Free Premium Themes and Plugins?

Last Updated on 20th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

All around the internet, one can find many free premium themes and plugins.

A lot of them are “nulled”, which means they were illegally obtained.

Using nulled WordPress premium themes and plugins is risky because not only you risk Google Penalties for using pirated software, but also there may be security vulnerabilities contained in them that would otherwise not be there in the original version.

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are often copied versions of the originals with all their code, making it easier for hackers to find vulnerabilities in them.

These illegal copies can be found on shady download sites or even among Google search engine results.

Besides possible security issues, nulled WordPress themes may also contain malicious code in them that can lead to spam, redirects, corrupt databases and even the installation of malware.

Nulled WordPress plugins are often not supported by their creators anymore, which makes it harder for you to get help when they do cause problems.

We recommend using only legal premium themes and plugins downloaded from reputable companies or designers.

This way, not only you can avoid Google Penalties and stay safe from hackers, but you will also be helping the WordPress community by making it better.

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Free premium Themes and Plugins – Really?

free premium plugins and themes

1. Premium Themes and Plugins Overview

Definition of Nulled Premium Themes and Plugins

Nulled premium themes and plugins are paid WordPress themes and plugins that have been pirated and made available for free download.

These themes and plugins have had their license keys or activation codes removed, making them free to use without paying for them.

Why people look for Nulled Premium Themes and Plugins

There are several reasons why people look for nulled premium themes and plugins. One of the main reasons is to save money.

Paid themes and plugins can be expensive, especially for new bloggers and small businesses.

Nulled themes and plugins provide an opportunity to use premium features without paying for them.

However, it is important to note that using nulled themes and plugins comes with several risks that users should be aware of.

2. Risks of Using Nulled Premium Themes and Plugins

Security Risks

Nulled themes and plugins are often downloaded from untrustworthy sources, and they may contain malicious code that can harm your website.

This code can be used to steal sensitive information, install backdoors or malware, or cause other damage to your website.

Malware and Virus Risks

Nulled themes and plugins can contain viruses, malware, or other harmful code that can infect your website.

These can cause your website to crash, slow down, or cause other problems.

Legal Risks

Using nulled themes and plugins is illegal and can lead to legal problems.

The original developers can take legal action against those who use pirated versions of their products.

This can result in lawsuits, fines, and other legal consequences.

Compatibility Risks

Nulled themes and plugins may not be compatible with your website’s software, including your WordPress version or other installed plugins.

This can cause conflicts and crashes, which can be difficult to fix.

3. Alternatives to Using Nulled Premium Themes and Plugins

Alternatives to Using Nulled Premium Themes and Plugins

Free Themes and Plugins

There are many free WordPress themes and plugins available that can provide similar features as premium themes and plugins.

These can be found in the WordPress repository, and they are free to download and use.

However, it is important to check their reviews and ratings before using them, to ensure that they are safe and reliable.

Affordable Premium Themes and Plugins

There are several affordable premium themes and plugins available that provide advanced features and are safe to use.

These can be purchased from reliable sources, such as reputable theme and plugin marketplaces.

Open Source Themes and Plugins

Open source themes and plugins are also available for free and are a good alternative to nulled themes and plugins.

They are created by developers who contribute to the WordPress community, and they are often reviewed and updated by a team of developers.

This makes them safer and more reliable than nulled themes and plugins.

10 Reasons to avoid nulled themes and plugins!

avoid nulled themes and plugins

1. Illegal (Nulled themes and plugins are not legal)

2. No support or updates (Nulled themes and plugins may be abandoned by their author)

3. Malicious code may cause spam, redirects, malware infection etc (YOUR site could get hacked through nulled WordPress plugin!)

4. Spam (Nulled themes and plugins may contain spammy links in comments)

5. Google Penalty (Using pirated themes or plugins can result in a penalty by Google)

6. Risky (Nulled WordPress plugin may contain vulnerabilities)

7. Untrusted source (Nulled themes and plugins are often sold on shady marketplaces, download sites etc.)

8. Installed on your server (Nulled WordPress plugin may be installed directly on your site’s server, hacked!)

9. Privacy issues (Nulled themes and plugins may collect user data)

10. More problems (Even if you don’t face technical issues, using nulled theme/plugin results in support costs)

10 Reasons to buy from their original source!

buy from their original source

1. Legal (Nulled themes and plugins are illegal)

2. Support (Premium WordPress plugin creators provide support – Nulled ones do not!)

3. Less spammy (Nulled themes and plugins may contain spammy links in comments)

4. Google-friendly (Using only legal premium WordPress plugins and themes can result in no penalty by Google)

5. Risk-free (Nulled WordPress plugin may contain vulnerabilities – Legal premium plugins do not!)

6. Less risky (Nulled WordPress plugin may be installed directly on your site’s server, hacked! But with original you do not risk this since they are available only to the paying customers)

7. More exclusive (You will help the WordPress community by keeping only original premium plugins and themes alive)

8. Better performance (Only legal premium WordPress plugins can perform well)

9. More support options ( when you face problems with the plugin you bought, you have much more support options to choose from.)

10. Privacy safe (You do not collect any data of your site’s visitors or users of your plugin.)

Wrapping Up

conclusion of nulled plugins and themes usage

Using nulled premium themes and plugins comes with several risks, including security risks, malware and virus risks, legal risks, and compatibility risks.

These risks can cause serious problems for your website, and it is important to avoid them.

Benefits of Using Legitimate Themes and Plugins

Using legitimate themes and plugins can provide many benefits, including advanced features, reliable support, and regular updates.

These can help to improve the performance and security of your website, and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In conclusion, it is important to avoid using nulled premium themes and plugins, and instead, use legitimate and safe alternatives.

This will ensure that your website remains secure and protected, and provides the best possible experience for your visitors.

By following these recommendations, you can ensure that your website remains safe and free from any potential risks that come with using nulled themes and plugins.

It is essential to remember that the use of pirated software is illegal and can result in serious consequences.

Therefore, it is always recommended to use legitimate themes and plugins, whether paid or free, from trusted sources.

This will not only protect your website but also support the developers who work hard to create these products and provide continuous updates and support.

In summary, while nulled premium themes and plugins may appear to be an attractive option, the risks and potential consequences of using them far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Always choose safe and legitimate options to ensure the security and success of your website.

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