Best Google AdSense niches

Are you looking for the “High paying and Best Google Adsense Niches”?

Adsense is a great way to monetize your website. 

It provides an easy source of revenue with very little effort on the part of content creators everywhere.

Google AdSense has some seemingly complex guidelines for publishing.

But they are fairly straightforward and easy to understand once you know what you’re looking at.

That’s where this article comes in – below I will discuss 50+ high paying and best Google AdSense niches.

That meets all criteria for publishing on the Internet — including some added tips which will make life even easier.

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Top 50+ High Paying and Best Google Adsense Niches

If you’re looking to monetize your platform effectively, you’ve come to the right place.

In this curated list, we present over 50 carefully selected niches that have proven to be a lucrative playground for AdSense earnings.

1. Insurance

Insurance - best google adsense niche

For a high-paying niche, the insurance niche is low effort and has potentially huge returns on investment!

The reason for this Google AdSense payout being so high has to do with the great search volume of insurance-related terms.

In fact, “insurance” alone brings in almost 2 million searches every month according to the Adwords keyword planner tool.

Insurance is one of the best Google AdSense niches to make money.

2. Finance

A finance niche is a great option for Google AdSense publishers because the audience is highly engaged and interested in the content.

This makes it a great opportunity to place ads that are relevant to the audience and that will generate clicks.

Additionally, there is a high demand for financial content, so publishers can charge premium rates for advertising space.

3. Cryptocurrency

With speculation and news surrounding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies,

the cryptocurrency niche has become one of the most popular topics online.

The constantly changing market results in a constantly changing demand for content.

Publishers who provide accurate information will be rewarded with ad revenue when their visitors click on relevant banners related to cryptocurrencies.

4. Loans

Are you looking for an easy way to make some extra cash?

Maybe you need help figuring out how to monetize your website (or blog)? Look no further than the loans market!

There are tons of people seeking loans on google every month, which means the money is there waiting for someone like you to come along and claim it.

5. Lawyer

Lawyer - high paying google adsense niche

Lawyers can be found in almost every town, and usually charge a small fortune for their services.

Some common law-related searches bring over 1m visitors to the web every month (according to Google’s keyword planner tool)

This is a huge opportunity that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon!

Lawyer is also one of the best Google AdSense niches.

6. Rehab

Like lawyers, rehab centres exist everywhere.

People flock to them whenever addiction or other mental health-related problems become too much to handle.

Although it is possible to make money with an Adsense website about general psychology and psychiatry (which brings in over 1 million monthly searches).

Rehab centres are a great option because there is such a high volume of search traffic.

7. Party Bus Rental

Believe it or not, Google AdSense for this niche is one of the highest paying. Furthermore, it has a very high search volume.

A party bus rental company can be found almost anywhere in the country, and people are constantly looking for ways to rent these luxuries without breaking the bank!

8. Home Security

Much like an ad about insurance would pay out well on Adsense, so does an ad about home security.

Google AdSense pays big bucks for this market because of how many searches take place every month related to home safety.

As long as you have a website discussing home security tips or products — you will always have people making money off your efforts!

9. Dating

It’s no secret that online dating is on the rise over recent years — so why not get in on the action?

A website or blog about dating can be immensely helpful to people looking for love,

and with enough content, you could become an Adsense pro in no time.

10. Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Banking Niche

Although cord blood banking is controversial from one perspective (because many people feel more research needs to be done).

There is no denying how much interest exists surrounding this topic!

In fact, cord blood banking has over 500k searches every month by potential clients.

If your website can offer tips or provide information that helps parents make the cord blood banking decision, you are sure to turn a nice profit.

11. Network Marketing

With an industry as huge as network marketing, it’s no wonder so many people want to learn more about this business concept.

Google AdSense rewards websites that cover topics related to network marketing.

Because there is always interest in making money online, and with the proper guidance anyone can do it!

12. Solar Energy

Next time you go outside at noon on a sunny day (in the spring or summer), look up into the sky — chances are you will not see a cloud in sight!

This means that if there is enough sunlight hitting our planet every day, why isn’t everyone taking advantage of it?

