9 Best Blogging Platforms To Consider In 2023

Last Updated on 7th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Thinking to start a new blog? Looking for the best blogging platforms in 2023?

Don’t worry, go ahead with the article, till you find the best and most appropriate blogging platform according to your requirements.

Finding new Blogging Platforms have two possibilities, first is that you must be a beginner in this field,

or you must have some experience in blogging, but are looking for a new Platform to experience more. Right?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Here, we talk about some best blogging platforms based on beginners,

which is as applicable to experienced people as that to beginners, sound good?

When somebody is starting blogging for the first time, he/she searches on Google like Best Blogging Platforms (In 2023) or 5 Best Blogging Platforms (In 2023). 

Only those experienced in blogging can decide which is the best platform for blogging,

because 90 % of people write blogs and articles just for making money through it.

And if you are thinking of making money through blogging or monetize your website, it’s not new.

That’s why it’s necessary to find out which platform is best for blogging and making money.

So, let’s go through this article, and see some of the best blogging platforms available there.

Best Blogging Platforms In 2023:

1. WordPress.org

wordpress.org blogging platform

It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS), released in May 2003.

WordPress.org is a free blogging platform that allows you to build your website within minutes.

It is the best option if you want to have full control over your website. 

It contains a lot of additional features which make it the best blogging platform(Like plugins, themes, etc).

WordPress software is free but you will need to have a domain and web hosting as well as a theme.

Recommended ones are,

If you are thinking to start your blog, you must have heard the word WordPress from someone on YouTube or Google.

Because it’s the most common platform used for blogging, and article writing.

Most bloggers start with Blogspot because hosting WordPress websites is not free, you need to buy a Domain and pay for your website’s hosting.

WordPress vs Blogger: Check the Difference?

Where in Blogspot, you don’t need to buy any domain, and you don’t even need to pay for its hosting.

Let me clear your doubts, Downloading, installing, and registering on WordPress is free. But buying a Domain, and hosting is not.

You can run your website online for just 2-3 US dollars per month from Bluehost.

You can have absolute control over your website, and it gives lots of features, and optimization options to design your website.

2. WordPress.com

wordpress.com blogging platform

WordPress.com is different from WordPress.org.

It’s a good platform for those who want to start blogging for free.

It contains a lot of features but, if you want more control over your website then you need to buy their premium plan.

To learn blogging before starting your own website WordPress.com is the best platform.

This will also be a new word for beginners because experienced bloggers must know the difference between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com.

Though the names can confuse you about the experience of blogging. Do you think it’s the same?

No, both are different things, when you want to start blogging for free, but if you want to control your website from every point of view, you can go through the WordPress.com platform.

Still, if you need more features, you have to go through the premium package.

Learning to write blogs, and articles are absolutely free and can be done through this platform.

Before you design your website and think to earn some money from that, you can learn basic things needed to be applied to your website,

which helps in growing your business online by blogging.

3. Wix.com

wix blogging platform

Wix is also a good platform for blogging. They provide customizable website templates and a drag & drop site builder that includes apps, fonts, etc. 

The platform is free but in order to connect your domain, remove Wix ads, or buy extra bandwidth and data storage,

you need to purchase their premium package just like WordPress.com.

This is not one of the oldest blogging platforms as that of Bloggers and WordPress.

But competing with both of these platforms with such a higher revenue.

Looking for a new blogging platform, and if you don’t come to know about Wix.com is not possible.

One of the best features of Wix.com is that they provide a customizable website.

Here, they provide one feature to drag and drop. This allows you to drag and drop whatever you want to add to your website.

Being online, and having a digital presence with Wix.com will be the best idea.

The platform provides you with free services to upload your blogs, and articles.

But you need to remove ads if you want to connect them to your domain, otherwise, you’ll have to buy the premium package to get bandwidth and data storage.

4. Bloggers (Blogspot)

blogger blogging platform

Blogger is one of the oldest and most popular blogging platform owned by Google itself. 

It’s good for beginners who want to start their blogging career. I also start blogging with bloggers then after learning I switch to WordPress.org. 

Bloggers is the best platform for non-technical users, you just need a google account and start blogging.

