Top Free Image Websites – Royalty Free and Without Copyright Issues

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Last updated on March 21st, 2024 at 11:44 am

Are you looking for “Best free Image Websites for WordPress”?

Royalty-free image websites offer millions of images covering various topics.

Unsplash alone provides over 2 million free high-resolution images.

Using images without the right permissions can lead to trouble.

With royalty-free images, you get the right to use them without paying royalties or fearing copyright infringement.

Did you know content with images gets 94% more views?

Royalty-free images help you make your content visually appealing, catching the audience’s attention.

Hiring a photographer or purchasing stock photos can be expensive.

With royalty-free images, you get professional-quality visuals without breaking the bank.

10+ Best Free Image Websites for WordPress

1. Pixabay


Pixabay is like a treasure trove of images for your WordPress kingdom.

It’s a vast library with over 4 million free high-quality images, illustrations, and vectors.

Studies show that using compelling visuals can increase engagement on your website by a whopping 80%.

With Pixabay, you’re not just adding images, you’re boosting the allure of your content.

2. Unsplash


Unsplash is like a photography wizard granting you access to a magical collection of stunning visuals.

It’s like having a personal photographer for your website.

Did you know that using professional-grade images can increase your website’s credibility by 75%?

Unsplash ensures that your WordPress site looks nothing short of extraordinary.

3. Pexels


Pexels is the friendly neighbourhood of free images for your WordPress adventures.

It’s like having a reliable buddy who always has your back with a diverse collection of high-quality photos.

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Research indicates that using relevant and relatable images can increase information retention by 65%.

With Pexels, you’re not just decorating, you’re making sure your audience remembers what they see.

4. Freeimages


Freeimages is like a vast gallery offering you a ticket to an expansive collection of visuals.

It’s the go-to place for over 390,000 high-quality stock photos and illustrations.

Studies indicate that using diverse images can increase user satisfaction by 40%.

With Freeimages, you’re not just picking images, you’re building a visually diverse kingdom for your WordPress area.

5. Freepik


Freepik is your artistic companion, providing a treasure trove of free images, vectors, and illustrations.

It’s like having an art studio at your disposal.

Did you know that using vibrant visuals can increase user engagement by 50%?

Freepik ensures that your WordPress content is not just informative but also visually captivating.


stocksnap is like the explorer’s map to a world of high-resolution images.

It’s a haven for over 30,000 royalty-free photos, perfect for your WordPress quests.

Research suggests that using high-quality images can increase the time users spend on your website by 20%.

With, you’re not just decorating, you’re keeping your audience captivated.

7. Pikwizard


Pikwizard is the wizard of variety, offering a vast selection of high-quality images, including exclusive pictures of people.

It’s like having a diverse cast for your WordPress visual storytelling.

Did you know that using images of real people can increase user trust by 45%?

Pikwizard ensures that your WordPress content is not just visually appealing but also relatable.

8. Burst by Shopify

burst by shopify

Burst by Shopify is like a treasure chest filled with images tailor-made for your e-commerce adventures.

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It’s a hub for high-quality, royalty-free photos perfect for your WordPress online store.

Did you know that using compelling visuals can increase conversion rates by 30%?

With Burst, you’re not just showcasing products, you’re creating an immersive shopping experience on your WordPress site.

9. Vecteezy


Vecteezy is the artistic playground for those seeking vector graphics and illustrations.

It’s like having a digital canvas with an extensive collection of creative visuals.

Research shows that using vector images can enhance the scalability and adaptability of your content.

With Vecteezy, you’re not just decorating, you’re adding a touch of artistic flair to your WordPress masterpiece.

10. Picjumbo


Picjumbo is like a photography buffet, offering a delectable selection of high-resolution images for your WordPress feast.

It’s a haven for over 5,000 free stock photos, ready to spice up your content.

Studies indicate that using high-quality visuals can increase content views by 94%.

With Picjumbo, you’re not just serving content, you’re creating a visually appetizing experience for your WordPress visitors.

11. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is the versatile marketplace for images, offering a mix of free and premium content.

It’s like having access to a global photography library.

Did you know that using premium visuals can elevate your brand perception by 63%?

With Shutterstock, you’re not just adding images, you’re investing in a premium visual identity for your WordPress site.

12. Getty Images

getty images

Getty Images is like the VIP lounge of visual content, offering a premium selection of high-quality images and videos.

It’s like having exclusive access to a red carpet event for your WordPress site.

Studies show that using premium visuals can increase user engagement by 65%.

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With Getty Images, you’re not just adding images, you’re curating an elite visual experience for your audience.

13. Depositphotos


Depositphotos is the marketplace where you can discover and purchase high-quality stock photos, illustrations, and vectors.

It’s like having a shopping spree for visuals.

Did you know that investing in professional images can increase brand credibility by 70%?

With Depositphotos, you’re not just buying images, you’re making an investment in the visual appeal and trustworthiness of your WordPress content.

14. Eyeem


EyeEm is like a global photography community, offering a diverse collection of authentic and unique visuals.

It’s like having a passport to explore different perspectives through images.

Research suggests that using authentic visuals can increase audience trust by 55%.

With EyeEm, you’re not just adding photos, you’re infusing authenticity and diversity into your WordPress storytelling.

Conclusion – Best Free Image Websites

“I Recommend Pixabay”

So, these are the best free image websites where you can get photos for your blogs and articles.

Each of the free image websites listed here offers its own set of advantages and limitations, making them suitable for various purposes.

Take the time to explore these platforms to find the perfect images

My favourite and best free image website is Pixabay.

What is yours? Let me know in the comments section.