How to Start a Blog in WordPress: A Beginners Guide (2022)

Last Updated on 27th November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

Blogging is the latest trend. Many people quit their 9 to 5 jobs to start their own blogs.

The best thing about blogging is that you can do what you love and make money out of it.

It is a very lucrative career. You can do it full-time as well as part-time.

You can earn up to $1000 every month by blogging for a few hours.

Full-time bloggers make up to $10,000 to $20,000 every month. If you are planning to start blogging, you need to dedicate the first few months to it. 

You need to put in efforts to maintain your blogs and sometimes even invest some money to get the best out of them.

Once it is all set, you can start earning money back.

Nowadays, it has become very easier to start your own blog with all the tools and platforms available for free.

Check our list of Blogging Platforms.

As a beginner, you have to follow some steps to start your own blog. You might be familiar with most of the things given in this guide.

what is blogging

Are you someone with tons of ideas about a specific niche and you have no hint on how to disburse those ideas for the world to see?

On the other hand, you might be someone who has always wanted to start a blog with no idea how to go about it.

This article on how to start a blog in WordPress 2022 should guide you.

Starting a blog can be somewhat stressful especially if you will be doing it alone.

But guess what?

You are not alone as there are a whole lot of people out there having the same thought as you,

and that is why we decided to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog in WordPress 2022.

Before we dive deep, I will like to give a brief definition of some terms I will be using in this guide.

What is blogging?

Blogging is something that anyone can do on the internet for free to get their voice out there.

There are many different types of blogging such as sports blogging, film blogging, politics blogging, celebrity blogs, beauty blogs and many more topics you can blog about!

Depending on what type of blogging you wish to partake in.

Blogging benefits everyone in some way because it brings people together.

Whether for online fun or blogging about their daily life which could help others.

It also builds confidence by sharing your opinions on many different topics that may be of interest to other bloggers or just anyone seeking information online.

Bloggers share their knowledge with the rest of the community either through text blogging, photo blogging or video blogging whatever floats your boat!

You have the option to blog about anything you want so why not try to get involved?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to do this, as all you need is a computer or phone that’s connected to the internet.

With just a few clicks, you can start your very own blog!

The first step in starting your blog is deciding on what type of blog you want to have.

Some people choose blogs about food while others prefer fashion blogging. What will yours be about?

What is a blog?

How to start a blog in wordpress

A blog is basically just like an online diary, which is mostly maintained by one person or you can say a website where you can write articles/Blog Posts.

Earlier, it was also called Weblog/We-Blog. was the first Popular blogging platform which was later acquired by Google in 2003. (Also known as BlogSpot)

WordPress was also released in 2003 and now it is the world’s most popular Blogging Platform with over 40% of all websites on the internet.

An individual has his or her own interests like dancing, singing, writing, drawing, and many more.

Some make it a profession, and some just keep them as their passion.

Now since the change in generations, the exposure has become easy for individuals to present their interests having a wide reach and good exposure. 

A blog is one such interest that is developed for people, especially for people who love to write.

A blog is basically a website that provides information; this is actually published on the World Wide Web.

The Blogs are mostly in text format.

At first, the blogs were mostly of an individual person.

However, later it occasionally started as a group of persons.

In the 2010s the MABs were introduced,

i.e. Multi-author blogs which were of the writing of many multiple authors and also having to edit it professionally.

The MABs from outlets, newspapers, universities and many institutions made the increase in blog traffic.

The uplifting of Twitter and other microblogging help single bloggers and MABs to enter news media. 

Commentary is done by many bloggers on topics and subjects that start from sports to politics.

Typical blogs mainly consist of texts, pictures, links, web pages, and many more.

One main aspect of blogs is that they make their comments publicly viewable and also interact with the viewers,

but few of the authors don’t attempt to do it so as to avoid negative speech from the viewers.

Blogs and blogging are now very commonly used to share on social media and also for Content creation.

History of Blog!

how to make your blogs SEO friendly

“Weblog” is the term that was coined by Jorn Barger the short term “blog” was then coined by Peter Merholz.