With so much potential in solar power, it’s easy to see why there is high interest in this concept.

13. Air Duct Cleaning

Who doesn’t want cleaner air? This is particularly true for people who suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems.

There are over 500k searches every month related to “air duct cleaning” (according to Google’s keyword planner tool).

This means if you can figure out how to create an Adsense website around this topic you will make some decent money!

14. Dog Training

You know that dogs make great pets, but did you know they also make great sources of income for their owners?

A simple ad about dog training can be a very lucrative source of income because this niche is searched so frequently throughout the Internet.

This is one of the best Google AdSense niches.

15. Condos

Condos Niche

Anyone who has ever wanted to live in a city knows that rent prices can be outrageous!

This makes condos an easy option for those wanting to rent without breaking the bank.

And with over 500k searches every month related to condos it’s no wonder there is such high Adsense potential for this topic.

16. Cosmetics

People always want to look their best, and with so many different products and brands available, it takes a lot of effort just to keep up!

Whether you have a website or blog about cosmetics tricks or reviews,

covering this interesting topic will surely pay off well if you use Google AdSense.

17. Weight Loss

It seems like everyone is trying to lose weight these days, and for good reason!

This fascinating industry is searched on Google frequently throughout the year.

This means if you can come up with information about weight loss that helps someone lose pounds fast, you can make some serious money!

That’s why weight loss is one of the best Google AdSense niches.

18. Dating Advice

With hundreds of thousands of people looking for love every day, there is no denying how high demand exists surrounding dating tips.

You could start a blog or website about relationship advice and help millions find their soul mates,

while also bringing in money through your Adsense efforts.

19. Cosmetic Dentistry

Although many people are afraid of going to the dentist (especially because it costs so much).

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry generates significant payouts to websites?

If you have a website or blog that can provide advice about dental care, cosmetic procedures, or anything related to dentistry,

you’ll be sure to make some good money through Adsense.

20. Back Pain

Back Pain - google adsense niche

If you have ever had back pain (I’ve definitely had my fair share), you understand how life-altering it can be!

With so many people feeling restricted and limited by their own physical problems, this topic is searched on Google frequently throughout the year.

Meaning there is high interest in finding relief for back pain.

21. Dryer Vent Cleaning

Although most houses now use dryers as opposed to traditional laundry mats,

they still pose quite a few problems when they aren’t cleaned properly.

This means with enough effort you could create a useful website about dryer vent cleaning,

and charge people looking for help with their dryer vents.

22. Pool Cleaning

Although many people enjoy swimming during the summer months (especially),

they don’t necessarily like taking on all of the work involved with having a pool.

This means if you put out enough effort into creating an Adsense website related to pool cleaning (or pool maintenance), you could make some great money!

23. Herpes

It is estimated that over 45 million people in the United States alone suffer from herpes,

and the best way to help them out is through an Adsense website about herpes treatments.

With so many sufferers looking for relief from this disease, you’ll have a steady source of income year-round!

24. Carpet Repair

If your carpet gets damaged by liquids or spills it can be a real pain to get rid of those unsightly stains,

but with enough research, you could create a profitable website about carpet repair.

This niche is searched frequently on Google throughout the year.

Meaning there’s a lot of money to be made if you know how to create a website about repairing carpets!

25. Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine adsense Niche

Veterinary medicine is a very profitable industry and although it requires a lot of training to become an official vet.

Creating an Adsense website about pet care could be the perfect option!

Whether you think your site will do better focusing on dogs or cats, providing advice and information can attract lots of repeat users.

26. DUI Defense

If you have ever been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) you know just how much trouble it can cause!

With so many traffic stops happening every year there is no doubt that this topic is searched frequently throughout the year.

Meaning if you create a blog or website about DUI defence, you can make a tidy sum through Google AdSense.

27. Yoga

Millions of people practise yoga regularly throughout the world,

partially because it is excellent exercise and partially because it can be a great stress reliever.

If you have a blog or website about yoga, and maybe even some good advice for how to get started,

you can make money from Adsense while also helping people find the relief they’re looking for!

