SiteGround Web Hosting Review 2023 (Pros & Cons)

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In this guide, we are going to write a full SiteGround web hosting review, including Pros & Cons, comparison, uptime, features, and all.

However, I recommend Cloudways Hosting for a fast and better experience than Siteground.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review!

Web hosting is the spine of each website. When you start your own website, you want people to view it.

For this purpose, people approach web hosting companies.

Web hosting companies maintain the server where the website data is stored and help the website to get connected to the internet.

For example, I am starting a website named

A web hosting service provider will enable my website to be viewed on different servers.

Once it hosts my website on the internet, people can type my domain name and see it.

What is SiteGround?

siteground web hosting review

SiteGround is a private web hosting company. It is a web hosting platform that provides quick and straightforward website management.

The establishment of the company was in the year 2004. It was in Sofia, Bulgari which is now the headquarters.

They have offices set up in many nations.

SiteGround has 5 data centres in the USA, Netherlands, UK, and Singapore.

It is one of the best and top hosting companies with a strength of more than 500 employees.

Moreover, it hosts more than 2,000,000 domains. has officially recommended it for its excellent services.

Bluehost and Siteground are recommended hosting providers by WordPress.

SiteGround Web Hosting Plans

SiteGround has three basic shared web hosting plans.

You can choose a plan for personal or business websites, depending upon the features of the program.

siteground web hosting plans

StartUp Plan:

-It costs $3.99 per month. It can host only one website. This plan is suitable for beginners.

-The web space available is 10 GB. It can handle approximately 10,000 visits every month.

-Moreover, it also comes with many other features like free SiteBuilder, free SSL and HTTPS, free E-mail accounts, free daily backups, and 24/7 customer support.

-The plan also has Free Cloudflare CDN, unmetered traffic, unlimited MySQL, SSH, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

-These peculiarities proffer it an excellent option for people starting a website.

GrowBig Plan:

-It costs $6.69 per month. It can host unlimited websites. The plan is ideal for people who are planning to grow their online businesses.

-The web space available is 20 GB. It can handle approximately 25,000 visits every month.

-It also comes with many other features like free SiteBuilder, free SSL, HTTPS, free E-mail accounts, free daily backups, and 24/7 customer support.

-Moreover, it also has Free Cloudflare CDN, unmetered traffic, unlimited MySQL, SSH, and 30 day money-back guarantee.

-There are a few special features available with this plan like free Site Transfer by specialists, high-level on-demand backup, WordPress platform, SuperCacher for tremendous speed, and adding collaborators.

-These features help the business to grow online.

GoGeek Plan:

-It costs $10.69 per month. It can host unlimited websites. As the title implies, this program is fit for web geeks.

-The web space available is 30 GB. It can handle approximately 100,000 visits every month.

-Moreover, it also comes with many other features like free SiteBuilder, free SSL and HTTPS, free E-mail accounts, free daily backups, 24/7 customer support, and unmetered traffic.

-It also has Free Cloudflare CDN, unlimited MySQL, SSH, and 30 day money-back guarantee.

-Other special features include free Site Transfer by experts, SuperCacher for high speed, advanced on-demand backup, WordPress staging, and adding collaborators.

-Along with all these features, this plan includes special geeky features like higher preference maintenance, the most upper tier of server support, Single-click Git Repo conception, and white-label site management.

-This is the highest level of plan available for internet geeks.

You can also check the hosting plans and features here – SiteGround.

Services Provided by SiteGround Hosting

siteground web hosting services

SiteGround provides various services to its customers, the services provided are as follows,

Web Hosting:

As we all know, SiteGround helps to host websites and provides website management services to clients. It includes shared hosting.

Reseller Hosting:

This service enables the account owner to rent out disk space and bandwidth to other users for profit.

In this case, the account owner acts as a web host to others.

Cloud Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, in cloud hosting, websites are hosted on multiple servers. It is suitable for accessible sites.

Enterprise Hosting

Instead of using ready-made plans, the company makes a tailor-made plan which suits the business requirement.

It is suitable for colossal business-facing heavy traffic.

Student Hosting

It provides unique plans designed for students and faculty members to host their websites.

