How to Get Traffic from Pinterest? Understand the Process.

Last Updated on 11th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Have you ever wondered how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site?

If you don’t know about it, we can help you. Pinterest is an underdog when it comes to social media.

Most people underestimate it when it comes to marketing websites.

You will find people using popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to drive more traffic to their sites.

But instead of using the other popular platforms, you can use Pinterest.

You will be surprised by the amount of traffic you can generate by simply using this platform.

In this post, I will show you how to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

It is a social network. You can share different types of visual content on Pinterest.

It can be in the form of images, blogs, posts, videos, infographics, etc.

Moreover, it works like Instagram but has a stronger community.

It is truly an underdog. There are more than 250 million users on Pinterest.

You will find different types of content as per your interest in Pinterest.


You can pin different types of content as per your interest. It is one of the largest visual networks. 

Why should you use this platform for your website?

Many business owners already use this platform. It is like a secret traffic-generating machine.

Many people are still unaware of this platform. But it is truly useful, especially if you looking to generate more traffic.

The rule is simple with Pinterest; if you like content, you check it out.

So if people really like what you post, you can generate good traffic.

Also, the people on Pinterest are really passionate. So if you get visitors, they will be genuine and loyal.

how to get traffic from pinterest


Your website will be visible to all. You can use it as an album.

You can post images of your website in a creative manner. This way, it will be visible to all.


You can use Pinterest as an SEO tool. If you use images that are optimized, you can drive traffic to your website.


The chances of images going viral on Pinterest are very high.

Once the image related to your website goes viral, the traffic will arrive in waves.

Target Audience: 

You can get actual customers from Pinterest.

Instead of simply scrolling down the images, the users actually pay attention.

If they like what you have, they will reach you.

Before moving to “How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic on Your Website” let’s check some facts about Pinterest.

Facts about Pinterest:

Here are some facts about Pinterest that will help you to understand the real potential of the platform.

  • Pin vs Tweet. A tweet spreads = one time. A pin spreads = 100 times.
  • A single pin = 2 page visits
  • A single pin = 6 page views
  • E-commerce sites can earn on each image shared. 1 pin = 78 cents
  • A single pin lives for more than a week. A Facebook post stays for 1.30 hours. A tweet stays for 24 minutes.

This is the real power of Pinterest.

Now, that we are aware of all the opportunities on Pinterest, let’s see how you can use it to drive traffic to your site.

Requirements for Pinterest Account:

Here, we will show you a certain tactic that you can use to generate more traffic on your site using the Pinterest platform.

To get started on Pinterest, there are certain things you need to put in place, I have made a list of them below;

The basic requirements for an active Pinterest account.

1. Open a Pinterest Business Account

open a pinterest account
Pinterest business account – FindMyTricks

A Pinterest business account helps unlock tools that will be needed to grow your audience and drive traffic to a website.

So the first thing you should do is to sign up for a Pinterest business account.

If you already have an account with Pinterest that is not a business account,

all you need do is to navigate to the settings icon on your dashboard, click on it,

and then click on the ‘switch to business account’ option displayed on your dashboard.

Voila! your site is now a business account.

As I stated earlier, the reason why you need a business account is that a personal account does not unlock the features needed for Pinterest marketing.

You will get little to no traction using a personal account, but a business account does otherwise.

After you have opened a business account, you will be requested to provide some of your personal information like your URL address, about us, and much more.

It is important you skip this step and return to it after you have completed your profile.

2. Canva or an Image Editor app

You will need canva or an image editor app to create Pins on Pinterest.

The basic reason why I love Canva is that it comes with a Prebuilt Pinterest template that has the required dimension for  Pinterest pins.

3. A Social Share Plugin

You need a social share plugin like the Weblizar pin-it buttons on image hover and post.

This plugin allows you and visitors to share pins directly from your site to Pinterest.

4. Basic Pinterest SEO knowledge.

I will be dwelling on this more in the next subheading.

Pinterest, like Google, works based on SEO, so for you to gain more traction and grow your audience,

you need to have a proper understanding of how Pinterest SEO works.

We are just about to get into the real deal.

Stay glued.

How to get traffic from Pinterest?

how to get traffic from pinterest

As I said earlier, Pinterest works based on SEO, and Keywords are an integral part of SEO practice.

To learn about Pinterest SEO, you must know how to carry out keyword research on Pinterest.

There are several ways to carry out keyword research on Pinterest, including:

1. Use the Search Option

You can use the search option on Pinterest to carry out keyword research.

simply navigate to the search option on your Pinterest dashboard and type in your topic of choice, you will see numerous ideas in bold letters.

Take a look at the image below for more clarification.

use search option
Pinterest search – FindMyTricks

If I type ‘WordPress for beginners’ into the search query, I will get tons of ideas that I can use to optimize my pins.

These ideas are what I use to create my boards and optimize my pins for search engine result pages.

2. Use the Guided Search

There is something called the ‘Guided search on Pinterest’. It is also a method of searching for keywords.

See the image below for more clarification.

use guided search
Guided search on Pinterest – FindMyTricks

You include these keywords in your pin description and board description.

