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Last updated on March 26th, 2024 at 07:12 am

Do you want to know about “Cloudways Bot Protection”?

Cloudways added a new feature in the year 2021 – Bot Protection. This feature is available for free to every Cloudways user.

Cloudways, a platform for hosting websites, comes with this cool feature called bot protection.

It’s like having a bouncer at the entrance of a club, but for your website.

Did you know that websites face tons of bots every day?

Not the helpful ones like search engine bots, but the sneaky, malicious bots trying to cause trouble.

Cloudways’ bot protection is like a digital bouncer that identifies and blocks these troublemaker bots.

On average, websites without proper bot protection can get hit by bots up to 1000’s of times per day.

It’s like a swarm of digital pests.

But with Cloudways’ bot protection, it significantly reduces these unwanted visits, making your website more secure.

An Overview of Cloudways Bot Protection

Bot traffic affects your website performance in various ways,

  1. Search engine ranking
  2. Extra server usage
  3. Steal your data
  4. Spammy comments
  5. Brute force attacks
  6. Slow down your website
  7. Risk of hacking

How Cloudways Bot Protection helps you:

  1. Block bad bots traffic
  2. Block login attempts
  3. Protects from DDoS attacks
  4. Reduces server usage
  5. Show you all login attempts
  6. Show you all Bot traffic sources

These are the results of my site for the last 7 days:



However, you don’t need to worry about good bot traffic like Google bots. Bot protection only blocks bad bot traffic and allows good bots.

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Cloudways partnered with Malcare Security. If you are using the free Malcare plugin then it is not available. 

You have to get their premium to use this feature. However, if you are a Cloudways user then you will get this feature for free.

If you are a Cloudways user, you can easily enable it by logging into Cloudways – Application – Bot Protection – Active.


Importance of Cloudways Bot Protection

Now, why is Cloudways Bot Protection important?

Well, here’s the deal: On the internet, there are more bots than you might think.

Over 40% of all web traffic comes from these automated bots, and not all of them have good intentions.

Some try to spam your comments, scrape your content, or even launch attacks on your site.

So, just like having security cameras and locks for your physical store, having Cloudways Bot Protection is like putting a digital bouncer at the entrance of your online space.

It helps identify and block the bad bots, keeping your website safe and sound.

Fact: Studies show that websites without proper bot protection can face more than 60% of their traffic coming from bots, causing potential harm.

How Cloudways Bot Protection Works?

Cloudways offers bot protection to safeguard websites hosted on its platform.

The bot protection system is designed to identify and mitigate various types of malicious bots effectively.

Here’s how it works:

Traffic Analysis: Cloudways bot protection starts by analyzing incoming website traffic.

It evaluates various attributes of incoming requests, such as the frequency of requests, their origin, and the type of user agent used.

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Behaviour Analysis: The system employs behaviour analysis to distinguish between human users and bots.

Bots often follow distinct patterns, and the protection system looks for anomalies in user behaviour to identify potential bot activity.

Challenge-Response Mechanism: When the bot protection system suspects bot activity, it deploys a challenge-response mechanism.

For instance, it may present a CAPTCHA or a JavaScript challenge that bots typically struggle to solve, while legitimate users can easily complete it.

IP Reputation and Redlisting: Cloudways maintains a database of known malicious IPs and uses it to redlist suspicious IP addresses.

This approach prevents traffic from these redlisted IPs from accessing the website.

Machine Learning: Cloudways leverages machine learning algorithms to continuously improve its bot protection capabilities.

Over time, the system becomes more adept at identifying new and evolving bot threats.

Identifying Common Bot Threats

Several types of bots pose threats to websites. Cloudways bot protection is designed to detect and mitigate these common bot threats, including:

Web Scrapers: Web scraping bots are used to extract data from websites for various purposes, such as content theft, price scraping, or data mining.

Cloudways bot protection can identify and block such bots to protect website content.

DDoS Bots: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) bots flood websites with an overwhelming amount of traffic to cause server overload and disrupt website operations.

Cloudways can detect unusual traffic patterns indicative of DDoS attacks and block the offending bots.

Brute-Force Bots: Brute-force bots attempt to guess login credentials by trying various combinations rapidly.

Cloudways bot protection can recognize and block these bots to prevent unauthorized access.

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Scalper Bots: Scalper bots are used in e-commerce to snatch up limited-quantity products, causing inventory shortages and frustrating genuine customers.

Cloudways can identify and restrict the activity of such bots.

Spam Bots: Spam bots flood websites with irrelevant and often malicious content, degrading user experience and damaging SEO.

Cloudways bot protection can thwart spam bots and keep your website clean.

Wrapping Up – Cloudways Bot Protection

Cloudways Bot Protection is like a superhero for your website.

It’s a powerful tool that keeps the bad guys, in this case, malicious bots, away from your site.

These bots can cause trouble by doing harmful things automatically, but Cloudways Bot Protection acts as a shield to stop them.

What makes it so cool is that it’s really smart – it can tell the difference between real people visiting your site and those sneaky bots up to no good.

This way, it ensures that your website runs smoothly for your actual visitors while blocking any harmful activities from the bad bots.