The blogs initially were commercial online services like Genie, byte information exchange, and many such,

and as time went and technology development also had taken the next level and made blogs more popular.

The modern blogs that are now currently in trend are the ones that post of the individual personal lives.

They were called journalists, diarists, and journalers but later all of them were recognized as bloggers. 

A student from Swarthmore college was the first blogger. Starting in 1994 and since then is where blogs have been popular. 

Bringing the idea of an individual to life and making it fun and informative creates a blog. 

Why you should start a blog?

Yes, I know most people start blogging to make money. But there are other things also which you can gain with Blogging.

  • Self Confidence 

It improves your writing skills as well as your communication skills.

I am sure, after writing 20-30 Blog posts, you will feel so confident that even it can improve your argumentation skills.

  • Helps other people

You can help others by blogging. How?

For example: Let’s say you write a blog about “How to lose weight ?”

There are many people out there who are looking for help/solutions/advice’s/ideas/tricks to lose weight.

Your article/blog post helps them.

  • Popularity

Yes, you may also gain popularity and fame all over the world. For example, Harsh Agarwal, Syed Balkhi, Neil Patel etc.

Every blogger knows them & I am also a big fan of them.

What do I need before starting a blog in WordPress? 

Starting a blog is not as tough as you might have imagined, below is a list of what you will need to start a blog in WordPress;

  1. Niche
  2. Domain name
  3. Web hosting
  4. CMS

We will explain the following briefly

1. Niche

Choose a topic for your blog!

Before starting a blog, you must have to choose your topic.

This is because you can’t just start a blog and start writing on every topic.

You have to narrow your content down to a niche.

People mostly subscribe to blogs with a niche topic.

Suppose, you like my blog and subscribe to my weekly newsletters and the next blog post that pops up in your email is about health, food, or another thing,

Then what is the first thing you do,

you will unsubscribe from my blog because food is not the topic you signed up for, you are here only for Blogging tips.

Read our tips to select your niche.

Choose a topic according to your interest. Like,

  • Food
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Politics
  • Music
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • News, etc.

Choose according to your interest. So that you didn’t get bored after writing 10-20 blog posts.

However, if you are blogging for fun and not for money, then you can write about anything.

This is because you do not need to be concerned about traffic or revenue while working on a personal blog.

2. Domain name

A domain is the address of your website.

How to start a blog in wordpress

However, in your choice of a domain name, there are certain factors you should put into consideration;

1. Your Niche:

Your domain name – which is the address of your website should tally with keywords from your niche.

For example, we provide tips and tricks about WordPress and Blogging, so according to us, “FindMyTricks” is a perfect name for our domain.

My advice is, after choosing your topic write at least 5 domain names on your notepad and select one which suits best for your blog.

2. Avoid the use of numbers and hyphens:

Users find it difficult to assimilate these numbers and hyphens. what’s the use then?

For example, if you come across a domain name that looks like this;, what will be your reaction?

If you are like me that dislike numbers, you will probably look away without trying to have a second glance as to what the content on the blog is all about.

Read our Guide to picking domain names.

And don’t forget to read why domain names are ranking factors.

3. Make it short and precise:

Your domain name should be short, specific, and precise.

It should be a name that can be easily memorized by users.

For example, is short, precise, and can be easily assimilated.

You can get a free domain when hosting with Bluehost.

3. Hosting

Choosing your hosting is not a difficult task. However, there are certain factors you should look out for in your choice of hosting.

1. Scalability:

If there is a spike in traffic to your site, what measures will be taken by your hosting provider to handle it?

2. Security:

What are the necessary measures put in place by your hosting provider to protect your site from malware attacks, bot traffic, and other known attacks?

Cloudways Bot Protection

3. Customer service:

How responsive are they to customer’s needs? 

4. Speed:

Speed is an integral part of SEO, what measures are put in place by your hosting provider to help improve speed?

Google also confirms that speed is one of the ranking factors in the google search engine.

Cloudways have put several measures in place such as dedicated firewalls, 24/7 customer services, dedicated cloud servers, etc, to ensure the successful performance of your site.

