15+ Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earnings in 2023

Last Updated on 16th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money on the internet with almost no investment.

It’s very simple, easy and straightforward.

Google AdSense allows you to place ads on your website or blog; when users click on them you get paid.

It looks like this:

You can sign up for an account there.

Copy some code into your website.

Wait for approval.

and start placing ads in posts, sidebars etc.

Also with auto ads, Google will start placing ads automatically based on the content of your website.

How to get more clicks on Adsense ads:

How to get more clicks on Adsense ads

1. Content

Create only high-quality content that people want to read.

(you can’t fool people by writing about things you really don’t know, people will sense it).

2. Web design

Make your website look nice (not like the rest of the websites on the internet).

Make it classy and professional.

You can use themes like Themify Ultra which is SEO optimized, speedy and made by professional developers.

3. Keyword placement

Make use of keywords in your headlines and content. Keywords are a very important part of SEO optimization and getting targeted traffic.

4. Interlinking

Link to relevant posts on your website, this increases traffic flow. Internal linking is an important factor to reduce bounce rate.

It also helps Google to crawl more pages.

5. Click-through rate

Place your ads in viewable places on your website, not just anywhere because people won’t click on them if they don’t see them.

Sidebar and top bar is the best position.

6. Unique content

Google hates duplicate content and if you have too much of that then you’ll likely be banned from the Google AdSense program.

So always create unique and fresh content.

7. Quality

Keep your website quality high, if you want to make money with AdSense, don’t use it as a filler for your website (nobody will like it).

8. Engage

Engage with users on your website and comment on other blogs, this increases traffic flow.

9. Loading Speed

Good loading speed = good user experience.

People switch to a different website when it takes 5-10 secs to load your site.

So, before or after, you have to work on your loading speed.

A good loading website (basically under 1 sec) needs,

  1. Cloud host (switch to Cloudways)
  2. Speedy theme (switch from bloated theme to Themify Ultra)
  3. Caching (Use Autoptimize)
  4. CDN (Connect with Cloudflare)
  5. Database Optimization (Use Wp Optimize)

10. Optimize

Optimize your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. to get organic traffic.

SEO is important in every phase of the website.

So how can you increase Google AdSense earnings?

how to increase google adsense earnings

Of the top three ways to increase your AdSense earnings is to have more traffic.

That being said, there are several things you can do to improve your page views,

some of which will actually pay off in an increased CTR (Click Through Rate) and higher CPM (cost per mile).

Another way to boost your Google AdSense income is by creating highly focused ad units.

If you put multiple ads on one page then try for a cluster that all revolves around the same general topic.

For example, if you plan on putting ads related to cars or shoes on a single web page, place them at opposite corners of the screen.

This increases the chance that users interested in either product will see both ads, thus increasing your click-through rate.

Another way to increase Google AdSense earnings is to make use of the Google AdSense report.

Here you can see how many clicks and views your website has, what regions users are browsing from and even what browser they’re using!

This info is very valuable for deciding which areas to focus on in order to improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) and CPM (cost per mille).

By experimenting with different ad placements within the same site, it’s possible to identify which regions or content sections convert best for each keyword.

For instance, if ‘cars’ converts well on the left sidebar but ‘shoes’ works better above the article then an ad unit containing both will earn more than either one individually.

Do not be discouraged if your CTR and CPM take a hit in the beginning. It takes time to find out what works best for any particular website.

And remember, Google pays you even when no one is clicking on an ad!

In fact, regardless of whether or not your ads are clicked on, it’s possible to increase your income by creating highly focused content that directs traffic back to your site.

Tips to increase your AdSense earnings:

Tips to increase your AdSense earnings

1. Keywords

If you are picking keywords make sure it is relevant to your content or you will get low CTR.

2. Traffic

Always try to get more traffic on your website, the more page views you get the better your chances of earning through AdSense.

3. Ad placements

Try different ad placements within the same site and see which one converts higher for a particular keyword, then use that knowledge throughout other websites.

4. Adsense Terms

Always read Google AdSense terms and conditions before applying because there are certain things Google does not pay for, like popups etc.

5. Unique Content

Always have unique content on your website, because Google hates duplicate content and if you have too much of that then you’ll likely be banned from the AdSense program.

