What Is Auto Blogging? Does It Actually Work in 2023?

Last Updated on 27th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

In the world of bloggers, auto-blogging is a controversial topic. But what exactly does it mean?

Well, in auto blogging, you don’t have to write or get the content personally.

Moreover, you can generate the content automatically using various techniques and post it.

You can opt to become an auto blogger; you don’t have enough time to write the content.

But you will still need some time to get the content from other places.

It has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You need to know how it works and its pros and cons to decide if it is meant for you.

What is Auto Blogging?

what is auto blogging

The biggest myth about auto blogging is that it is a reasonably new concept.

But that’s not true. People have been auto blogging since the year 2000.

Earlier content aggregator software was used in this type of blogging.

This software collects data from different sources and uses it to form a blog.

But as years passed, people started focusing more on content quality.

Because of this, Google uses a new algorithm that puts such content into spam. These contents don’t appear in the search results.

Although auto blogging lost its credibility, people still use it.

The best thing about auto blogging is that you don’t have to work hard for the content.

You can use different plugins to get data from multiple sources. You can get written content along with multimedia.

Does it Actually Work?

does auto blogging work

Most people want to know the answer to this question. It might be shocking, but auto blogging actually works.

You can easily make money from it if you use the right technique.

You have to make a strategy and implement it correctly to make money from it.

Although blogging is done automatically, you have to invest your time as well as some financial aid to make money.

You can start by choosing a blogging platform, installing a theme and activating the hosting service.

You need to choose a domain name as well.

Techniques to Make Auto Blogging Work!

You have to use all these techniques to make your auto blogging site actually work. 

1. News Updates

news updates

People are crazy about the news these days. You need to add the latest news to your site so that people can read it.

You can add a news section on your website. To get news data, you can use RSS links from news sites on your page.

This way, people can read stories on your site.

The main advantage of this technique is that users will get the new and latest news every time they visit your site.

If they like the news, they will continuously visit your website.

Example: If you have a site based on a food niche, you can add sections like the latest food recipe, vegan food news, and health benefits news.

You can also add a recipe review section.

You can use the content aggregation plugin to get new data so that people can get fresh data every time they visit.

2. YouTube Videos

youtube videos

You can link videos on your site. People like to watch YouTube videos.

It will make your site more exciting and entertaining. You need to use appropriate plugins to make sure it works.

Example: If you have a site about travel niche, you can add YouTube videos about travelling. You can add your commentary and analysis.

You can review different places for travelling and post videos.

It will also help you to improve your SEO ranking. You can improve the quality of your content to match it with the video.

3. Niche Bloggers

niche bloggers

You can also add blogs to other people in your niche. You can do it by creating backlinks and making recommendations.

It will help you in relationship building. You can use it for SEO and from improving your user base.

You have first to place the links.

4. Blog Directory

blog directory

You can modify your blogging site into a blog directory.

To do this, you have to post other people’s links on your website. You need to only place the links from your niche. 

You can neatly organize the links on your site. Apart from that, you can also add some personal points to the post and links.

People will come to your site if they want any particular niche information, as your website will have multiple links.

Problems with Auto Blogging!

While auto blogging, you need to avoid certain things.

Just because it is automated blogging, people leave it up to the software and plugins.

But this can lead to various problems. 

Many things can go wrong with your site if you leave everything up to auto blogging. 

You will face problems like a dead end. Users will stop visiting your site.

On top of that, the content you post is unethical. You will encounter various problems, so you need to be able to tackle them.

1. Spam Content

spam content

You will find many repeated things on the internet. Sometimes it becomes irrelevant.

If you keep posting only repeated content on your site, it will be useless.

You need to make some changes to the duplicate content to avoid it being spam.

People will stop visiting your website, and it will get a bad ranking because of spam content.

2. Poor SEO

poor seo

Your site will have a poor ranking, no matter what you do. In auto blogging, content from other sources is used.

The content is mostly plagiarized. As per the Google algorithm, such sites don’t get a good rank in search engine results.

Google will immediately know that your content is not authentic and thereby give you a poor ranking.

Your site will not appear in search results.

3. Bad Image

bad image

You will face problems in building your image. Most auto blogging sites have a poor or bad image.

If you depend too much on auto blogging, you will not be able to generate a positive image online.

You will not be able to build site authority or gain a reputation. Posting spun content will spoil your reputation.

4. Less Profit

less profit

You can make money in auto-blogging, but it will not be much.

Moreover, you will get a good income, but you have to spend it on marinating your site.

You will earn less income than regular bloggers.

To actually make money, you need to manage multiple auto blogging sites.

You have to spend money on hosting plans to run your website, and if you don’t earn much, you will not be able to pay for it.

The dark side of Auto Blogging!

Auto blogging can violate copyrights if you don’t do it properly.

There is an unethical dark side of auto blogging you need to know about.

1. Copyright Issues

copyright issues

There are specific contents on the web which have strict copyright policies.

You cannot use it without the owner’s permission. If you repost it without consent, it will be a violation.

There are disclaimers on most of the sites. You cannot copy their content.

But auto blogging tools and plugins are used to generate data.

These tools don’t know how to distinguish between copyright content.

They generate data from different sites without consent.

The owner’s permission is not taken, which is a violation. It is unethical and wrong.

2. Hogging Traffic

hogging traffic

Auto blogging also leads to hogging traffic. Most sites post genuine and quality content on their website to get more traffic.

The owners of these sites work hard to get traffic. They invest their time and efforts to increase their rank.

Once their rank increases, they fall under the radar of auto blogs.

While auto blogging, you might steal their content and post it on your site.

While doing this, you may unintentionally hog the original site’s traffic on your website.

Their site traffic will decrease and will divert to your site. It is a violation and unfair on many levels.

3. Stealing


Auto blogging is actually stealing.

Other people invest their time and money to create original content, and you just use software to steal their content.

You not only steal their data but their intellect and their creativity as well.

They have to pay to get the data and invest their money to optimize it.

You steal all the efforts they put into getting the content ready.

Auto blogging is unethical if you just copy other people’s blogs or posts.

You need to do something of your own to make the content plagiarism-free.


Despite the unethical side of auto blogging, many bloggers and companies go for it. It is an easy source to make money.

You can generate a decent income with auto blogging, but you need to be really careful.

If there is any problem, you will be responsible for it.

Google may consider your blog as spam and penalize you for copying other people’s content. 

Instead of completely copying the content from others, you can add some creativity and change the content to avoid copyright issues.

You need to use all the techniques given above to make the most of auto blogging and use it correctly.

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