How to Protect AdSense Account from Invalid Clicks?

Last Updated on 16th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Google Adsense is the most popular google advertising program.

Many webmasters use this Adsense program to earn money from their websites.

But due to some technical errors, many publishers’ accounts get disabled by Adsense authorities.

So, today I am going to discuss 10+ ways to protect your AdSense account from getting disabled.

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10 ways to prevent Adsense account from invalid clicks!

Protect AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

1. Setting a secure AdSense account

Firstly, create a new Gmail id to sign up for your Adsense account.

And please don’t use any vulgar words or phrases in your email address for this purpose.

In addition, “ads” and “bills” are also prohibited words.

Please keep this thing in mind that Google’s Adsense team strictly prohibits the use of the terms “ads”, “click here” and “bill”.

2. Don’t try to click on your own ads

Nowadays many webmasters are showing their ads on their blogs or website.

And they want that a visitor should see that ad or click on it to make money from the Adsense account.

But please don’t do this type of thing because when you gonna click on your own ads, the Adsense system starts considering your clicks as invalid clicks.

In addition, google bans such people.

When you gonna create an ad unit on your site, make sure that visitors can view it without scrolling down the page.

Otherwise, Google starts considering your clicks as invalid clicks.

3. Don’t try to create more than one Adsense account

Many people think that they can earn money more by using multiple AdSense accounts on their blogs or websites. But this is wrong.

Many publishers get their second and third AdSense accounts disabled by Google authorities because of creating multiple Adsense accounts.

So, please don’t try to create more than one AdSense account on your blogs or websites.

Because Google bans those publishers who have several accounts.

So, keep this thing in mind that creating multiple AdSense accounts is a strict no-no.

Don't try to create more than one Adsense account

4. Don’t use scripts for auto-refreshing

Many people use scripts like “auto-refresh” and “autoload” to show their ads on their websites automatically.

But it’s wrong because these types of scripting tools are considered invalid clicks by the Adsense system.

So, many webmasters and bloggers were banned by google authorities for using such script tools.

Please don’t use any script tool like Auto Refresh or Auto Load on your blog or website.

Otherwise, your account may be disabled by the Adsense team.

5. Don’t try to take advantage of AdSense loopholes

Many webmasters and blog owners think that Google doesn’t know about these types of shortcuts to earn money from the Adsense program.

But this is wrong. Google knows about those tricks.

In addition, they ban those people who are trying to take the advantage of loopholes in the Adsense system.

6. Use Adsense in your blogs or websites properly

When you sign up for an Adsense account, the first thing which google authorities check is “whether you are using AdSense easily”.

Google considers it a strict no-no to create many ad units on your site.

Many webmasters and blog owners think that they can earn more by showing more ad units on their sites.

So, they create lots of ad units on their website pages so that they can attract more visitors and earn money from the Adsense program.

But please don’t do this type of thing.

Otherwise, the Adsense team bans those publishers who use too many ad units on their sites.

Use Adsense in your blogs or websites properly

7. Don’t try to cheat the Adsense system

Many bloggers and webmasters use bots for scraping the ads from the Google Adsense program.

In simple language, they use some software or tools to scrape those ads which are displayed on their competitor’s websites.

Many people think that it is not a big deal because Google doesn’t know this thing.

So, you can earn much by scraping the Adsense program.

But please don’t do this type of thing. Because there are many ways in which Google knows about your actions.

For example, when you visit other blogs in your niche, how will you find out whether they have any ads in their sidebar areas?

If you search in Google with keywords like “ads” or “advertisements”, how will it show you those ads?

Yes, it will show you those ads which are displayed on your competitor’s blogs and websites.

So, Google tracks all your activities and identifies whether you are using bots for scraping the Adsense program or not.

If they found any illegal activity from your site, then the Adsense team bans those publishers who use such scripts for scratching other publisher sites.

So no matter how good a relationship you have with the Google Adsense team, just don’t try to cheat others by using such script tools on your site!

8. Check your Adsense ad placement

Google AdSense team says that the best place for inserting Adsense code is at the top or bottom of your website pages.

In addition, if you have a blog site and want to make money by uploading lots of advertisements on your blog pages, then don’t do this thing.

Because Google thinks that because you upload ads on each page means “you are trying to cheat the Google system”.

In addition, many webmasters and bloggers use vertical sidebars for earning money from a single site.

This type of action may lead to the disablement of your AdSense account. So, please be careful about the placement of your AdSense code.

9. Get rid of invalid clicks

It is a common problem for all advertisers that their ad units are clicked too many times by robots or malicious programs.

In fact, that is not a big deal for them because this type of activity will never help publishers to earn more money from their Google Adsense accounts.

But what do they have to care about from those visitors who click ads on their sites so many times with intention?

So, as an advertiser, you should check whether any visitor has clicked your ads more than five times or not.

If so, then you can block such IP addresses if you don’t want to show advertisements on your blog/site pages for those IPs.

The best way to get rid of invalid clicks is. You should use “google analytics” for analyzing your pages.

And if you are getting too many invalid clicks on your AdSense code, then you should check your site pages with the ‘google analytics tool’ to how many visitors are coming from each IP address.

Get rid of invalid clicks

10. The last tip

You may find lots of articles about Google Adsense in webmaster forums or e-books that tell you some secrets and tricks.

I think every blogger knows that.

So, I am not going to share such tricks here because most of these tricks are really useless and a waste of time.

Better try to give more importance to creating good and quality content on your site pages.

I think this is enough for the time being. I will come up with another list of AdSense tips if you love this article.

Wrapping Up – Protect Google Adsense account from Invalid Clicks

Google Adsense is a great way to make money online, but it’s important to protect your account from invalid clicks.

These methods can help you secure your AdSense revenue stream and keep making the cash flow steady!

If you have any questions about how to prevent this or want some more tips on how to increase earnings with Google AdSense, feel free to reach out anytime. 

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