Effects Of Coronavirus On Blogging

Last Updated on 13th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

People hate Coronavirus for two main reasons.

The first reason is that it has affected millions of lives. We all have lost most of the elder population.

The second reason why we hate Coronavirus is that it has affected almost every industry, leaving people jobless and unemployed.

Thousands of industries are facing problems due to lockdown and quarantine. People cannot leave their homes.

Few people who are lucky are working from home others have to find an alternate source to make money.

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Industries affected by Coronavirus!

Industries affected by Coronavirus

Out of all the industries, the worst impacted ones are,


Due to safety protocols, people cannot leave their homes. All the restaurants are closed since the first months of 2020.


Hotels are also not functioning. As there are restrictions on travelling hotel business is also affected badly.

Movie Theaters:

Movie theatres are not working since January.

Instead of watching movies in the theatre, people are using apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Travel Industry: 

Travel Industry is also facing huge problems because of travel restrictions.

The state borders are closed. There are several restrictions on travelling.


The blogging industry is also facing the burn of Coronavirus. As we know, daily bloggers mostly rely on ads and web traffic for revenue.

Because of this, most bloggers are finding it difficult to keep up their revenue. Travel bloggers have taken the worst hit.

Coronavirus and Blogging!

More than 59% of people are facing financial problems due to Coronavirus.

People are not able to fulfil their needs as their salaries are cut down.

There are many people who have lost their jobs. And it is quite difficult to get a new job at this time. 

As there is less income in the market, people are only spending it on basic necessities like food, water and medical bills.

As bloggers rely on online sales and traffic, they are facing a huge problem.

However, not every blogger is facing similar problems. As we can see, Coronavirus affects certain niches more than others.

For example, medical sales are increasing, but the travelling industry is facing problems. 

The effect of Coronavirus is different for different bloggers.

We will divide the blogger into three categories to understand the effect of Coronavirus on blogging.

1. Travel Bloggers:

Travel Bloggers

2020 is the worst year for travel bloggers. The beginning was good.

Travel bloggers made quite a money in the first few weeks of January, but as the news of Coronavirus took force, their revenue started falling down. 

There are a few bloggers who kept travelling to remote places till March thinking that it will all end soon.

But then came the saddest news ever, the virus started spreading like wildfire. The worst part is that there is no vaccine to treat it. 

Ever since March, countries have closed down their borders due to safety protocols, there are restrictions on travelling.

Bloggers cannot even travel to local places.

It has been eight months since the lockdown and travel bloggers are finding it really difficult to cope with the current situation. 

They are not able to present any blogs for the audience as they are not travelling.

There is no traffic, and there is no revenue.

On top of that, they have to incur the cost of maintaining a tier website. It is a bad year for travel bloggers. 

They have to probably wait for 2021 to start travelling and blogging again.

Few travel bloggers are switching to some other niche.

They are making videos from home to keep their blogs alive. They are focusing on other aspects of their life.

2. Bloggers Relying on E-Commerce:

On the other hand, bloggers who rely on E-commerce sales are not facing many problems.

As people cannot move out of their houses, they are shopping online.

Trends show that e-commerce sales are increasing as the days are passing. 

People are still buying online products. Even though the business is not as good as it used to be, bloggers are doing fine.

The income trend is rising as the days are passing.

In no time, they will be able to recover all the losses.

Many bloggers are changing their niche and moving towards things like yoga, gym, fitness, health care, education, etc.

People are watching all these blogs.

They are even paying money for online yoga classes.

3. Bloggers with Multiple Income Sources:

Bloggers with Multiple Income Sources

Another type of blogger is one with multiple sources of income.

These bloggers sell their own products. They also have part-time jobs.

They have affiliate income as well.

These types of bloggers are not facing many problems because they are relying on multiple sources of income.

Even though one income is facing the burn, others keep them going. They have other income sources to recover from the loss.

There are many bloggers who used to rely on one source of income but now, they are diversifying their profession to earn money.

Many travel bloggers are now making blogs on other subjects. 

