9 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2022 (Pros & Cons)

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Affiliate marketing websites run a huge business. Nowadays, you will find plenty of affiliate marketing websites online.

Many professional bloggers who want to make money out of blogging go with affiliate marketing programs.

It is a win-win situation for all the parties.

The affiliate marketing websites get their share, the original seller gets their profit from the sale, and bloggers get a commission from the sale. 

Online business and e-commerce is the driving force behind affiliate marketing as the business is growing, as is the demand for affiliate programs. 

Most bloggers rely on income from marketing other companies products. It works as a passive income.

The affiliate programs or websites act as a link between the affiliate marketers and the original sellers.

They take the offers from the vendors. Create a directory so that bloggers can find their offers.

They also carry on all the admin duties.

As a blogger, you need to choose the affiliate website as per your niche.

If it doesn’t match your niche, there is no use in promoting the products.

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9 Best Affiliate marketing Websites in 2022:

Earlier, there were only a few selected affiliate marketing websites.

But now, as everything has become online, you will find many affiliate marketing websites in the market. 

These websites provide equal opportunity for every blogger.

If you are into blogging and want to earn some passive income by marketing other people’s products, this is the best option for you.

1. ShareASale Affiliates:

best affiliate marketing websites

It is one of the oldest affiliate marketing websites. It has been in the market for 20 years.

You will find plenty of merchants and products on this site.

You don’t have to worry about getting a product as per your niche because you will definitely find it here.

Moreover, you will find more than 4000 merchants on this site.

This site provides various offers like,

Earnings per Click

Average Commission

Reversal Rates

Average Sale Amount


  • Large Network: They have a large network of vendors. You will find more than 1000 exclusive vendors on this site.
  • Comparison: On this site, you can compare offers. There are various offers available. So you can compare them to get the best one.
  • Quick Payment: You will get the payment on the 20th. If you make more than $50, you will get it directly into your bank account.


  • Approval: It takes time to get approval.
2. Flexoffers:

best affiliate marketing websites

It is another popular affiliate marketing website. The best thing about them is their payment cycle.

They will pay your commission quickly. It has been in the industry for more than ten years. 

They provide different types of tools. They have thousands of programs.

You can choose from any of these programs as per your niche.

It is a perfect platform for bloggers to market various brands.

You can easily choose the program as they sort in sub-categories.

Apart from offering other programs, they run their own program as well.

So if you are already an affiliate with Flexoffers and refer someone else, you will get a commission. 


  • Revenue: If your referral makes money on Flexoffers, you will get a part of their revenue as n income.
  • Manager: They will also provide you with a manager.
  • Multiple Programs: There are more than 15,000 affiliate programs on this site.


  • Payment Option: If you are not residing in the US, you will get the money only through PayPal. There are no other options. 
3. CJ Affiliate:

best affiliate marketing websites

It is a well-known affiliate website. Earlier it went by the name Commission Junction. There are many retailers on this website.

They offer different sizes of the ad so that you can choose the one for your blog.

It is more like a one-stop shop. You will find everything on this site.

You can easily compare various offers on this site. They place a tracking code on your blog.

This way, you will be able to promote multiple products at once. 


  • Huge Network: They have more than 3000advertsing partners on this website.
  • Reliable: They make timely payments. You can rely on them to get the payment on time.


  • Navigation: Beginners might face problems with navigating the dashboard. It takes some time to get the hang of it.
  • Customer Support: They have bad customer support service.
4. Amazon Associates:

best affiliate marketing websites

Amazon is a very popular name in the online world. One can say that it is the King of e-commerce.

You will find millions of products on Amazon. They support a variety of niches. 

You will get anything you want from Amazon. They have a huge network of vendors.

It is good for beginners because you can easily find something from your niche to promote.


  • Commission: You will get 10% of the sale if anyone makes the purchase using the link on your blog.
  • Other Purchases: This is the best thing about Amazon. If the traffic from your site reaches Amazon and buys products other than what you are marketing, you will still get the commission.
  • Selection: They offer various products to market. It is a one-stop shop. You will get anything and everything here. They provide a wide selection of options.


  • Payment Options: They have limited payment options. They either pay yours by the bank or via gift cards.
5. eBay Partners:

best affiliate marketing websites

It is a user-based website. You can list anything you won’t sell on eBay. They also offer affiliate marketing services.

You can find various listings on eBay and market them on your site.

You can use eBay’s Partner Network to do it. In return, you will get paid for it.


  • Diverse: It is one of the most diverse platforms. You will find even the weirdest thing for sale on eBay. No other platform can match the diversity.
  • Straightforward: It is one of the easiest programs. All you need to do is share a link on your blog. If anyone uses the link to make a purchase, you get the money.
  • Double Commissions: For the first three months of marketing the products on eBay, you will get a double commission.


