Free Premium Themes and Plugins – Really?

Last Updated on 3rd November 2022 by Ajmer Singh

All around the internet, one can find many free premium themes and plugins.

A lot of them are “nulled”, which means they were illegally obtained.

free premium themes and plugins

Using nulled WordPress premium themes and plugins is risky because not only you risk Google Penalties for using pirated software,

but also there may be security vulnerabilities contained in them that would otherwise not be there in the original version.

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are often copied versions of the originals with all their code,

making it easier for hackers to find vulnerabilities in them.

These illegal copies can be found on shady download sites or even among Google search engine results.

Besides possible security issues, nulled WordPress themes may also contain malicious code in them that can lead to spam, redirects, corrupt databases and even the installation of malware.

Nulled WordPress plugins are often not supported by their creators anymore, which makes it harder for you to get help when they do cause problems.

We recommend using only legal premium themes and plugins downloaded from reputable companies or designers.

This way, not only you can avoid Google Penalties and stay safe from hackers, but you will also be helping the WordPress community by making it better.

I am using Themify Ultra on this site and also recommend it if you looking for a premium multipurpose theme.

Themify Ultra Review 2022 (Awesome Experience)

10 Reasons to avoid using nulled themes and plugins!

free premium themes and plugins

1. Illegal (Nulled themes and plugins are not legal)

2. No support or updates (Nulled themes and plugins may be abandoned by their author)

3. Malicious code may cause spam, redirects, malware infection etc (YOUR site could get hacked through nulled WordPress plugin!)

4. Spam (Nulled themes and plugins may contain spammy links in comments)

5. Google Penalty (Using pirated themes or plugins can result in a penalty by Google)

6. Risky (Nulled WordPress plugin may contain vulnerabilities)

7. Untrusted source (Nulled themes and plugins are often sold on shady marketplaces, download sites etc.)

8. Installed on your server (Nulled WordPress plugin may be installed directly on your site’s server, hacked!)

9. Privacy issues (Nulled themes and plugins may collect user data)

10. More problems (Even if you don’t face technical issues, using nulled theme/plugin results in support costs)

10 Reasons to buy from their original source!

free premium themes and plugins

1. Legal (Nulled themes and plugins are illegal)

2. Support (Premium WordPress plugin creators provide support – Nulled ones do not!)

3. Less spammy (Nulled themes and plugins may contain spammy links in comments)

4. Google-friendly (Using only legal premium WordPress plugins and themes can result in no penalty by Google)

5. Risk-free (Nulled WordPress plugin may contain vulnerabilities – Legal premium plugins do not!)

6. Less risky (Nulled WordPress plugin may be installed directly on your site’s server, hacked! But with original you do not risk this since they are available only to the paying customers)

7. More exclusive (You will help the WordPress community by keeping only original premium plugins and themes alive)

8. Better performance (Only legal premium WordPress plugins can perform well)

9. More support options ( when you face problems with the plugin you bought, you have much more support options to choose from.)

10. Privacy safe (You do not collect any data of your site’s visitors or users of your plugin.)

FAQS on nulled themes and plugins!

free premium themes and plugins

Q: May I use nulled theme or plugin?

A: No, not recommended!

Q: May I buy a nulled version of the premium WordPress plugin/theme?

A: No, not recommended either! It is illegal and dangerous!

Q: Is it legal to buy nulled WordPress themes or plugins?

A: No, it is illegal! It’s against the law.

Q: If I use nulled theme or plugin, will I get penalized by Google?

A: There is a high chance of penalty if your site contains spammy links (in comments for example).

Nulled themes and plugins can contain spam/ad links on them which are indexed by search engines. This may result in Google Penalty!

Q: Will using nulled WordPress plugin/theme cause any hacking issues?

A: Yes, it can help hackers to hack your site if you have installed a nulled plugin on it.

Nulled themes and plugins are often cracked which means that the source code has been opened for everyone to see.

Hackers may be able to understand the code better than you do, and use it against your site!

Q: Can I make the theme nulled?

A: No, you can’t. The theme is copyrighted by the creator and selling it as a nulled theme is illegal.

However, if you have bought the theme legally then you are allowed to create child themes based on that or modify it for your own purposes.

free premium themes and plugins

Q: Can I resell the theme I’ve bought?

A: Yes, you may, but only the original buyer is allowed to create a child theme based on it. Reselling it as a nulled theme is illegal!

Q: Can I hack the plugin legally?

A: No! Hacking a plugin or a theme or changing its source code in any way or form can be considered illegal by local laws.

Q: May I distribute a plugin legally?

A: Yes, you may, but only if an original license is included with your purchase.

Q: Can I modify the plugin for my own purposes?

A: Yes, you may do that legally. You just need to leave all author information in place and don’t claim it as your own creation!

Q: What is your recommended theme?

A: Themify ultra – that’s what we use on this site.


You don’t want your website hosting security issues, getting hacked, or having design flaws because of a bad theme.

Plus, if the plugin is out-of-date then you’re just using up valuable space on your server which could be used for something else more useful like data storage!

We hope you understand why it’s best to avoid nulled themes and plugins. If not, let us know in the comment section below!

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