Yoga is very popular and one of the best Google AdSense niches.

28. Yoga Pants

Many women have taken to wearing yoga pants in place of jeans because they are so comfortable and easy to wear (not to mention stylish!).

If you know anything about this subject (or even sell high-quality yoga pants yourself),

creating an Adsense website about buying or selling designs can attract many repeat users.

Meaning lots of cold hard cash flowing into your bank account!

29. Dance

Dancing is another popular sport that is enjoyed by millions around the world (and can even help those who suffer from arthritis ).

If you know anything about this activity, whether it’s the history of dance or how to do a specific style like ballet,

you can easily create an Adsense website about dancing and attract lots of visitors and pageviews.

30. Google Adsense

Although not necessarily a “niche” we thought we would include this subject on our list,

because so many people struggle with getting approved for Google AdSense!

Google AdSense is the most popular method for monetizing websites online today.

Meaning if you have some advice that has helped you get accepted (or tips that work!),

then putting them together into an informative ebook could bring in money for months to come!

31. Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Niche

No matter what your opinion of kitchen remodelling or designs, if you know anything about this subject,

creating an Adsense website could be beneficial for both you and your visitors.

Whether you focus on specific aspects like cabinets or countertops,

being knowledgeable in this area can attract lots of page views to your blog or website.

32. Celebrity News

It has been proven time and again that celebrity news is searched frequently by millions across the world.

This means there’s a lot of money to be made with Google AdSense if you’re willing to educate yourself about celebrity gossip!

Many people are interested in this topic because they are curious about how celebrities are different from them,

or want to find out more hidden secrets about their favourite star.

This topic is Popular in getting traffic and is one of the best Google AdSense niches.

33. iPhone Chargers

With all of the people using iPhones and other smartphones, it is no wonder that they constantly need to be charged.

Meaning website monetization through Google AdSense can be extremely beneficial if you know anything about creating an Adsense website around this subject!

Whether you think your site would do better focusing on car or desktop chargers,

providing helpful information and reviews for users can help keep regular visitors coming back for more.

34. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is another hot topic in the world today.

With so many people filing for it each year, knowing about this subject can help bring in money through Adsense.

Many people are interested in learning more about bankruptcy.

Because they are filing for it personally, know someone who is filing or are thinking of filing themselves.

35. Makeup Tips

Millions of women worldwide use makeup to enhance their appearance,

which means monetizing your website with Google AdSense can be very beneficial if you write articles specifically targeted toward this niche!

There’s no doubt that there are lots of women searching online for makeup tips and tricks on a daily basis.

Meaning creating an informative blog or website could prove extremely profitable.

36. Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning adsense Niche

It’s never too early to start thinking about your retirement — especially if you want to live comfortably during your golden years.

If you know anything about this subject, creating an Adsense website can attract many visitors and pageviews.

Whether you choose the focus on investments, government regulation or related topics like medicare,

being knowledgeable in retirement planning can prove profitable!

37. Construction

Construction is another industry that continues to grow each year.

This means creating an Adsense website around this subject could prove extremely beneficial.

Whether you choose to focus on building new homes or simply doing exterior remodelling,

having the ability to provide information and advice for visitors can be profitable!

38. Cat Training

There are millions of cat owners in the world today, many of whom will turn to google AdSense for information on how to better train their new pet.

Whether you choose to focus on toilet training, basic commands or more advanced lessons,

being knowledgeable about this subject can bring in lots of visitors and pageviews through your website!

39. Gardening

No matter what your opinion is about gardening — whether you enjoy it personally or know someone who does.

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of people looking for information online about this subject!

Creating an Adsense website around gardening can prove very profitable if you have knowledge in this area.

Even beginners could be searching online for tips and tricks!

40. Green Living

One of the most popular trends in today’s society is living a greener lifestyle.

Meaning it could be extremely profitable to create an Adsense website around this subject!

Whether you choose to monetize your site by focusing on energy consumption, growing crops or recycling,

being knowledgeable about a green living will attract many visitors and pageviews.

41. Couponing

Couponing Niche

Coupons have been a great way for consumers to save money since they were first introduced.