4 Main Effects of Coronavirus on Blogging

There are mostly negative effects, but every cloud has a silver lining. But not everything is bad. There are bloggers in a particular niche, and they are thriving.

1. Less Traffic:

Bloggers are crazy for traffic. Traffic is the most important thing for bloggers.

If your blog has great traffic, it means you are doing well.

Less traffic means performance is not really good. Few niches have seen a sudden decrease in traffic.

Tourism, retail, luxury items, affiliate products have seen a significant decrease in traffic.

If you belong to this niche, your blogs will not have much traffic.

These industries will take at least a year to recover from Coronavirus.

2. Travel Bloggers:

effects of corona virus on blogging

With the decline in travel, bloggers have nothing to do. The main part of the travel blogging business is travelling.

But nobody can travel, there is no hope for travel bloggers.

Travel photographs and influencers have nothing to create. They have no traffic and no revenue.

3. Less Income from Ads:

Advertisement is like a passive income for bloggers. Many bloggers earn money from their blogs by promoting ads.

But now, with less traffic and less income, they are making less money.

The ad spent rate has decreased due to Coronavirus. People are not making a purchase on the basis of ads.

Because of this, they are getting less money on each ad click.

They are making less money from advertisements companies like Google AdSense.

4. Low Affiliate Rates:

Many big players and websites have down their affiliate rates during Coronavirus.

Amazon is the biggest player in the market. They are giving less commission to affiliate marketers.

The bloggers who indulge in affiliate marketing are getting less commission on each sale.

Affiliate marketing makes up the major part of the blogger’s income.

But with the rates cut down, they have to look for other alternatives.

They are searching for other affiliate programs to cover up the losses.

Corona Impact on Web Traffic of Industries!

Corona Impact on Web Traffic of Industries

There are certain industries that are thriving in Coronavirus. The web traffic of these industries has increased considerably.

Blogger who belong to these industries has a good chance of making money.

While blogger who belongs to other industries need to search for other alternatives.

1. Supermarket:

The supermarket industry has seen a rise in traffic. The current web traffic is 135%.

Bloggers who belong to this industry have great chances of making money.

2. Retail Tech: 

After the supermarket, the leading industry in terms of web traffic is retail tech.

The web traffic is 128.5%. Blogger who belong to this niche has the chance to earn back the lost income.

3. Telecom:

The Telecom industry has web traffic of 75.7%.

Bloggers who post about mobile phones and other technology have a great chance to increase their revenue.

4. Media:

The web traffic is 32.6% for the media industry. People have nothing to do so they binge-watch mobiles on their phones.

Media blogging can do well in times like Coronavirus.

5. DIY: 

The DIY industry has web traffic of 26.2%.

Many bloggers run their own DIY channels. This can be a good opportunity for them.

6. Sports Equipment: 

The web traffic of the sports equipment industry is 25.3%. Sports and fitness bloggers can take advantage of this.

7. Cosmetics: 

The web traffic of the cosmetic industry is 23%.

The sale of makeup has increased because people are learning how to do their own makeup in their free time.

8. Fashion: 

The web traffic of the fashion industry is 17.3%. Blogger, who is in a fashion niche, can make money from blogging.

How Can Bloggers Recover from Coronavirus?

How Can Bloggers Recover from Coronavirus

There are many things bloggers can do to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus. 

Diversify Income:

Bloggers can diversify their income. They can start blogging about things that are in demand.

Become Influencer: 

Bloggers can become an influencer. There are any bards who pay well to influencers.


They can also go for SEO to boost their traffic and increase their visibility and sales.

New Opportunities: They can also look for new opportunities. For example, travel bloggers can use their writing skills to tell tales about their adventures.

Wrapping Up

These are the effects of Coronavirus on blogging.

Although travel bloggers are facing more problems than other bloggers, they can still use various techniques to recover from them.

I am always here to help those who have these side effects of Coronavirus on blogging.

That’s all from my side and don’t forget to comment if you are also facing such effects of Coronavirus on blogging.

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