What is a WordPress Featured Image and its Importance in SEO?

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What is a WordPress Featured Image and Why are they important for your blog?

Featured images are the big picture found under the post title on your blog, above the first paragraph of text.

They’re meant to entice readers to learn more about what you have to say by providing a preview of what’s inside.

If done well, they can also convey unique personalities or special expertise.

The search engines analyze these images too because they can tell how large your images are.

If you have a good size image but it’s the wrong size, the search engine will think that your blog is of poor quality.

Search engines also look at what colours are in an image to determine what words or phrases could be related to that image.

That means if your image includes certain colours that could relate to specific keywords,

you might get more traffic from people who are searching for those keywords.

The title of the post should always be included above any featured images because it helps with SEO (search engine optimization).

Also, make sure there is no formatting around the title and feature image text because it messes up the flow of how different elements are supposed to line up.

The text under the feature image should be one big paragraph, not two separate ones because it looks better that way.

It is best if you leave out any formatting around your feature images and texts, especially italics.

Also make sure the first letter of each word in your second paragraph is capitalized except for articles, prepositions, and conjunctions (i.e., “a,” “to,” or “but”).

Search engines pay attention to these details too.

It’s also important that no links are included in the featured images because they could look like spam links even though they’re not meant to be clickable.

This confuses search engine spiders that read blogs looking for good quality content.

The only time links are allowed in feature images is if they go directly to an image file.

Tips for using featured images:

what is a wordpress featured image

-capture people’s attention by getting them interested in what you have to say.

-provide a preview of what your blog will be about.

-show people who you are by conveying your personality or expertise.

-include the post title above any featured images for SEO purposes.

-make sure there is no formatting around your titles and texts.

-leave out any formatting around your featured image and text, except for the first letter of each word in the second paragraph.

-no links within your featured images because they can be confusing to search engines.

FAQs about featured images!

what is a wordpress featured image

Q: What’s the difference between social media images and featured images?

A: Social media images are smaller than featured images, but they’re just as important.

Try to use vibrant colours that contrast with each other in order to attract readers.

Once you choose an image for your blog post, you can easily upload it onto Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Quora or Twitter.

Q: How can I edit my featured images to make them better?

A: Photoshop is the best option because you have more control over your images.

However, if you are on a budget, try using Microsoft Paint instead because it’s free and offers some basic editing options.

When you open an image in Paint, you can adjust the colour settings to make your pictures brighter or darker.

You can also use it to change a picture’s size and crop out parts of the photo that might be unnecessary.

Q: What are some ways I can edit my text without using Photoshop?

Featured images

A: Google Docs is a good alternative because you know you can make your images and texts look good without buying Photoshop.

Google Docs also allows you to use colour schemes like “red,” “orange,” or “yellow” as well as adjust the size of lettering (larger or smaller).

Other free tools you can use are Canva and PicMonkey.

Q: What are some tips for choosing a featured image that won’t mess up my SEO?

A: There are four important things search engines like to see when it comes to your images.

The first is whether or not you’ve added alt tags (alternative text) to your images.

Without alt tags, search engines won’t be able to read those images and will ignore them as relevant content.

Secondly, make sure you’ve included a caption associated with each image because it’s another way of telling search engines why they should care about the picture above.

The third thing is keywords, which are not necessary but can draw traffic as long as you use terms that people would actually search for.

Last but not least, your photos should be linked to the posts they came from.

So readers can know where they got the information and click on them if they want more information.

Q: Where should I place my images and texts?

featured image place and positions

A: If you’re using a free blogging platform like Tumblr, WordPress.com, Blogspot, or Weebly, you’ll have to arrange your images before posting them.

However, if you’re using a self-hosted blog that runs on Wordpress.org (i.e., something you own),

then you can place your images wherever you want because they aren’t arranged into columns or boxes.

Once you upload your images, go to the “text” tab and check the box that says “align left,” which will automatically place all of your texts on the left side below each image.

Q: What is alt text?

A: Alt text is alternative text for your images that search engines can read.

It’s probably different from your caption text because it will be more technical, but both are equally important.

For alt text, try making your words descriptive by using phrases like “the photo shows” or “this image is.”

Make sure you’re using descriptive keywords because it will help readers find your images when searching for other related content.

Q: Why are captions important?

A: Captions tell the story behind each picture and should be written in sentence form with clear language that’s easy to understand.

Since search engines can’t see or hear, they can only read what you’ve written in your caption.

Make sure your captions answer the questions “who,” “what,” and “where” in order to give search engines a better idea of why they should care about that picture.

Q: What makes a good keyword?

what is a wordpress featured image

A: A good keyword is one that people would actually type into Google or another search engine.

It’s not enough that you think it’s cool or clever.

Your keywords should be descriptive and accurate so readers can find your pictures when searching for related content.


I hope this post helped you understand what is a WordPress featured image and its importance for your blog.

If not, feel free to comment below and let me know what you’d like to see more of!

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