How to Grow Your Email List?

Last Updated on 15th September 2023 by Ajmer Singh

Email is one of the most effective marketing tactics for e-commerce owners, bloggers, and businesses, however, it’s often neglected or overlooked.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for increasing your sales or direct revenue, but only if you have an email list.

If you want to start growing your email list quickly and effectively here are some steps you can take:

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50+ tips to grow your email list Fast & Quickly

1. Build a landing page

Build a landing page that will provide subscribers with something desirable in exchange for their email address.

This could be a discount code, white paper, product sample or trial subscription.

2. Place your landing page

Place your landing page at the top of all your blog posts using a call to action which fits in with the content of the post and is relevant to that customer persona.

This will help increase conversions since it uses the trust of the third-party site (i.e. your blog) to make the CTA more appealing.

3. Write guest posts

If you don’t have a blog, write guest posts for other blogs in your industry which have loyal followings and high domain authority.

These sites often attract new leads because they are seen as an authority on a particular topic so tap into this by providing them with valuable content.

4. Mobile Friendly

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly since more customers are browsing on smartphones.

Themify Ultra is our recommended theme.

It is a multi-purpose, flexible, SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly and speedy theme that fits all your needs.

mobile friendly

5. Email Marketing

Use email marketing to nurture customers who make a purchase but don’t complete the checkout process.

This tactic will allow you to keep in touch with these customers and encourage them to make another purchase when they come back.

6. Email Course

Consider running an email course that offers your customers exclusive, high-quality content in exchange for their email addresses.

People are much more likely to subscribe to a course if they know that they will get something of value.

And you can use the emails to build rapport and nurture them until they make a purchase.

7. Run webinars

You can also run webinars which will result in more signups than an email course or blog posts.

Since they are interactive and give your customers the option of asking you questions.

8. Social Media

Use social media to promote signups by encouraging people to like your page if they want to receive updates via email.

This will allow you to grow your following while also building up your list.

9. Website Design

Make sure your website design and copy reflect what you’re offering and appeal to the customers you want to attract.

This will mean that when they get to your sign up page they won’t be put off by the language or presentation and will subscribe more readily.

10. Check Existing Email Lists

It’s worth checking out existing email list providers such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse etc… before deciding which one is right for you.

Some of these come with free trials which can help you test them out before committing to a paid plan.

So it may be worth experimenting with a few until you find the one that gives you the results and features that suit your business best.

check existing email lists

11. Add Social Buttons

Try adding some social buttons on your landing page.

This will help you get more social shares which can result in a viral effect and a boost to your email list.

12. SMS Option

Add an SMS option to your CTA so that people can subscribe by texting a keyword to a number rather than having to enter their email address.

This is especially helpful for events or competitions where you want them to sign up quickly since they don’t have to remember their email address, just the keyword.

13. Share Buttons

Add share buttons under every blog post so that readers can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,

without leaving your site which will lead them directly into an email collection pop up.

14. Personal Touch

Reinforce the idea of building a relationship with your customers by adding a personal touch such as including their first name or business name.

This will help them remember that they are dealing with real people which can increase conversions to your email list.

15. Promote

Promote your pop up using paid ads to increase the number of subscribers you get.

Particularly if you’re running a competition or event which is time-sensitive like Father’s Day or Black Friday etc…

It may be worth investing in some Facebook ads or trying out Google Adwords.

Since these platforms allow you to track website clicks and conversions (i.e. the number of people who subscribe),

which means you can see what campaigns are working best for your business and adjust accordingly.


16. Run Split Tests

If necessary, run split tests on different pages to compare their conversion rates so that you can find out what works best for your target audience.

You can then work out how much it would cost to run an ad campaign with that CTA,

and what your return on investment would be, giving you the budget you need to create more leads for your business.

17. Email List Promotion

Promote your email list by adding social share buttons or a big email signup form on every page of your website.

So potential customers are reminded about it at every turn.

This way they’ll see just how dedicated you are to building up your list which will hopefully encourage them to join yours as well.

18. CTA design

Choose CTAs which stand out against your background colour or design so that they don’t look like an afterthought,

but rather something which adds value and is worth considering for subscribing to since it’s clearly visible at first glance.