  • Percentage of Commission: Instead of getting the commission directly from the product, you will get a percentage from eBay’s share.
6. Shopify Affiliate Program:

best affiliate marketing websites

Most bloggers rely on Shopify for earning passive income. It is the biggest e-commerce website.

There are various online retailers who want to place their ads. It pays well in terms of commission. You can also refer it to a friend. 


  • Referral: You can earn a huge amount in the form of a referral for the first two months. You can earn 200% up to $598. If you go for an enterprise plan, you can earn up to $2000 with affiliate marketing.
  • Leading Platform: It is the leading e-commerce website. You can make good money on it.


  • Niche: Beginners might face problems with finding relevant products as per their niche.
7. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates:

rakuten affiliate website

It is a popular online store. You will get everything from electronic products to basic food supplies and pet products.

They help bloggers to earn money by promoting their products online. You can choose from a variety of products.


  • Trustworthy: It is a trustworthy website. They have tie-ups with the NBA. They have also won awards for their service.


  • Time-consuming Process: To market the products, you have to apply differently for each brand. It is very time-consuming.
8. Clickbank:

clickbank affiliates

It is more or less like ShareASale. This website is very diverse.

You will find various merchants on this site. So it is pretty easy to find the product you would like to promote.


  • Multiple Products: You can easily find many products to promote. It is easier to navigate. Also, it is easier to promote products.


  • Payment Method: They don’t have any digital payment methods. They rely on traditional bank transfers.
  • Limit: You can only earn a maximum of $150 on referral. There are limitations.
9. Bluehost Affiliate Program:

bluehost affiliate program

It is a WordPress host. They host WordPress sites online. Moreover, they offer services at an affordable rate.

They also have a strong customer support team. You can partner with them to promote products and services and earn money in return.


  • Staring forward: All you need to do is sign up and share the link for promotion. The process is easy. There are no complications.
  • Quality: You can trust this site. WordPress recommends everyone use this service. They offer quality.


  • Deadline: You have to earn a minimum of $100 in the first 12 months to get the money. If you don’t do it, you will not get the money.
Tips for affiliate marketers:

A website is not mandatory for affiliate promotions but having a website is best to reach a wider audience.

Just remember a few things before starting a blog or website,

  1. Choose your host carefully (our recommended is Cloudways)
  2. Select a theme that is well coded, speedy and provides updates regularly. (our recommended is Themify themes)
  3. Create a perfect landing page.

Different types of affiliate marketing programs!

Affiliate marketing is a program in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

different types of affiliate marketing pograms

In all types of Affiliate Marketing Programs, both parties have to work together closely in order for it to succeed.

Affiliate marketing comes in many forms, sometimes the affiliate is paid a flat fee for each customer or sale referred,

and other times they are paid a percentage of whatever has been sold from their referral.

The four main types of affiliate marketing programs are Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Lead (PPL), Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) and Cost per Action (CPA).

Pay-per-click (PPC)

This is one of the most common types of affiliate marketing programs.

With this type of program, affiliates earn a commission for each click on a link or banner posted on their website which is linked to an advertiser’s website.

Many companies make use of this technology and it is becoming more popular by the day,

as more people use the internet for shopping and reading reviews about what they are looking to buy.

Pay-per-lead (PPL)

This is another common type of affiliate marketing program which is used by many different types of advertisers.

An advertiser will pay an affiliate a certain amount for each lead.

Which is defined as someone submitting their name, email address and phone number into a form on the affiliate’s website.

Pay-per-sale (PPS)

This type of program is also known as revenue sharing or residual commission.

A company that runs this type of affiliate marketing program will pay an affiliate a percentage of the total sales generated by customers they referred to buy something from their site.

To find out how much an affiliate will earn for each sale, the earnings are typically calculated as a multiple of what is known as the ‘first-tier commission’.

For example, if an affiliate placed an advertisement that brought in 10 sales, their first tier might have earned them $40.

If they were running a first-tier PPS program their next tier commissions would be 2% on sales which brought in $800.

Cost per Action (CPA)

This type of affiliate marketing program is used by some companies who are looking to gain traffic quickly without having to pay for it up-front.

The advertiser will set a maximum amount they are willing to spend on acquiring new customers through affiliates marketing efforts, this is known as the Cost per Action (CPA).

They will pay the affiliate only when the affiliate has successfully brought them a new customer.


These are the best affiliate marketing websites.

If you are into blogging and want to monetize your site, you can partner with any of these sites to start making money.

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