entire blog was removed from the internet (i.e., nobody can find any articles under your name).

Guest blog in the same niche:

Guest blog in the same niche

If you decide to go ahead with guest posting, what you should do is write for sites that are very similar to yours (same niche even if they’re smaller).


Because then there’s more chance of the link staying on the site

(compared to getting picked up by a big fish in an area that has hundreds/thousands of blogs; it’s easy for them not to get seen).

If you want to get more articles published, make sure they are written for someone who either doesn’t blog or hasn’t got many posts on their blog.

So your content ranks higher than theirs and after you’ve posted keep an eye on Google Analytics just in case.

This way you can see if lots of people leave their website straight away because of the link in your article.

Benefits of guest posting:

Guest posting can be a great way to build relationships with other bloggers or website owners, spread some awareness about your company/brand and get free traffic from another site.

Just make sure you understand all of the pros and cons before you make a final decision about it!

How to write a guest post that drives traffic?

This guide shows you how to make your content irresistible for bloggers so they’ll want to publish it on their blog (and hopefully link back to yours).

This tactic works extremely well because as well as driving traffic to your site,

guest blogging can also help you build relationships with people who could be extremely helpful for your future.

How to write a guest post that drives traffic

1. Find a popular keyword and optimise the article around it

This will make it easier for search engine spiders to find and rank your content.

This way more readers (and bloggers) will see it and therefore there’s a greater chance of getting picked up.

2. Create a catchy headline

Catchy headlines are one of the most important parts of your article as it will make people want to read more.

(if they think it’s boring or uninteresting, then there’s no way they’ll bother clicking through to see what you’ve written).

3. Write unique and helpful content

If it isn’t informative and doesn’t solve any of your reader’s problems then nobody will want to use it, which is what you need for successful guest blogging.

4. Use SEO friendly titles/subtitles

Just like your article’s title, using this for your blog post will help get it noticed by governing bodies.

5. Provide an in-depth author bio

If you want other people to trust you and link back to your site, they need to know who the person behind the article is.

Providing an in-depth bio, social media profiles and a photo will help show people you’re real (and not just spouting nonsense about their website).

6. Add images

This helps break up sections of your article and makes it easier to read.

It also shows other bloggers the quality of your work and gets them excited about publishing it on their site.

7. Promote your article

Once you’ve written and submitted it, make sure you tell as many people as possible (including the blogger who will publish it),

because this way there’s a greater chance of more people seeing it!

Why guest blogging?

Why guest blogging

So you’ve probably heard of guest blogging but you’re wondering why people do it?

What’s in it for the guest blogger and the person they’re writing for?

Well, here are 6 reasons why guest blogging can be extremely beneficial …

– Guest blogging helps build relationships with other bloggers.

– It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about a topic.

– It can help get more traffic to your site.

– It acts as free advertising for your website.

– You can get backlinks to boost your search engine rankings (making it easier for people to find your site).

– If you’re publishing an article on a popular blog it’ll be seen by thousands of readers

(and if they like the content, there’s a good chance they’ll link back to your site).

– Guest blogging helps you gain exposure so it can lead to more leads/sales because of increased brand awareness.

Tips to improve Guest blog performance!

Tips to improve Guest blog performance

– When writing a guest post, use real and fresh statistics.

– Provide useful and easy-to-understand information for your readers.

– Link out to other useful resources and share them with your audience through a hyperlink.

– Make sure that the blog where you publish your article has a good authority and domain rating.

– Don’t just copy content from other sources, instead, produce quality work that will keep people engaged.

– Use lists wherever possible to attract attention and encourage more people to read your content.

– Personalize as much as you can by adding your personality and experiences into what you write.

– Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, disagree with others or share unique perspectives.

– Show that you’re an expert on the topic by providing helpful tips and valuable information.

– If it’s appropriate, leave comments on other similar blogs to start a relationship.

– Guest blogging is not an overnight success technique. You need to learn and grow through experience so your audience can trust you.

Wrapping Up

Guest blogging is a great way to build your business and network with other people in your industry.

You can also get quality backlinks, which will help boost SEO rankings for your site.

It’s important not only to do guest blogs on sites that are relevant topics for you but also to make sure they have high Google PageRank values so the traffic from these posts will be boosted by their authority as well.

I hope this guide has helped answer some of your questions about what it means to guest blog online and how it fits into building an effective marketing strategy for digital content creators like yourself!

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