To search for keywords on Pinterest, you can also use the ‘Create ads’ option. To do this, simply 

3. Create Boards

Create as many relevant boards as you want.

Ensure the board is related to your niche, don’t create pins that are entirely different from your niche.

Use keywords in your board name and board description.

4. Add Keywords to your Profile

In the ‘about us’ section of your Pinterest account, Include keywords that your account will be focused on.

Simply navigate to ‘settings’ on your dashboard, and click on the ‘edit profile’ option, you will get an overview of your profile, navigate to the ‘about us’ option.

pinterest profile keywords
Pinterest profile keywords – FindMyTricks

5. Claim your Website

Claiming your website unlocks you to use more tools on Pinterest.

To claim your website on Pinterest, click on the drop bar menu on your dashboard, click on the ‘claim’ option amongst the list of options displayed.

claim pinterest account
Claim Pinterest account – FindMyTricks

You should get something like the image below.

claim your website
Claim your website – FindMyTricks

Since we are claiming a website, we will click on the claim option in front of the website icon.

You will receive three options to claim your website, an HTML tag, HTML file, and a TXT record. Click on the most convenient one.

choose type of claim
Choose type of claim – FindMyTricks

I prefer the add HTML tag option. I simply use the Ad inserter plugin to add the HTML tag to the head section of my website.

You can add tips and solutions and pin them. If people like your tips, they will click on the link to read your website article as well.

This way, you can drive Pinterest traffic to your site

6. Create Pins and Optimize them

I taught you earlier in this post how to do keyword research.

Apply these keywords to your pin title, pin description, and alt text.

create pins and optimize them
Create pins – FindMyTricks

7. Repin other People’s content

When you repin other people’s content to relevant boards on your account, other people will also repin yours.

You should repin other people’s content. Also, avoid repinning your pins to the board.

This function no longer works, Pinterest sees it as spammy, hence your account will be flagged.

The best you can do is to pin directly to a board without repinning.

8. Create Fresh Pins

Fresh pins equal Fresh images with different backgrounds, different videos, and different text on them.

A fresh pin can contain an old URL or blog post, but the images shouldn’t be the same, it should be something Pinterest has never seen before.

Take a look at the example below;

create fresh pins
Create fresh pins – FindMyTricks

The examples are stating the same topic but with different text, images, and backgrounds.

9. Engage with People

You can’t simply keep pins to get visitors.

Eventually, people will get bored. You need to create a nice bond with your followers.

You need to engage with your followers as well as different users on Pinterest.

It will help you gain genuine and loyal visitors. You can use these techniques to engage with people.

  • Pin good content. Make sure the content is original and relevant.
  • Pin from time to time. If you want your followers to view your pin, you need to pin it from time to time.
  • Follow the people who follow you.
  • Keep asking questions
  • Use the comment section
  • Use RePin option
  • Like and comment

For promoting it, you can use Pinterest. If the contest is relay cool and competitive, you will receive direct traffic to your website.

You can host a quiz, and attract visitors by giving cash prizes.

10. Include your Partners and Writers

include your writers

If you have a partner in your website business, you can include them in your pins.

It will help you to create a bond with your followers.

Enter into a friendly banter and post their memes to make your pins more interesting.

Introduce the writers on your websites or blogs to add a personal touch to your board.

This way, you can make your pinboard more interesting. You can easily build a strong relationship with your followers.

11.  Join a Group

You can become a part of the group board. It is like a community.

Here you can pin on a board where other pinners can also pin.

You can engage with the other pinners to gain followers and visitors.

A community board has various advantages.

You can create a good image and add your website link to the pins to drive traffic.

You can either join an existing group board or create a new board.

12. Rich Pins

rich pins

Rich pins are different from your normal pins. It stands out.

So if you want extra attention on your pins, you can use a rich pin.

Here the text will be highlighted in bold. Users can easily read it.

Also, in rich pins, the description cannot be changed.

So no matter who repins it, it will show the description of your website.

You can also highlight the price of the product or service in rich pins.

13. Try to get more Followers

You need to try to gain more followers on Pinterest.

Followers are the ones who will become the ultimate visitors and customers.

The first aim is for followers then convert them into visitors and then wait for them to become ultimate customers.

Followers can repin your original pin, which will give you more exposure.

So you need to focus on followers to drive traffic to your site.

14. Patience


Now that you know what to do on Pinterest to drive visitors to your site, you need to be patient.

It will take at least some time to see a visible difference in the traffic.

You need to keep using Pinterest and wait for the results.

Many business websites have already benefited from Pinterest.

If you wait patiently and keep pinning, you will definitely see results.

Wrapping Up

You need to follow all these tactics if you want to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest.

Make sure you pin regularly and use links to divert traffic. The quality and the content of the pin matter the most.

It works like a magazine, where people only view images and read-only those pages which have captivating images.

If your pins are captivating, they will visit your website to check the blogs and content as well.

So I hope now you understand how to get traffic from Pinterest.

And make sure to have a fast loading website for the best user experience.

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Have any suggestions, query – use the comments section.