Domain Names:

It also helps to register your domain name while hosting your website.

There are three categories of domains like popular domains, country domains, and unique domains.

Web Hosting for Agencies

In agency hosting the client, which is an agent can manage various accounts of his own clients through the SiteGround agency hosting service.

SiteGround Web Hosting Applications

siteground web hosting applications

The applications hosted on SiteGround are as follows,

Managed WordPress Hosting: officially recommends SiteGround. It provides WordPress hosting for all types of sites.

Moreover, it also helps in the easy management of WordPress sites.

It has in-house WordPress optimizations to improve website performance.

WooCommerce Hosting

SiteGround helps to build a WooCommerce store. It helps in easy WooCommerce store setup for new as well as existing stores.

It increases the speed of your website to improve sales.

Joomla Hosting

It provides special Joomla features and expert Joomla support to the clients.

It also helps to build a new Joomla site and manage existing sites.

Magento Hosting

Magento is an open e-commerce platform.

SiteGround provides unique solutions and expert Magento help to build and manage Magento online shops.

Drupal Hosting:

It helps to start a new Drupal project or transfer an existing project.

It also provides unique features like easy setup, security, speed, Drupal support, and tools.

PrestaShop Hosting:

PrestaShop is used to build online shops. SiteGround provides you with an excellent handmade hosting solution for the same.

It gives you multiple server locations, easy setup, and transfer.

SiteGround Web Hosting: Pros and Cons

siteground web hosting pros and cons

SiteGround is one of the top hosting company. It has some excellent features which make it quite popular, but there are also some drawbacks.

So before you make up your mind, have a look at some Pros and Cons of using SiteGround.

Pros of Using SiteGround Web Hosting Service

Free Site Migration: 

SiteGround provides free website migration from one host to another. The process is simple and hassle-free. It is done in 24 to 48 hours.

They also have a new feature called SiteGround Migrator, which helps to transfer WordPress sites from another hosting provider to SiteGround.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee: 

There is a strict 30 day money-back guarantee on shared hosting plans.

If the client is not satisfied with the hosting assistance, they will get the money back. It is only for new customers.

Free SSL Certificate and Cloudflare CDN:

Cloudflare can be activated for free with 1 click.

It helps to cache the content of the website and distribute it to multiple data centres.

It also provides an SSL certificate which just protects information.

Fast Server Response Time: 

SiteGround uses the best technology and software to improve server response time.

It has a super-fast server response time of 190 milliseconds over six month period.

Daily Backups: 

It is one of the best features. The customer suffers a lot when the data is lost.

However, SiteGround provides a regular backup facility to the clients to ensure the information is safe and available.

Customer Service: 

Site Ground is one of the best customer service providers. They have a live chat and telephone support 24/7.

Customers can also put a ticket on the website for assistance. There are tutorials about all the services provided and how to use them.


It has unique security features which help to safeguard the interest of the clients.

They have anti-spam tools, IP address blocking feature, a free SSL certificate, HackAlert, Leech Protect, and free site checking tools to maintain security.

Multiple Server Locations: 

siteground web hosting pros

It has 5 data centres in 4 countries. While signing up for SiteGround services, there is an option to choose the server location.

The user chooses the nearest location to improve the speed of the server.

The data centres are located in Amsterdam, Chicago, Milan, London, and Singapore.

Uptime Guarantee:

Uptime percentage is used to know how often the website is down or unavailable. SiteGround provides 99.999% uptime.

Which is the most important thing that people look for while searching for the best hosting provider.

Better Load Time:

SiteGround uses the best technology to improve speed. They have an average load time of 1.3 seconds.

That’s how quickly the websites are loaded while being hosted on SiteGround.


SiteGround is a company that is established globally. It focuses on most countries, unlike other hosting companies.

Moreover, it was founded in Bulgaria and has data centres scattered around the globe.

They also have a Spanish language page on their website.

Cons of Using SiteGround Web Hosting Service

Limited Storage:

Each plan has a storage limit. StartUp Plan – 10 GB, GrowBig Plan – 20 GB, and GoGeek Plan – 30 GB.