19. Simple CTA

Don’t make your CTA too complicated by using long-winded or confusing language.

As this can cause people to leave your page and as a result, fewer customers will sign up.

Make it as quick and easy as possible for them to decide whether they want to subscribe.

20. Offer Extra

Offer something extra which appeals more directly at the end of your blog post.

Rather than asking readers to sign up immediately (e.g. an exclusive discount or free gift).

This could encourage more people who may otherwise be put off by the email list to pop up CTA.

Since they’ll feel like they’re getting something in return for their details without having committed yet.

So you’ll have a higher number of “soft” subscribers who are more likely to read your emails and open them.

offer extra

21. Say no to Intrusive Popup

Don’t make your pop up window too intrusive or it will turn off the majority of visitors,

who are only interested in reading your content and not joining an email list.

If they feel like you’re forcing them to subscribe through a large, flashy CTA,

then they’ll be less likely to sign up since it comes across as spammy or pushy.

Limit the amount of time that it takes over their screen (i.e. keep it small).

So that they can browse freely without feeling pressured into subscribing unless they really want to.

Which should improve your conversion rate substantially if done correctly.

22. Different CTA

Consider creating different CTAs for people who visit your site frequently versus new visitors who may not be aware of what you’re offering yet.

For example, if your blog posts are time-sensitive and require people to subscribe quickly in order to get the full benefit,

Then put a temporary pop up box on all new pages or after they’ve spent a certain amount of time on your site,

which encourages readers to “act now” before it’s too late.

23. Email List CTA

Create an email list CTA which pops up when visitors want to leave your page so that even if they won’t sign up directly while visiting,

they may still choose to join later by opting in from their inbox rather than forgetting about you completely.

It will only take a few seconds for them to click the button and add their email address,

plus you can continue nurturing leads until hopefully converting them into customers in the future.

24. Use Affiliate Programs

If you’re selling products, consider setting up an affiliate program so other people can promote your products,

and earn a commission on every sale that’s generated (or share revenue with them depending on what you agree beforehand).

You’ll then receive extra traffic without having to do anything since affiliates will do the hard work for you,

plus you get extra sales which should boost your conversion rate if they’ve done their job properly.

25. Popup CTAs

Collect email addresses through pop up CTAs but also offer incentives like discounts or free samples,

which are only available for subscribers to get more people interested in signing up who might otherwise ignore your CTA entirely.

Even if it only caters to a small portion of customers, it could still help improve your conversion rate in the long run,

by offering an attractive incentive to people who would otherwise ignore your email sign up.

popup ctas

26. Social posts CTA

Add a CTA to your social media posts so that every time you update your page with new content,

or promote an article, people can choose whether they want to join your list.

And receive automatic notifications whenever you publish something new (i.e. they’ll be more likely to follow through if it’s already pre-populated for them).

This could make signing up as easy as possible plus it doesn’t require any extra effort on their part,

besides hitting “follow” which should improve the number of subscribers that you get overtime.

27. Prominent CTA

Add a prominent CTA to your homepage which lets readers know that joining your email list is beneficial to them.

Since they’ll instantly become a priority and receive exclusive content that’s unavailable elsewhere.

This might be limited offers, discounts, extra articles, etc.

Which should motivate visitors into signing up if they want to take advantage of it,

even if it only ends up being a small percentage of your total email list.

28. Welcome Mat

Use a “Welcome Mat” popup that welcomes new subscribers but also provides bonuses like an ebook or special course,

for people who join your email list through the CTA (you can test out different incentives as well).

If the mat appears on every page then people will feel more inclined to sign up immediately without having to do anything else.

Since it’s already pre-populated from their recent activity.

This means that you’ll instantly increase the number of new subscribers that you’re getting every day which is a good way to boost your email list growth.

29. Follow up Emails

Send a follow-up email after someone subscribes to asking a question.

So they can either confirm their subscription or click on a link that automatically removes them from the list.

If they were accidentally added or didn’t mean to join in the first place,

or alternatively, it could be as simple as providing an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all emails.

Just in case they don’t want to receive another one anymore for whatever reason.

