How to Convert your Website into an APP without Coding (2023)

Last Updated on 16th May 2023 by Ajmer Singh

We are living in a digital era, where everything is done within a snap of two fingers.

Having just a business website is not enough, and moreover, you are losing out on numerous golden opportunities for your business with every minute.

With a mobile application, you can reach directly to your targeted audience and provide them with the most satisfactory experience making it extremely profitable for your business.

However, all the products and services that are given to your customers are available to them right at their fingertips,

which makes it easier for them to share about your business over various social media platforms. 

Converting your website to an application will help you get better insights into user behaviour because it analyzes their engagement with the app,

and makes recommendations about it along with updates based on that.

Additionally, the most significant advantage of owning a mobile application for your business is that it improves your conversion stream significantly. 

Moreover, it delivers new customers and, at the same time, strengthens your relationship with the existing customers. 

The ability to perform quick actions through mobile apps creates a medium between you and your customers,

to connect directly just by tapping a button and performing actions!

Thankfully, we have various websites that provide the platform to convert or even develop websites within a matter of a few hours and do not have to code for days.

Like, Themify Ultra with their builder. I built and design this website using this theme without learning codes. Just drag and drop.

Starting with one of the easiest and most convenient ways of converting your website to a mobile application.

How to convert your website into an app?

1. Convertify

use convertify website

Fast-growing companies choose Convertify to convert their websites into apps.

For instance, Whiskers N Paws, Relationship Hero. They provide for both IOS and Android devices.

All you have to do is submit the URL of your website that you want to be converted into the app.

Within 24 hours or less, their team will develop your app and will deliver it to you in its respective location.

Now all you will have to do is upload your app to the App Store or Play Store! 

Pricing is as follows:


APK file building for the play store only for 

$69/One time


IPA file building for the App Store only for $69/One time 

Best Seller Android & iOS

Build both Android and iOS applications only for $119/One time. 

As you can see, it is by far the easiest and simple, to get your work done with Convertify.

 You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

2. Appy Pie

use appy pie website

Over 9,000 businesses have converted their website to apps using Appy Pie. 

It works for both Android and iOS mobile applications.

They follow the URL-paste method to convert your website into a mobile application.

It will help you expand your business and influence larger audiences.

About payment by your customers? Do not worry, they have got you covered.

You can receive payments for your business through direct and safe gateways. 

Additionally, you get to determine great features and customize your app and make it your own!

Keeping in mind the push notifications, you can reach your customers directly with important information, deals, and discounts. 

As much as you value your customers, they provide you with a Reward Loyalty feature.

It offers incentives to your customers through coupons & a loyalty page.

They offer 27×7 support on chat and phone and moreover, provide you with tutorials to help you out!

The benefits of operating this platform to convert your website into a mobile application are innumerable. 

What will you require to convert your website into a mobile application?

The following information will assist you.

-You will need to enter the name of your business and pick the appropriate category in which your business falls and an appealing colour scheme.

The colour scheme will help you attract customers visually.

-Pick the most exciting features that you love. And convert your website into a mobile app using Appy Pie app builder.

-Finally, publish your app to either Apple Store or Play Store or even both!

I have listed the unique and essential features that will both help you, and your customers as follows.

Appy Pie app builder also provides you with the Appy Analytics feature,

which will let you study the user behaviour and analyze your overall app’s performance,

therefore helping you give the best experience to your customers. 


The coupons highlighted in the app will allow you to provide incredible propositions and dealings for the application users with many productive advantages,

like “purchase one and receive one complimentary, scratching and winning the coupon and discount percentage.”

Form Builder

This feature allows you to present an opportunity to connect with your audience by creating appointments and inquiry forms;

thus it helps your user to create a communication bond with you and makes the process of inquiry or making an appointment easy.

In conclusion, this software has placed emphasis on both your and your potential audience and customers so that it is convenient,

and the work is getting completed for both sides.

3. Appstrand

use appstrand website

It is a website-to-app conversion software for Android.

It also follows a URL conversion method to convert your website into a mobile app.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it will always keep your app up to date whenever you update your website,

and it also helps in making your app by charging a fairly less amount to you.

Things that you will need to build the application:

  • Your website must be compatible with mobile phones. (mobile friendly)
  • Icon for your application
  • And last but not least you will need to comply with the terms and conditions of Appstrand

 Procedure for creating the app:

  • Fill out the form provided on their home page which can be identified by the name “Create App”.
  • Make the payment through PayPal.
  • In about 30 minutes you will receive an email enclosed with a link where you can upload the application file
  • The application is ready to be submitted to Google Play Network.


Application for APK file (android) – $19.99

Google firebase notifications -$15.00 (optional)

Additionally, they also provide you with a logo for your business with its logo generator, and it only takes 3 minutes or less to build one!

Here are the following steps that will successfully help you develop one!

  • Firstly, enter the name and slogan of your business.
  • You will also need to answer some questions that will help in generating your logo as accurately as possible.
  • Then pick one or multiple icons that will be provided to you.
  • Select the style of the text that will be displayed in your logo.
  • Pick the logo that you find the most appealing. 
  • Adjust the colours if you want to change the saturation, brightness, and so on.
  • Make the necessary payments.
  • Download your newly customized logo!

 The Prices for the logo are as follows:

 The Logo standard- the entire logo will be in colour = $4.99

 The Logo with transparent PNG = $0.99 (optional) 

 In conclusion, the money value of this software is reasonable but is only applicable to Android devices and is compatible with Play Store.

4. AppMySite

use appmysite website

It is another simple website to a mobile app converter.

Moreover, they develop native mobile apps for both Android & iOS platforms. 

Why should you choose AppMySite?

AppMySite is a powerful and efficient converter of a website to a mobile app builder. 

  • It is extremely affordable and convenient for those who own small businesses, likewise. 
  • Moreover, they have flexible subscription plans, premium app features and deliver your app quickly.
  • Attractive application platforms
  • It syncs with your website, likewise.
  • Has the option for social media integration

It is a simple 3 step method to create your mobile app. They are as follows:

  • You will need to sign up on their app creator and start to build an app online for your website.
  • Moreover, you get to design and personalize your mobile app on their online app builder.
  • Submit your APK & IPA files to their respective app stores to launch your new mobile application, consequently.

 Features of AppMySite

Through analyzing your users, they have intelligent sorting and filtering and empower quick buying decisions.

There are unlimited push notifications, including personalized notifications, likewise.

Their intuitive cart and checkout method enable the user to remove or add products, use coupons, and much more.

The mobile application and website are always in sync.

The shopping cart will reflect the same products on both mobile applications and websites.

The transactions are made through trusted secure payment gateways in your preferred currency of money, consequently.


You can choose your suitable subscription plan.

Preview = $0

Per month billed yearly

-Preview only

-Personalize your app.

Starter = $9

Per month billed yearly

-Android app

-Personalize your app.

-Any payment gateways

-Unlimited revisions *not applicable for ‘app icon’ and ‘launch screen*

Pro = $19

Per month billed yearly

-Android & iOS Apps

-Personalize your app.

-Any Payment Gateway

-Unlimited Revisions * not applicable for ‘app icon’ & ‘launch screen’*

-Push Notifications

-Social Media Integration

-White Label

In conclusion, this website-to-app converter has great value for money, and by looking at their vision,

it is clear that they give priority to the services that your potential will be receiving.


Converting your website into an app is not a big deal these days, you just need to know the ways.

These are some of the best sites where you can convert your website into an APP.

You can try any of them but if this is your first time then I will recommend Appy pie as the best for beginners.