Domain Name Charges:

Most hosting providers give free domain names for the first year of use to attract new customers.

SiteGround does not provide this facility.

Monthly Resource Limit:

Like storage limit, it has resources deadline, i.e. how much support you are allowed for a month.

If you cross the threshold, the site will go on hold till next month.

Limits are StartUp Plan – 10,000 visits per month, GrowBig Plan – 25,000 visits per month, and GoGeek Plan – 100,000 visits per month.

Renewal Price:

This is the thing that rarely any hosting provider let you know.

For example, if you get their startup plan for $3.99 per month and after your plan expires the charges are $14.99 per month.

I mean seriously…. $14.99 per month for shared hosting.

That’s why I recommend Cloudways. No renewal charges, no yearly plans, pay as you go system, scaling feature and more.

Also, you can get cloud hosting for as low as $10 per month from Cloudways.

SiteGround VS Other Web Hosting Companies

siteground vs other hosting companies

SiteGround vs GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is quite famous as it provides cheap services.

However, to tackle that SiteGround has excellent support and technology. SiteGround focuses on every aspect of web hosting.

And I personally never recommend GoDaddy for hosting services. They are good in terms of domain registrar but not yet fit for hosting.

SiteGround vs InMotion:

They both face cut-throat competition from each other in terms of price, technology, services, and support.

InMotion has better pricing and a guarantee period. Whereas, SiteGround has special unique features which I already mentioned above.

SiteGround vs Bluehost:

Bluehost beats SiteGround in pricing, but it lacks in performance.

It is only suitable for small-scale or personal web hosting.

SiteGround provides excellent professional services for huge companies.

SiteGround vs HostGator:

Same as Bluehost, HostGator has better prices and features. But SiteGround has better performance and values.

HostGator is suitable for smaller projects, whereas SiteGround is suitable for more significant projects.

Comparison of Table (Ratings)

SiteGround vs GoDaddy


SiteGround vs InMotion


SiteGround vs Bluehost


SiteGround vs HostGator


SiteGround vs Cloudways


What Makes SiteGround Better Than Others?

siteground web hosting review


Performance or speed is one of the most crucial parameters to consider when choosing a web hosting company.

Unlike all the other web hosts, SiteGround provides excellent performance with better load time, uptime guarantee, and fast server response time.


Security is the second most important parameter when choosing a web host.

Once again, SiteGround provides in-built protection as well as other security tools to prevent security mishaps.

Moreover, it has tools like anti-spam, IP address blocking features, free SSL certificates, HackAlert, and Leech Protect to maintain security.

Customer Support:

Most web hosting companies do not give enough importance to customer support.

But SiteGround takes customer support very seriously. However, it has one of the best customer support teams.

They have 24/7 chat and telephone services. They also provide essential service tutorials on their website.


 SiteGround has many special features along with standard and basic features.

The features go on improving as per the plan.

But even with a basic startup plan, you will get features that are not available on other hosting sites.


Price becomes the number one factor when selecting a web hosting site.

SiteGround has considerably high rates, but still, it is nothing compared to the additional features like money-back guarantee, free SSL, etc.

Conclusion: Do I Recommend SiteGround????

I used Siteground before Cloudways. Their performance is good but their renewal prices are much higher.

When I switch to Cloudways my website performance is at its best now.

Look at my results after Cloudways,

siteground web hosting review

siteground web hosting review

siteground web hosting review

siteground web hosting review

Overall Siteground is good and better than most of the other available shared hosting providers,

but I recommend Cloudways for fast and better performance than Siteground.

After using and testing, I decided to write a genuine SiteGround web hosting review.

And it is quite clear from the plans, features, services, pros, cons, comparison table, and parameters that SiteGround is better than most web hosting companies.

Moreover, it is a complete package with affordable prices, excellent performance, high-level security, and unique features.

Even though the price is slightly high, it gives you super-fast speed and results.

In this busy world, anyone would prefer speed and performance over a small amount.

There is no harm in trying SiteGround, as you have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for a good, trustworthy, and fast web hosting site, go with SiteGround. Once you use it, you will get hooked.

So, if you like this SiteGround web Hosting Review, then comment on your opinions and experience.