Google AdSense VS Review (2023)

Last Updated on 11th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

When it comes to Ad Networks no one can beat Google AdSense and

These two are the leading ad networks that help publishers earn money by publishing various ads on their websites.

Being the two leading ad networks, they are often compared with each other.

Some people support Google AdSense whereas others support

Each ad network has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this post, we are going to compare Google AdSense vs and find out which ad network is better.

NOTE: We tried EZOIC and it is much better than Google Adsense in terms of earnings as well as website loading speed”

Google AdSense VS

adsense vs

Google AdSense:

It is a program introduced by Google. With Google AdSense, you can publish ads on your websites.

Your websites are selected from Google Network.

You have to sign up with Google AdSense to use this service.

Google provides various types of advertisements which are then displayed on your website.

These ads can be in the form of images, texts, videos, and other media.

The advertisements will be rated to the content you post on your website.

Google matches the advertisement with the keywords on your website to make sure the ads are related.

You can earn money with this.

In short Google AdSense matches various advertisements with the Website on which they are displayed.

It is done with the help of an AI.

You need to optimize the content on your website in order to provide keywords to Google.

You have to follow all the terms and conditions required by Google.


You own a website about Art, where you post all your artwork and blogs related to art.

Now if you need to earn money from your website, you can choose the Google AdSense network.

You have to sign up first. After that, your website will be reviewed.

You have to optimize the content on your website in order to highlight the keyword i.e. art.

Now Google will provide a code that you need to add to your website.

This code will match various advertisements related to art and post on your site. Ads like online art classes and purchase art will be displayed.

When someone clicks on the ad, you will get paid.

The pay ranges from $0.5 to $5 depending on the number of visitors on your site, the type of advertisement and your niche.

It is a contextual ad network. It came after Google AdSense.

If you compare on the basis of revenue, ranks third among all the ad networks. First is EZOIC.

It works the same as Google AdSense. Monetization products are developed for you.

If you want to earn money by publishing ads, you can use

adsense vs

If you have a small blogging site with limited visitors, you can still avail of this service.

They provide equal opportunities to small as well as large blogging sites.

It is developed by Yahoo! and Bing. They, however, prohibit some advertisements.

You cannot display adult ads and ads related to drugs, alcohol, or gambling.

Like Google AdSense, you can avail of this service for free.

If you sign up with, an account manager will be appointed for you.

They will manage the ads on your site.


If you have a website related to cell phone solutions and want to earn extra money by displaying ads, you can sign up with

They will review your website and appoint an account manager who will manage your account.

They will find ads that match your website.

They will display ads related to mobile phones and phone accessories on your site.

When anyone clicks on the ad, you will get a commission on it.

Google AdSense vs

adsense vs

Now that we know what Google AdSense and are, let’s compare both ad networks.

We will compare these networks on the basis of several factors.

After this comparison, you can choose which network suits you.

Google AdSense vs Comparison on the basis of various factors:

Now, that we are done with the basic comparison, let’s compare both these ad networks on the basis of certain important factors.

It will help you to get a more clear idea.

Minimum Traffic Requirement:

minimum traffic requirement

Google AdSense:

There is no minimum traffic requirement with Google AdSense.

You can start publishing ads without any requirement for traffic.

However, there is one requirement. You have to keep posting content on your site.

If you want to publish ads, you need to post content on your site first.

There is no specific minimum traffic requirement here.

But you need to generate traffic from the US, UK, and Canada in order to publish ads.

Also, the content should be in English. If you have good US traffic, you can earn additional revenue. 

Revenue Share:

revenue share

Google AdSense:

You will receive 68% of the revenue if you use the Google AdSense service to publish ads on your website.

If your website is used only for search purposes, then you will get 51% of the revenue.

The rest of the share will go to Google for providing their service to you.

There is no information about the share of revenue given by to the publishers.

If you are signing up with, you need to be open about this factor.

It is one of the most important factors for you to choose an ad network. 

Ad Quality:

ad quality

Google AdSense:

You can enjoy high-quality ads with Google AdSense. They help to bullish ads all over the globe.

You can choose from various ad formats like texts, links, images, videos, native ads, etc.

They also provide an auto-ad feature for you.

In this feature, the ads will be automatically matched and posted on your site with the help of ML.

You can make good money with this feature. You can enjoy mobile network ads as well to increase the traffic on your site.

They publish high-quality ads for traffic from the US and UK.

If you have traffic from any other country, the ads will be good but not as good in quality for US traffic.

You will only receive revenue if someone double clicks the ads.

A single ad click is of no use. You can get only contextual text ads with this ad network.

Publisher List:

publisher list

Google AdSense: 

Publishers from all over the world use this network. Some of the clients are Times network, HubPages, etc.

If you are interested in digital marketing with complete exposure, this is the perfect platform for you.

They provide services to top clients like the New York Times and Forbes.

With, you will be appointed an account manager for publishing ads.

CPM and RPM Rates:

cpm and rpm rates

Google AdSense:

They provide high CPM rates to you, i.e. $1 to $3.

If you have a niche website, you will receive an RPM rate of $5 to $10.

You can receive a maximum RPM rate of $30. With just 1000 page views, you can earn up to \$50.

You will receive a CPM rate of $1 to $2. For 10,000 page views, you will receive an RPM of $10.

You can receive higher CPM rates for niche websites. If you have good US traffic, you can make up to $300 with this network.

CPC Rates:

cpc rates

Google AdSense:

You can receive a CPC rate of up to 1 cent in less developed countries.

You can receive $30 if the conversion is successful on your site. The rate differs for tier 1 countries. 

They offer different rates for different tiers of countries. The rates may differ based on the interest of users and conversion.

Payments Reports:

payment reports

Google AdSense:

They have a 30-day cycle. They will calculate your payment at the beginning of the month.

You will receive the payment by the 25th. 

They follow a 30 days cycle. If you are a big publisher, you will get payment in 7 days.

The payment is transferred using PayPal or wire transfer.

You can only withdraw the amount if $100 is accumulated in your account.

Things to Consider:

adsense vs

Google AdSense: 

You have to abide by the terms and conditions offered by Google. Also, you need to maintain the quality of the content.

If you fail to do this, you can no longer use this service.

Google AdSense is very strict regarding the rules and code of conduct.

You need to post content strictly in the English language to use their services.

They need US traffic. You fail to generate more US traffic, and it will be of no use.


These are all the Google Adsense vs comparison factors. Google AdSense provides good revenue for every website.

All you need to do is comply with the terms of use.

But if you have major traffic from the US and UK, you can go for for good earnings.

You can compare all these factors and choose the ad network that fits your requirement.

Don’t forget to research your niche before starting.