This means creating a website with Google AdSense surrounding this topic can benefit you greatly if you know anything about coupons!

Whether you focus on Sunday newspaper coupons, online discounts or related topics like how to stack coupons,

writing informative articles can bring in lots of traffic and income through your site.

Coupon sites are one of the best Google AdSense niches.

42. How To Make Money

Google AdSense has many websites making money through this program, so providing helpful information can attract lots of visitors and pageviews.

Whether you choose to write about investing, starting a new business or simply how to make extra income,

having knowledge in this area is sure to bring in lots of Adsense revenue!

43. Solar Energy

It’s no secret that the demand for solar energy has increased in recent years.

This means writing articles about this subject can be extremely profitable!

Whether you choose to write tutorials, how-to guides or related topics like tax credits,

creating an informative website using Adsense can benefit you greatly.

44. Office Organization

Many offices struggle with clutter and disorganization due to their busy work schedule,

which is why there are millions of people searching online each day for tips on how to better organize their space.

A website focusing on office organization could bring in lots of visitors and income through your Adsense account if you focus on any specific area,

like kitchen cabinets, calendars or more general topics like getting organized.

45. Vaping

The recent trend of vaping has taken the world by storm,

with more people each year turning to e-cigarettes and other devices for help quitting cigarettes.

Writing informative articles related to vaping can be extremely profitable through your Adsense account,

as this is a growing industry with many visitors searching online for information.

46. Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice best google adsense Niche

Whether you’re passionate about marriage counselling or simply enjoy giving advice,

writing an article about it and monetizing it with Adsense could benefit you greatly!

Make sure that you have legitimate knowledge in this area before attempting to create an online income from your website.

Even those focusing on general relationship advice will find success if they know what they’re talking about!

This is one of the high-traffic and best Google AdSense niches.

47. Cooking

Making delicious meals isn’t an easy task, but if you have the skills to do so — monetizing your site with Google Adsense can benefit you greatly.

As long as your website is informative and helpful,

being knowledgeable about cooking will bring in lots of income for all sites focused on this subject.

Whether it’s healthy desserts or step-by-step tutorials!

48. Productivity Hacks

There are many different things people try to do every day,

which is why writing about productivity hacks can be extremely profitable through Adsense websites.

Whether you choose to focus on office organization, planning ahead or related topics like time management,

having knowledge about this topic is sure to help you monetize your website effectively!

49. Statistics

The demand for information on a daily basis leaves many looking online for statistics from various sources, including governments.

Whether you choose to focus on sports, politics or more general information like homework help,

having knowledge in this area can be extremely profitable through Google AdSense!

50. Metal Detecting

More and more people these days are choosing metal detecting as a hobby,

which is why it can be extremely profitable to write articles about this topic and monetize them through AdSense.

Whether you choose to provide tips on where the best spots for hunting are or simply share your experiences,

being knowledgeable about metal detecting can bring in good revenue for any website.

51. Children’s Books

Children’s Books Niche

Many parents love sharing children’s books with their kids, which is why writing about this type of subject can be extremely profitable.

Whether you choose to write stories or share popular books for kids, many more are looking online each day for information.

Making children’s books an interesting topic for AdSense websites!

52. Outdoor Power Tools

If you’re familiar with outdoor power tools, making money through Adsense can benefit you greatly.

Write informative articles on different types of equipment that are used in the garden or the yard, and your site will surely find success!

This is a growing niche that can bring lots of visitors and money to any website.

Conclusion – Best Google Adsense Niche

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So, these are the best Google AdSense niches and if you looking for the highest paying adsense niche then Insurance is the one.

Any of these topics can be extremely profitable through an Adsense website, as long as you know what you’re talking about and write informative and helpful articles.

Try to focus on subjects that aren’t too broad but not too specific.

Try to earn income from a site that focuses on general information, like pet care or related topics will likely bring in less revenue than writing about something smaller like bird cages!

Avoid any type of scammy/spammy articles and be careful when it comes to the content of your websites.

If you don’t know much about a topic, try doing research or asking others for help before attempting to monetize it with Ads.

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