13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools To Use In 2023

Last Updated on 8th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Most startups are often confused about what best WordPress SEO plugins are fit for the proper running of their site.

Today we are going to compare the 13 best WordPress SEO plugins.

SEO is the most important thing for a website to rank in search engines.

Google releases their algorithm updates after every few months.

But a few things are mandatory like website loading speed and well coded themes like Themify Ultra.

That’s why I recommend Cloudways to improve your website’s loading speed drastically.

So, if you are wondering which one is the best SEO plugin to use, we have got you covered.

13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools

1.  Yoast SEO 

yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin out there.

With over 5+ million active installations they maintained their 5-star rating on over 2600+ reviews. 

Yoast Seo is easy to use plugin in comparison to others.

The best thing about Yoast SEO is its focus on analysis.


< Focus Keyphrase (your focus Keyword for your article/blog)

< Snippet preview (meta description, slug, etc)

< SEO Analysis (internal links, outbound links, text length, title width, etc)

Readability (Flesh reading ease, transition words, paragraph length, etc)

Social (Facebook, Twitter)

Edit social metadata to control how your content looks on social media.

Upon installation, they provide a setup wizard to help you configure most of the basics.

Premium Features

2. All In One SEO Pack

all in one seo plugin

All in One SEO Pack is the second most popular WordPress SEO plugin out there.

With over 2+ million active installations, they maintain and keep a 4.5-star rating on over 400+ reviews.

They didn’t come with analysis features but you can activate or deactivate certain features based on your own needs.

Like in General settings, you can configure all the SEO basics for your site.

Some features are common,

< XML sitemap

< Configuring Social metadata

< Robots.txt file.

< Importer and Exporter

Premium Features

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Google AMP support
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Generates meta tags automatically
  • Translated into 57 languages

3. The SEO Framework

seo framework seo plugin

The SEO Framework is just another great WordPress SEO Plugin for your website.

With over 100K+ active installations, they maintain a 5-star rating on over 200+ reviews.

The SEO Framework Plugin is lightweight. Like the others, they also let you control the Title, description, social media settings, etc.

The plugin comes pre-configured with over a hundred settings for you to tweak.

The SEO Framework helps you to create better content by showing you the title length, description length, page indexing, etc.

Like Yoast, they also use colors to show how optimized each post is.

Premium Features

No premium features, it is totally free.

4. SEO Press

seopress seo plugin

Another new but quickly building SEO Plugin.

With over 70K+ active installations, they maintain a 5-star rating on over 400+ reviews.

They have a well-designed interface that lets you control exactly which feature is active.

Unlike the other SEO Plugins, they give you two different meta boxes. 

The first one is like others and the second one is for content analysis.

Another unique feature is Google analytics functionality. They show you external link clicks, downloads, etc.

Some basic features:

< Installation wizard

< Google Knowledge Graph

< Google analytics with download tracking

< Canonical URL

< XML sitemap

< Robots.txt file

Premium Features

  • Video XML sitemap.
  • Google suggestions in content analysis.
  • Automatic Schemas.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Email Notifications on 404 error.
  • Google Page Speed.
  • SeoPress Bot.

5. Rank Math

rankmath seo plugin

The newest plugin among all of them, but becomes popular in a very short time.

With over 80K+ active installations, they have a 5-star rating on over 350+ reviews.

The most unique feature is, you can use more than one Keyword for free. Like in Yoast, you have to buy their premium feature.

Like Yoast SEO, Rank math also has a setup wizard to help you configure all the basic settings.

You can easily import Yoast settings into rank math with just one click.

Rank math comes with built-in Rich snippets functionality. No other SEO Plugin comes with WordPress-rich snippets for free.

Some basic features:

< Rich snippets

< Optimize up to 5 Keywords

< Search console integration

< Google Keyword ranking track

< Deep content analysis tests

Premium Features

No premium features till now.

6. W3 total cache

w3 total cache seo plugin

Site speed is a crucial factor when it comes to ranking on the search engine.

Google also confirms that speed is one of the important ranking factors.