You should consider hosting your site with them.

how to start a blog

4. CMS

Often beginners make the mistake of choosing the wrong CMS/blogging platform when building their blog.

Thankfully, you won’t be making the same mistake as we have selected the best CMS for you.

There are certain elements to look out for while selecting a blogging platform and they include:

1. Easy flexibility.
2. Is the installation of plugins allowed?
3. Are you allowed to customize themes?
4. Can you monetize your blog?

Well, the best CMS platform that meets all the above-mentioned requirements is

We strongly recommend, this is because it is free.

You can install plugins, customize themes and monetize your website. is the best CMS platform available in the market.

It is used by popular brands, small business owners, and much more.

How To Start A Blog in WordPress – Step by Step in 2022

After you have selected what niche to go into, get a domain name and web hosting, it’s now time to start a blog

To start,

1. Install WordPress

how to start a blog in wordpress

You can install WordPress from your Hosting Cpanel or If you are hosting with Cloudways or Bluehost they will install it for you.

2. Select your WordPress theme

select theme for your blog

Basically, themes play a major role in the outlook of your site.

While choosing a theme, you might want to consider the design, colours, and other things.

Check our list of Things to consider before getting a Theme.

Most importantly, what you should look out for while choosing a theme is its simplicity.

This not only makes the outlook of your site simple and clean, but it also provides a good user experience.

After you have found a theme of choice, it’s time to install it.

However, we are using Themify Ultra on our site and recommend using it for any kind of website.

After installation, you can select any premade template or you can design it according to your needs using their inbuilt themify builder.

For more information read our guide on Themify Ultra Review.

3. Install plugins

A plugin is a software or extension that adds functionality to your WordPress site.

It eases the process of adding extra features to your WordPress site without being geeky.

Thankfully, there are tons of WordPress plugins out there, but we advise you to install the best and a selected few like,

the Yoast or Rank Math plugin for SEO, Wordfence for security, Google Analytics for tracking real-time visits, and much more.

how to start a blog on wordpress

Do you want to know more about what plugins are needed for your WordPress site?

Check out our list of the best WordPress plugins to start with.

Install a plugin using our step-by-step guide.

4. Start a Blog Post

How to start a blog in wordpress

Congratulations, your blog is now up and running, it’s now time to create the content.

To create a blog post,

First, click on the posts>>Add new.

Before start writing, do some keyword research.

Search for keywords with low KD (keyword difficulty), and high search volume using Semrush.

After this, you can build content around your keyword of choice.

You can also make use of the “People also ask” section on google to draft your subheadings.

Doing Keyword research isn’t enough, creating top-notch content that your audience looking for is more important.

Your ability to capture your audience’s attention gives you a win.

Read our guides and tips to,

5. SEO

After creating content, make sure to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of ranking an article on google and other search engines.

Remember, that blogging on requires a domain and hosting while blogging on is free,

this is because they cover both hosting and domain name.

However, some limitations come with blogging on 

You can check our guide on vs

In short, Steps to create a blog:

  • Select a blog name

The blog name selected should emphasize what the blog is about and also make it creative so that it will reach the reviewer and also attract them to view them.

  • Choose the template for the blog. 

The template created for the blog should Suit the style of the blog and portray it in a manner that can understand the purpose of the blog.

Customize the template that will match your style. 

  • Begin to write the posts

Once the initial steps are complete, postings are the next thing on the list.

The posts that are posted should emphasize the purpose of the blog and also make it unique with your own tone of voice,

and make it attractive to people to view and enjoy it.

  • Connect with your domain 

Making your blog easy for people to find an online domain connection is important.

Having a domain of your own is always a perk to have it help people find your blog with ease. 

  • Publish your post and go live

Make your blog interesting and start publishing the post that you are most passionate about making it creative and unique in your own style and manner.

  • Share your posts

Once the blog gets started to make it a point to interact with the followers and engage with them by replying to their comments,

and answering their questions by this will help in sharing your post and creating popularity.

As you start your blog, there are times you will feel like giving up. Just keep going, and keep pushing, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you encounter any issues during the setup, kindly use the comment section and do not forget to share.

We are waiting to hear from you.