6. On-page SEO

Optimize your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

7. Quality Website

Keep your website quality high, don’t use it as a filler for your website. (nobody will like it)

8. Try different Ad Networks

Try using different ad networks in addition to AdSense, which can increase income significantly. EZOIC is the best option.

9. Value to users

Always give value to users with the content you post on your site.

This increases user satisfaction and they stay longer on your site resulting in more page views.

10. Smaller ads

If you are not getting good CTR, go for smaller ads instead of big ones; people are not interested in huge ads.

11. Above the fold ads

Always put ads above the fold. (the section users see first on your website)

12. Flash uses

If you are using flash make sure to use adobe’s own ad network. (ads will open in a new window/tab)

13. Avoid too much JS

Don’t use too much javascript or flash, otherwise, Google may ban you.

14. Adsense ad space

Try putting AdSense on both sides of the page (sidebar and above the content) if the available space is big enough.

15. Offer to increase CTR

Offer some special deals for Google visitors, like small coupons etc., things which will increase CTR.

FAQs on Google Adsense Earnings!

FAQs on Google Adsense Earnings

Which niche gives better CPC on AdSense?

Some niches which give good earnings from AdSense are health, finance, computers etc.

People who have websites related to those niches typically have a lot of money making blogs as well.

So they spend a good chunk of their time on the site looking at different ads.

They also tend to click more on them because they understand the value of money and want some cash for reading articles or watching videos online.

Is AdSense still profitable in 2023?

Yes, it’s still good to go even in 2023.

The only thing that may change is the upcoming google trends so you should keep your eyes open for new stuff coming out of Google.

If some great ad network starts making waves then you may want to check them out as well.

Like EZOIC is getting more popular for their better earnings than Adsense.

But I think AdSense will stay for a long time coming which means your income will be stable in 2023.

How to increase AdSense CTR?

CTR can be increased by many factors, like better ad placement or different formatting within the same ad slot.

You may also need to adjust the colour or font size of your ads so people are attracted to them easily.

There are several articles out there on how to get higher CTR, so make sure you click around to get a hang of how it works.

Is there a way to see AdSense CTR figures?

Yes, you can check your AdSense CTR figures by going into your AdSense account and then clicking on the “reports” tab.

There you will be able to check all different kinds of metrics that are being provided by Google for your ads.

Is there a way to see AdSense CTR figures

How to get the best AdSense ad format?

It’s good to experiment with different formats of ads because sometimes a smaller or bigger ad can increase income a lot.

You just have to find the right format that will attract people towards it and make sure it matches what kind of website you are running so people find it relevant.

Is AdSense only for English websites?

No, AdSense works on any language website which has enough traffic to compete with other big languages.

Is it possible to make $100 per day from AdSense?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible if you have a popular enough website to monetize with AdSense.

You just have to understand your audience and then advertise accordingly, but in a non-annoying way that will keep them interested in clicking on the ads.

How much does Google charge for each click?

Google charges different amounts of money from different advertisers depending on their own CPA strategy.

So you should check how much you are getting paid for each click on your ads.

It will be different for every website, so just keep track of that to ensure that you are making enough money from AdSense.

Is it better to put one big ad or many little ones?

It’s good to have many small ads than one huge one because people don’t want to scroll all the way down to find something interesting.

You can put some ads above content as well as on the right sidebar if you have a blog because that will increase overall CTR by at least 10%.

Is having more pages on my website increase CTR?

Yes, definitely! the more pages your website has, it will be good for increasing CTR,

because people will be able to click on more different ads and you will make money.

So, always convert your one post into multiple posts if it has enough content for that, or else just write some more new stuff!

Is having more pages on my website increase CTR

Can I use affiliate links on my website?

Yes, you can definitely use affiliate links but only with the Nofollow attribute to avoid any problems with Google.

You just need to remember that your website shouldn’t look too spammy with affiliate links so use them sparingly.


There are several ways to increase Google AdSense earnings but they all revolve around having high-quality content that people want to read and visits from users who see and click on ads.

Experiment with different strategies until you find one that works best for your site and good luck increasing Google AdSense earnings!