This is simply because search engines are interested in recruiting sites that curatively satisfy searchers’ queries alongside providing a good user experience.

This is why I recommend using a good host like Cloudways or Bluehost (If your budget is tight) and a well-coded theme like Themify Ultra.

Also, don’t forget to configure CDN for better performance.

The W3 total cache plugin improves site speed via caching, minifying and CDN integration.

They function by minifying HTML, CSS, and javascript.

With over 1 million active users, and 4.5 ratings, you would have no regret installing this plugin on your WordPress site.

You can also use,

WP-Optimize for database optimization and Autoptimize for code minification.

7. Redirection

redirection seo plugin

Redirection is the best WordPress plugin for redirecting links.

It has over 1 million active users and has been in the market for over 10 years.

The plugin makes it easy for you to track and manage 301 redirections, fix 404 errors, and add an HTTP header.

The plugin can be configured to monitor changes in your page’s or post’s permalinks and to create a new URL automatically if they are broken.

8. Squirrly SEO

squirrly seo plugin

Squirrly SEO is the best SEO tool for non-SEO experts.

The SEO tool has more than 300 built-in SEO functionalities including paid features from other SEO plugins,

such as Yoast, Rank Math, SEO Framework and SEOPress.

Apart from the paid features of other SEO it has, it also features different assistants to make your blogging journey an easier one.

The plugin comes with a competitive analysis tool that helps in the competitive analysis of your competitor’s keywords,

and it shows suggestions on how to outrank them.

It is an AI-based SEO consultant such that when you fill in the desired keyword you want to rank for,

you receive notifications via green light and pop-up suggestions explaining how you can work the keyword into your content.

9. Broken link checker

broken link checker seo plugin

A broken link can cause damage to your site’s SEO leading to a bad user experience.

The broken link checker plugin checks your website for broken external and internal links.

It then notifies you of any issues, so you can fix them.

The plugin monitors and automatically detects broken links in posts, pages and comments, even custom fields.

They can also prevent the search engine from following broken links on your site.

10. Semrush SEO writing tool

semrush writing assistant seo tool

The Semrush SEO writing tool helps you write better content than that of your competitors,

as it provides you with recommendations based on your competitor and keyword.

Semrush is the best SEO tool out there in the market.

11. Google search console

google search console seo tool

The Google search console is a free tool provided by Google for website owners to help control and maintain their site’s presence in Google search results.

It notifies you when Google can’t crawl and index pages on your website due to an error.

It also provides you with tips to help fix the crawl error.

Most importantly, the Google search console displays a couple of keyword data you are ranking for,

the click-through rate of your site, impressions, average position, and much more.

You can, on the other hand, use the keyword data provided by these Google tools to optimize your content,

and you can similarly come up with new blog post ideas via keyword data.

12. Google keyword planner

keyword planner best seo tool

The Google keyword planner tool helps to generate keyword ideas from Google.

This tool is free and offers Google advertisers the opportunity to search for keywords they can use to bid for their advertising campaigns.

It displays tons of keyword data including the keyword’s search volume, keyword difficulty, and the number of results,

hence, helping advertisers select the right keywords for their ads campaign.

13. Semrush

semrush best seo tool

Semrush is the best SEO tool available in the market. It provides complete details of what you need to rank and grow your traffic.

with Semrush, you have access to keywords, keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC, and much more.

It also features a link-building tool that helps you keep track of your site’s lost, new, and broken links alongside that of your competitors.

Most importantly, you get to run a backlink audit on competitors’ sites to check out for a broken link to leverage on.

You can choose to write great content on the keywords gotten from the broken link.

Then you reach out to your competitor via outreach method telling them you noticed they are linking to a site whose content has either been deleted,

or added to another content without a redirect, make them see reasons why they should accept your content and link back to your site.

Semrush provides you with the contact information of your competitors.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Semrush has a writing assistant tool that helps in writing great content.

I have written about that in this article.

In conclusion, these are the best WordPress SEO plugins and SEO-related tools in 2023. 

Have any suggestions or recommendations, use the comments section.