What if WordPress Stops One Day?

Last Updated on 19th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system (CMS) that powers millions of websites on the internet.

However, like all technology, it is not immune to potential issues or failures.

One possible scenario is that WordPress could stop working or be discontinued in the future.

This could have significant implications for the millions of websites that rely on WordPress for their content management and online presence.

In this discussion, we will explore the potential consequences of such an event and what website owners can do to prepare for it.

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What happens if WordPress stops one day?

What if WordPress stops one day

That’s a question that many people ask. The answer is complicated, but I will try to explain it in the easiest way possible.

WordPress is used by over 60 Million websites and reaches almost 25% of all websites on the web.

This makes WordPress one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in use.

WordPress itself isn’t running. WordPress is free and open-source software that is distributed by wordpress.org.

This means the community of developers and designers working on this project are constantly developing new features,

making it more secure and bug-free and creating new designs for your website in the form of “Themes”.

WordPress needs to run on a web server.

This means when you launch a WP website from your hosting provider (my recommendation is Cloudways), the files and folders for your site will be copied to the server, where it is run.

This server can be any machine that has the ability to connect to the internet and send/receive information to other servers.

The web hosting company that provides this server space is responsible for keeping the WordPress software up to date.

If your web host does not provide a way to update WordPress automatically, you will need to keep track of when updates are made and apply them manually.

wordpress security questions

Keeping your WordPress site secure from hackers is also the responsibility of your web host.

There are several different types of security, including firewalls and protecting user accounts.

If they don’t provide these services, you will need to find a different hosting company that does.

One reason many people use WordPress is its flexibility and extensibility.

This means that developers can create hundreds of plugins and widgets which add features to your site, but can also lead to security issues.

These plugins require updates by the developer when WordPress releases important updates.

So it is important that you keep track of these and update your plugins as soon as possible after an update.

With all this responsibility on your web host, you might be wondering how they are compensated.

The most popular hosting companies charge an annual fee for your site to be running on their server space, as well as the updates and security involved.

This fee can range from free to several hundred dollars per month for a dedicated server with your own Administrator access.

So, WordPress itself is not running and is completely dependent on your web host and the backups they make of your site.

If they are not properly updated, backed up and secure you might lose all your hard work.

What if WordPress stops working?

What if WordPress stops working

Now that you understand why WordPress needs your web host to keep running, it’s also important to know what happens if they are unable to provide their service.

First, if your WebHost is hacked by a third party, the sites on their servers could be compromised as well.

If this is the case, you will need to find a new hosting company with better security.

We recommend Cloudways for speed, performance and security.

If the damage is serious, you might need to start your site over from scratch in order to secure it properly.

If your WebHost just isn’t doing its part in keeping WordPress updated and securing accounts, then they are not providing a service for which you are paying them.

You should ideally be able to find another hosting company that provides this service and will not leave your site vulnerable to attacks.

The most serious consequence is if they go out of business entirely.

Sometimes, one home for your site can be transferred to another host, but this is not always possible.

Additionally, the new host will probably not offer any of the promo codes and discounts you had with your previous company.

What should we do if WordPress stops working?

What should we do if WordPress stops working

The first step would be checking whether your hosting service provides there own backup or not for your site.

If it is not, you should contact them to provide a backup for your site.

If they provide their own backup then you should download the latest version of WordPress from wordpress.org

And upload it to your hosting server through FileZilla or any FTP client provided by your hosting company.

Log in to cPanel and place that zip file in public_html.

Then log in to your site and go to the WordPress admin section and visit the update centre.

You will find their upgrade plugin or core link, click on that and it will start updating automatically.

Why WordPress is the most secure CMS?

Why WordPress is the most secure CMS

WordPress is one of the most secure open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) available.

Much of this security comes from its commitment to prompt updates and regular maintenance, but there are other features that also help boost security:

password protection: you can assign a password to your login page or even to individual posts and pages within WordPress.

security by default: many WordPress themes (Themify Ultra) have a security by default approach to coding, which means they are built with the assumption that the site will be attacked.

This is one of the reasons why WordPress is a popular platform for securing other CMSs such as Joomla and Drupal.

multiple layers of security: if your site uses HTTPS, it has an added layer of protection, since HTTPS is more secure than HTTP.

Is WordPress the best CMS in the world?

Is WordPress the best CMS in the world

From the above discussion, we can understand that WordPress is one of the best CMS in the world.

It has a variety of plugins and themes which provides its users to create stunning websites with SEO friendly within no time.

Moreover, it updates itself regularly so to provide maximum security to sites developed on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System, and its popularity is easy to see.

Its website has over 60 million users and the WordPress plugin repository houses over 60000+ free plugins that can be used on almost any site.

Why do people recommend WordPress for business sites?

Why do people recommend WordPress for business sites

People recommend WordPress for business sites because its user-friendly interface allows even non-technical person to manage their sites easily.

WordPress provides a number of plugins to perform various functions which saves time and money for the owners.

WordPress is an easy to use and stable CMS, many people consider it one of the best open-source CMS in the world.

Nowadays people prefer WordPress because its security features keep us away from hacking problems & its self updated nature keeps us updated with the latest version of WordPress.

Does WordPress need more resources to run?

Does WordPress need more resources to run

No, it doesn’t.

It uses the resources that your Web server gives it access to.

WordPress is very good at using all of the resources on a machine, but sometimes there are cases where you don’t have enough RAM or disk space,

in that case, you can optimize your site/blog for speed and performance by using a caching plugin such as Autoptimize.

In general, websites that have been built just with WordPress do not require more resources than other Content Management Systems need.

However, there are some cases when a poorly coded theme or a lot of poorly coded plugins can make some websites use more resources than others.

That’s why I recommend using Themify Ultra for your website.

WordPress is not scalable?

WordPress is not scalable

It’s quite simple to scale WordPress.

You can use some caching plugins like Autoptimize, WP-Optimize or any CDN solution to improve the performance of your site.

You can also upgrade your hosting plan and install a different version of PHP and MySQL and use a caching plugin and WordPress will work just fine.

WordPress is the best CMS nowadays because of its regular updates, security features & its free availability.

People prefer WordPress for their business needs because it’s easy to customize and easy to use.

Although there are some limitations for scaling sites with WordPress but these can be easily overcome by using caching plugins or upgrading your server.

In conclusion, WordPress is a great choice for creating your next website.

It’s free, easy to use and relatively scalable. What else could you ask for?

WordPress is one of the best CMS available in the market today!

In fact, it has been rated as the top open-source CMS in the world due to its amazing features and benefits.

Wrapping Up

So, I hope you can now understand the consequences of what happened when WordPress stopped one day.

Well, in my opinion, there is nothing to worry about and in future, if that happens we have other alternatives.

One thing that is necessary is to back up your site regularly and stop worrying.

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