Ads.Txt Error: How to Fix and Resolve in Google Adsense?

Last Updated on 24th December 2022 by Ajmer Singh

Centralized ad marketplaces like Google and Facebook currently hold a massive share of the digital advertising market.

While that’s great for their bottom line, it’s not great for companies trying to get their brand in front of potential customers.

These companies have limited access to ads through these large ad networks – which means less money to spend on actual advertising.

Ads.txt provides a solution by giving influencers and other users within an ad network.

A way to cross-reference who is selling inventory with what brands are looking to buy ads from them directly.

This creates a decentralized marketplace where advertisers can more easily find publishers they’re interested in working with and vice versa.

fix ads.txt error

What does this mean?

Well, Ads.txt makes it easier for smaller publishers to sell their inventory without the middleman taking a huge cut and small advertisers can work with them directly.

Ads.txt is an open and scalable technology that helps weed out counterfeit ads.

Bringing more transparency and accountability to the digital advertising supply chain.

So, in short: Ads.txt is a list of authorized sellers of digital advertising space posted by individual companies in a public text file format – available for anyone to see and access at any time.

Why ads.txt is important:

Ads.txt helps weed out counterfeit ads by making it clear who is authorized to sell digital advertising space and who isn’t.

With this list available for anyone to use, it makes it easy for marketers to find the exact brand they’re looking for without wasting time or money on fake inventory.

This also means that publishers will benefit from more accurate reporting, reduced operational costs related to ad fraud

– which can be up to 70% of total spend depending on their market

– and increased revenue resulting from more open competition between providers bidding for media opportunities.

How to fix the ads.txt error?

There are many things to know about the errors in the ads.txt file and how to fix them.

In this article, we will let you know all of them one by one in brief.

What is ads.txt?

There are many ways to protect the publishing of ads. One of them is ads.txt.

This feature was recently added to Google AdSense and that is the reason many people think it is created by Google.

However, it is not true. This feature is added by IAB to Google Adsense and other ad platforms like EZOIC.

There are many benefits that the company and the user get from ads.txt.

However, these benefits get affected due to some errors in the ads.txt files.

I will share manual as well as automatic solutions for this, stay tuned!

Types of errors related to ads.txt

1. ads.txt file missing error

fix ads.txt error

The first and very important error may be that the whole ads.txt file is missing from your website directory.

In this case, the very simple solution is to make a new file of ads.txt file and upload it to the root directory.

Though the overall method to make it and use it on your websites might be not so easy for many people, the basic method to apply this is very simple.

Here in this case of applying the ads.txt on your website, the very simple thing you have to do is to make one file of ads.txt.

Along with these, you will have to add your Google AdSense publisher id and some other simple info.

Finally, you need to upload it to the root directory of your website for taking its benefits.

The ads.txt file will look like this:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

where pub-“your publisher Id”.

2. The error of missing publisher id

The second very important and most frequent error is the missing publisher id from your ads.txt file.

In this case, you may follow the following steps to fix this error.

Go to the root directory where you have created or uploaded your ads.txt file.

Now you need to copy your publisher code from your AdSense account.

Then you need to replace the default id given in the ads.txt file by selecting the default code and pasting the copied code or id.

Finally, you just need to verify all these by saving the file.

fix ads.txt error

3. Not found tbs saved file

The third error is that you have created your ads.txt file but still, it’s saying that you need to create one new ads.txt file.

Here you just need to keep patience as it may take 12 to 14 days to verify your ads.txt file.

On the other hand, if your sites have a very less number of ad requests, it may take a month also.

The correction or fixation like that can be done mainly in two ways.

In the first way, you need to do all the corrections manually and in the second way, you do all these things by using a plugin.

Solving the error in two ways:

You can find an initiative taken by certified digital retailers, also known as ads.txt,

that will help see your ad inventory in the digital space is sold through authorized sellers.

If you happen to create your ads files, you will be able to have better control over who can be bought ads on your site,

and not allow for any kind of fake inventory that would then be presented to the advertisers.

There are two ways in which you can fix the error that may lurk in the ads.txt files, and to fix it,

you may have to follow certain steps and get it right and not encounter it again.

It can be either done manually or with the help of plugins.

If you are new to this, it is pretty much easy to follow the instructions and get down to it quickly,

and you will get on with the flow as others.

1. Fixing it manually

fix ads.txt error

If you own an AdSense account, you might want to sign in.

You will find an alert on the homepage which also says fix now.

When you go down and click on the create an ads.txt file with a message.

And when this is automatically downloaded, you could next upload it to the root point domain of your site.

You can upload using Cpanel or from any third-party tool like Filezilla.

” Root folder = public HTML “

If you want to add the publisher ID too then copy-paste your publisher id in the ads.txt file.

You would have to choose the copy option and paste the same line to each of the ads.txt files.

This could be done as,

  • Under the root directory create a file
  • The code has to be copied and pasted to the.txt file from the AdSense account
  • Here you have to replace the publisher ID with your own
  • Verify the file after saving it

When you are at it, you will understand there is a definite need to improve digital advertising standards.

If there is online ad fraud, it would be a big blow in terms of financial losses,

that are way over the mark to the advertisers as well the publishers themselves annually.

Now you realize the importance of having to be in control of what gets published on your location.

fix ads.txt error

There are a lot of people out there with evil intent to use fraudulent means to meet their ends,

by resorting to trick ad platforms that give way to domain spoofing.

They ensure they get fake clicks, and they open out themselves leading to fake impressions that are put out there.

Need to improve transparency you would have to approach the publishers to find out who are the ones that can put out their ad inventory.

If you dig into the ads.txt file, you will find out if they are genuinely out there to display your ad, and if they are authorized to do so or not.

Anyone can seek this information and hence,

  • Advertisers
  • Publishers
  • Resellers

The above will be the main people who have to deal with this, and they will be the ones with major losses if they fail to cover this step.

A lot of other platforms use the same proforma when they support the transparency of placing digital ads.

2. Fixing it with plugins

fix ads.txt error

When you are using plugins, you would have to activate and install the ads.txt manager plugin,

and the activation then allows you to configure the plugin settings.

Here the user is allowed to add in every individual platform or the reseller that you want the ads to be put out on your site.

It has to be done with your publisher ID.

The representation will come as thus with four fields,

  • The domain of the company which has been permitted to sell or resell the ad inventory
  • The publisher ID of the user corresponds to the account ID
  • Relationship type whether direct or reseller
  • The ID of the advertising platform

If you happen to miss a declaration, then an error will occur in your ads.txt files.

You will have to go to the settings of the plugin and make the corrections accordingly.

These errors can occur if you haven’t added the ads.txt files to your website.

These changes may take time to take effect, and the above-mentioned methods help fix ads.txt errors effectively.


Ads.txt error is common, so don’t worry and solve it without panicking.

Google AdSense will not ban your account or remove your earnings immediately. 

Hope you guys now understand how to fix the ads.txt error. 

Don’t forget to share and help others.