How to Write Unique Content?

Last Updated on 15th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions you can make.

It takes time and dedication to create quality content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

But there’s no need to fear, we’ve compiled a list of easy tricks that will help you create original posts that are guaranteed to engage your audience! 

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25+ Tips to write Unique Content for your Website

tips to write unique content

1) Brainstorm ideas with friends or coworkers

What better way to come up with new topics than by collaborating?

Jot down as many potential post titles as possible and then narrow it down together.  

2) Read other blogs

Take some time each day (or week if possible) and read several different blogs in order for you to get an idea of what types of posts they write about and how often they publish posts.

You may even find inspiration for how to approach writing your posts!  

3) Conduct interviews

This is a great way to engage your readers by asking questions that they are interested in.

The best part about doing this is that you can ask them directly, one at a time! 

4) Create infographics

Infographics are wonderful because they are visual, making it easy for your readers to understand statistics and information.

If you’re not the best at writing how-to’s, this is a great alternative.

5) Write how-to posts

These posts are great to write if you want an opportunity to use your creative side.

It also allows you to come up with great titles that will capture your audience’s attention.

write how to posts

6) Use a thesaurus

This is a free way to find alternative words for common phrases and terms.

Sometimes you come across a word that just does not sound right in a particular sentence, making it necessary to use another word instead. 

7) Don’t be afraid to get creative

The internet is filled with how-to’s that teach the same concepts.

Find a new spin on how to do something, or write about how certain topics can affect us in different ways.

For example, instead of writing how much sleep people need each night, you could write how sleep affects emotions! 

8) Write an opinion post

Feeling a little feisty? Express it!

Opinion posts are a great way to express how you feel about an issue and to start a conversation with others who have the same or different opinions as you do. 

9) Change your perspective

Take a topic that everyone else is writing about and write from your own perspective as if you were in that situation.

This can be a fun and challenging way to write interesting content.

10) Offer tips

Everyone loves a solid how-to tip, even if it’s something we already know how to do!

If you have some great advice on how to use certain products or how to succeed in different aspects of life, this is a great topic to write about.

offer tips

11) Make it fun

No one wants to read a dull post, make your how-to’s interesting and not long-winded by adding in some humour or personal experience.

This helps you connect with your audience on a more real level.

12) Include images/video

Adding in visuals is a great way to keep your audience engaged, especially if the how-to is a little lengthy.

They can serve as a quick visual reference point. 

13) Share your stories

Everyone has a story or two up their sleeve, why not share them?

You may inspire someone else or learn how others deal with similar experiences in their lives. 

14) Try new things

Does a how-to post sound bore to you?

Come up with how-to’s that aren’t usually written about!

Baking, crafting, how to change your car tire (lots of people write this one!), how to clean your dog’s teeth… The possibilities are endless.

15) Surprise your readers

Come up with how-to’s that leave the reader in shock, how did you know how to do this?

This is different from surprising them in a bad way (messing up), but how about how to surprise someone on their birthday or how to escape from prison!

These ideas are more likely to grab your audience’s attention.

surprise your readers

16) Follow how-to videos on YouTube

Sometimes you can find how-to’s that are done in video format, making it easier to follow along!

For example, how to make a Thanksgiving turkey or how to plant succulents.

These how-to’s often come with step by step instructions and pictures, giving your how-to post a fun twist.

17) Use how-to’s written by other’s

If you are having trouble coming up with how-to ideas, it may pay off to research how-to posts on different websites.

You can either use how-to’s as resources or even copy them and make small changes!

Just make sure to credit the how-to post you used.

18) Make how-to videos

This may be a bit more difficult than writing how-to posts, but it can be just as fun!

You could create how-to’s on YouTube and then link them to your how-to post for an added bonus.

19) Ask others how they would do it

When you are at a loss for how to write your post, ask others how they would do so.

Chances are they will give you some unique ideas that your audience may find helpful or even novel! 

20) Ask how-to questions on Yahoo! Answers

People always go on Yahoo! Answers to ask how-to questions and get their answers. Why not do the same?

You can head on over to Yahoo! Answers and find how-to questions that you could then use as how-to post topics! 

Ask how-to questions on Yahoo! Answers

21) Google how-to’s using quotes

This is a little different than simply Googling how-to’s, but you can come up with how-to questions that may give fewer search results.

For example, how to change a tire becomes “how do I change a tire” or how to make a cake becomes “how do I make a cake”.

By using quotes in your how-to google search, you may find how-to’s that aren’t as popular.

22) Include how-to’s in your everyday life

When you learn how to do something new, such as how to change a tire or how to make macaroons, write it down and use it for a future how-to post!

You may be able to turn your normal day into unique content.

23) Add how-to sections to your blog posts

If you already have a blog post written, feel free to add how-to sections into them!

This way you can turn your process of making dinner into how to make roasted chicken.

24) Use how-to hashtags on social media sites

On Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr there are how-to hashtags you can use to find how-to post ideas.

For example, on Instagram how it could be used with every image posted under #howto.

You can search how-to and find a ton of posts to use as how-to post resources. 

25) Use how-to on Pinterest

Plug howto into Pinterest’s search bar and you’ll come up with a ton of how-to boards.

You could even create your own how-to board for future how-to posts!

Wrapping Up

Writing unique content isn’t hard, especially if you’ve already got the know-how on how to achieve your goal.

The main thing is putting in enough thought so that people can actually learn how to do something new or apply a new piece of knowledge to their lives.

Thanks for reading our blog post! Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into how you can write unique content for your website.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will be happy to answer them!

By the way, how do you write unique content for your website?

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