What is a Skyscraper Technique in SEO – The Right Way to Use It and Get Results

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Last updated on March 26th, 2024 at 07:10 am

Do you want to know “What is Skyscraper Article Technique”?

Imagine you want to build the tallest building. Instead of starting from scratch, you find the tallest one, measure it, and then build something even taller.

That’s the skyscraper technique for websites.

It’s about finding the best content out there, understanding why it’s great, and then creating something even better.

Studies show that this method can increase organic traffic by up to 20 times!

What Exactly is Skyscraper Article Technique?

Continuing the previous example, let’s break it down.

First, find popular content in your niche – the shorter towers.

Then, build something more comprehensive and valuable – the skyscraper.

Add more details, make it visually appealing, and ensure it’s easy to understand.

Why? Because studies show that content with more words tends to rank higher on Google.

Pages with 2000 words or more are more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

But it’s not just about size. Backlinks are like votes for your tower’s height.

The more quality backlinks you get, the higher your content climbs in search rankings.

Research suggests that pages with a higher number of backlinks tend to rank better.

So, the skyscraper technique is about creating content that’s not just tall but also attractive and well-supported.

It’s like building the tallest tower with a solid foundation and lots of votes from people who love your work.

That’s how you get results in SEO using the skyscraper technique!

How to Get Results from the Skyscraper Technique?

Getting results in SEO is a bit like training for a marathon.

It takes time, effort, and the right strategies.

Start by understanding what your audience is searching for (keywords).

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Then, create high-quality content that answers their questions or provides what they need.

Use on-page SEO tricks, like using the right titles and headings, to make your content easy for search engines to understand.

Patience is key – SEO improvements can take a few months to show significant results.

But did you know that the first result on Google gets around 31.7% of all clicks?

So, the effort is worth it!

It’s like winning the online race and getting more visitors to your digital doorstep.

10 Tips for Skyscraper Article Technique

what is skyscraper article technique

1. Identify High-Performing Content

Think of the internet like a bustling city with lots of buildings.

Some buildings are taller and more popular than others.

Similarly, some content on the web performs really well.

By finding what people like and share a lot, you’re identifying the skyscrapers.

Did you know that content with images gets 94% more views?

So, look for the content that’s already standing tall.

2. Comprehensive Content Planning

Imagine building a skyscraper without a blueprint. It would be chaos!

Similarly, plan your content carefully.

Outline what you want to say, organize your information, and make it easy for people to understand.

Did you know that 43% of people skim blog posts?

So, if your content is well-organized, more people will stick around to read it.

3. Keyword Research and Optimization

Think of keywords as the secret codes people use to find specific places in the city.

When you optimize your content with the right keywords, it’s like putting up clear signs.

Around 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search, so choosing the right keywords can significantly boost your content’s visibility.

It’s like making your content easy to find in the vast city of the internet.

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4. Crafting Engaging Headlines

Imagine your content is a movie, and the headline is the blockbuster trailer.

An engaging headline grabs attention just like an exciting movie trailer does.

Did you know that 80% of people will read your headline, but only 20% will read the rest of your content?

Crafting a catchy headline is like making sure people stay to watch the whole movie – or, in this case, read your entire content.

5. Data-Driven Approach to Content

Think of data as the blueprint for your content strategy.

Just like architects use data to design buildings, you can use data to design your content for success.

Studies show that content with relevant images gets 94% more views.

So, incorporating data and visuals into your content makes it more appealing and effective.

6. User-Friendly Design and Readability

Imagine trying to navigate through a city without street signs – confusing, right?

Well, the design and readability of your content act like those street signs.

Make it easy for your readers to follow and understand.

Did you know that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive?

So, having a user-friendly design ensures that visitors stay on your page and enjoy the content you’ve created.

7. Multimedia Integration

Imagine your content as a vibrant cityscape.

Adding multimedia elements is like bringing in colourful lights and interesting decorations.

Did you know that content with videos gets 53 times more chances to rank on the first page of Google?

Integrating multimedia elements, such as images and videos, into your content makes it more engaging and appealing.

8. Internal and External Linking Strategies

Think of links as bridges connecting different parts of the city.

Internal links guide visitors to other relevant pages on your site, and external links connect you to other trustworthy neighbourhoods on the web.

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Google values this interconnectedness.

In fact, pages with strong linking strategies rank higher.

Proper linking is like creating a well-connected city map for your content.

9. Mobile Optimization

Imagine if the city was accessible to people only by foot, not by car.

That would limit who could visit.

Similarly, if your content isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

So, making sure your content looks good and functions well on smartphones and tablets is like opening up your city to a broader audience.

10. Social Media Promotion

Think of social media as the big announcement posters for your city events.

Promoting your content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter (X), or Instagram is like putting up those posters.

Did you know that content with images on social media gets 150% more retweets?

Leveraging social media for promotion is like inviting more people to visit your content city and enjoy what you’ve built.

Wrapping Up – What is Skyscraper Article Technique

The Skyscraper Technique is like creating the best and most impressive version of something that already exists online.

Imagine you find a really good article or piece of content on a topic.

The Skyscraper Technique suggests you can make an even better one by adding more valuable information, making it more user-friendly, or just improving it in some way.

The main steps are to research what’s already out there, create content that’s way better, and then share it with others.

This isn’t just about getting more views, it’s about becoming the go-to source for information in a specific subject.