You must have heard about this platform. Bloggers or Blogspot are not new platforms in blogging.

Blogspot is one of the most common blogging platforms, and it was introduced by Google because it’s Google’s product,

and all the controls and handling are done by Google itself.

I’ll especially suggest to new bloggers that if they don’t have any experience in blogging, he/she should go through Blogspot because it’s best for beginners.

What’s good about Blogspot is that You Don’t Need To Worry About Coding. 

Blogspot provides us to launch our website to start blogging, by making it easier for us,

because there you don’t need to write a single code, you can do some changes like templates, themes, and other small changes, and your site will be ready to launch. 

5. Joomla

joomla blogging platform

Joomla is just similar to WordPress.org, you need a domain and web hosting to use it.

The interface of Joomla can be used by blogs and complex websites.

Basically, Joomla is also a great platform for blogging but not as much popular as compared to WordPress.org.

This word may be newer for you if you are fresh in the field of bloggers. Because this is not one of the oldest platforms.

You can find similarities with that of the WordPress platform.

Because you have to buy a domain, and web hosting for your blogs, and articles. Though making websites, and designing is free of cost.

Searching the Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms (In 2023),  will result in suggestions of this platform’s name.

They have designed its interface in such a way that you can customize it to the basics of blogs,

and make it simple for blogging as well as you can use it for such complex websites for your business.

The word Joomla is not that much popular as that of Bloggers, and WordPress.

Because it’s new and doesn’t have more developers on its platforms.

So, this can be a good opportunity for beginners to grow along with the platform itself.

6. Themify Page Builder

themify page builder

It is a website builder and blogging platform designed by the Themify team.

The platform comes with varieties of dynamic templates that you can use to customize your blog design

It offers a drag and drop builder tool that makes it easy to create and design a website.

They provide themify builder with any of the themes you purchased from there.

However, the downside of this platform is that it is not free, thankfully they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can get access to their every theme if you purchase a lifetime pack.

Lastly, it allows access to a few apps and extensions.

I am using this theme for the last 4 years and I can say that it is the best to date.

Read our Themify Ultra Review for a better understanding.

Their starter plan starts at $50-60/year and it comes with all that is needed to run a successful blog including a free website builder and different layouts.

The master plan starts at $70-80/year with all the features and an additional feature of priority support.

Finally, their lifetime plan comes at $200-250 with all the features including lifetime support.

But you can get 15% off using Code – AJMER15

7. Tumblr

tumblr blogging platform

Tumblr has a little different from the blogging platforms mentioned above.

It is a microblogging platform that comes with varieties of social media features such as blog follow, a built-in sharing tool, and much more

The Tumblr blogging platform comes with a custom subdomain name.

For example, https://examples.tumblr.com.

You can as well connect a premium custom domain name to it.

It is easy to use and set up, blogging on videos, Gifs, images, is easy on Tumblr.

However, the downside of this platform is that it has limited features, and backing up your site can be quite difficult.

8. Medium

medium blogging platform

Since its inauguration in 2012, it has had more than 60 million users.

It is a multipurpose platform with different varieties of writers, bloggers, journalists, and much more.

After creating an account with them, you can start publishing your articles.

It comes with a custom domain as well.
For example, https://medium.com/@yourdomain

You do not have to go through the process of designing a website, as long as you have a profile with them, you should focus on writing.

The downside of this plugin is that it has limited features

Secondly, you cannot run ads or monetize it

Thirdly, you do not own your audience, it belongs to the medium. The loss of a blog equates to the loss of followers.

9. Square Space

squarespace blogging platform

Squarespace offers easy drag and drop tools that allow you to create beautiful websites.

Since its inauguration in 2003, the website has powered over 60 million websites online.

The platform has a beautifully designed template that you can make use of to design your site.

It also offers domain names secured with SSL/HTTPS.

The downside of this platform is that it has limited features and integrations.

So, according to my research, these are the best blogging platforms to start a blog in 2023.

My personal recommended platform is “WordPress.org”.

For hosting, I recommend Cloudways Managed Hosting.

The best hosting provider according to a Facebook poll participated by over 10,000 Website owners.

However, if your budget is tight then go for Bluehost.