Cloudways Bot Protection – Understand in Short!

Last Updated on 21st February 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Cloudways added a new feature in the year 2021 – Bot Protection. This feature is available for free to every Cloudways user.

Cloudways is the host that I use on my websites and I am amazed by the performance and speed that I achieve after switching to the Cloudways server.

Cloudways Bot Protection

Bot traffic affects your website performance in various ways,

  1. Search engine ranking
  2. Extra server usage
  3. Steal your data
  4. Spammy comments
  5. Brute force attacks
  6. Slow down your website
  7. Risk of hacking

How Cloudways Bot Protection helps you:

  1. Block bad bots traffic
  2. Block login attempts
  3. Protects from DDoS attacks
  4. Reduces server usage
  5. Show you all login attempts
  6. Show you all Bot traffic sources

These are the results of my site for the last 7 days:

cloudways bot protection
cloudways bot protection report – FindMyTricks
cloudways bot protection
cloudways bot protection graph – FindMyTricks

However, you don’t need to worry about good bot traffic like google bots. Bot protection only blocks bad bot traffic and allows good bots.

Cloudways partnered with malcare security. If you are using the free malcare plugin then it is not available. 

You have to get their premium to use this feature. However, if you are a Cloudways user then you will get this feature for free.

If you are not using Cloudways host (which is my recommended host) then use code AJMER20 and get 20% off immediately.

You can also try their host for free without adding any credit details.

Cloudways 3 Days Free Trial

If you are a Cloudways user, you can easily enable it by login into Cloudways – Application – Bot Protection – Active.

cloudways bot protection
enable bot protection – FindMyTricks

If you think Cloudways host is costly then I recommend checking this article – Siteground vs Cloudways Hosting

Thank you for visiting. Hope this short answer helps you.