This might be seen as being more cautious but it’ll avoid any unnecessary problems happening later on,

since unsubscribing now saves people from having to do it down the road,

and stops you from putting yourself at risk by sending more emails to people who no longer want them.

30. Always keep your email list growing

Always keep your email list growing if you want to stay in business since it’s one of the most effective ways of reaching customers without being too intrusive.

So they still look forward to receiving your messages every day which is what makes subscriptions worthwhile for both parties involved.

always keep your email list growing

31. Survey 

Send a survey out to new subscribers asking why they joined your email list.

Followed by an automated sequence showing them similar products and services that can help solve their problems at various price points.

So they understand how many different solutions you have available leading up to the premium versions which you can offer as upsells,

or cross-sells during checkout at a reduced rate compared to the original product.

Which should improve conversions, especially on the more expensive options.

This can also help to identify any gaps in your product line which you can then use to create new additions that’ll improve your email list growth.

32. Use Autoresponders

Use an autoresponder sequence before people are allowed to receive their first email from you explaining the benefits of joining your email list.

Since it’s a good way of making them feel more obliged to sign up,

especially if they have additional offers included within them or something else.

That would otherwise catch someone’s eye, so instead, they choose to join because of what you’re offering,

rather than just ignoring it altogether due to not being very interesting in comparison with some alternatives out there.

33. Add Newsletter 

Add a newsletter subscription form on your blog post pages along with an image,

that links back to the main newsletter subscription page instead of a text link.

Since they blend in better with the environment and are less intrusive.

This makes it easier for people to join your email list from everywhere where your brand name is mentioned, not just on social media pages.

This means you’ll be able to grow the subscribers that follow you across multiple channels at once,

while also keeping them engaged more often by talking about similar topics to what’s currently trending.

34. Use Countdown Timer

Use a countdown timer next to any call-to-action CTAs or signup forms so they can see how much time they have left before you send anything out.

So it feels urgent enough for them to click on the right link quickly without having too much time run out.

Since nothing’s worse than missing out on a great opportunity for whatever reason.

35. Use Custom Graphics

Use custom graphics to promote your email list on social media sites by creating an image from scratch.

Which tells people exactly what they’ll gain from joining your email subscriber list followed by any additional benefits,

that isn’t too obvious, then wrap it up with a strong call-to-action button.

So they have no choice but to click on it and signup as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they might miss out forever since there’s a high chance you won’t really need to use these images for much longer.

use custom graphics

36. Add eye-catching Content

Include some eye-catching content above the fold on your homepage.

So people see at least something new when they load your page for the first time to make them want to stick around.

Even if they don’t join your email list right away, then include a signup form somewhere below the fold instead of up top.

Since you’ll be able to convert more visitors with this strategy compared to putting it at the very top where people tend to not look as closely.

37. Try Exit-intent Popups

Use an exit-intent popup that appears after someone views enough of your site content to show that they’re clearly interested,

without pushing too far into their personal space.

So you only tap on the surface before calling it quits and deciding whether or not to subscribe,

based purely on what’s included within each email message sent out rather than focusing solely on its appearance.

This is because every person has different preferences so it’s best to have as many options available as possible,

even if you have to pay a bit more to create these kinds of ads.

38. Multiple Share Buttons

Include multiple social media share buttons on your website which link back to the main email subscription page.

Since this makes it easier for people to share your brand with their friends and family members without leaving too much of a footprint,

All while also increasing the chances that they’ll join your list,

based on how many friends or followers they have themselves making it worthwhile long term.

39. Highlight Keywords

Highlight where specific information is located within your entire site using images next to these titles,

rather than text links since this grabs attention from both short term visitors.

And those who are still browsing around looking for something in particular,

then link back to your newsletter subscription page or some other content they might want to read more thoroughly.

40. Split Tests

Split test every major part of your site which includes any major text links, images, buttons, titles, etc.

In order to see how each one affects conversions based on what type of response you’re looking for.

Since this is the best way to determine whether something should be kept,

or removed entirely from your main web pages shortly after you begin using analytics with Google.

Since it provides far greater insights into precisely what visitors are likely doing,

when they visit specific pages rather than relying solely on assumptions,

based on general browsing habits most people have before deciding where to click next.

split tests

41. Free Incentives

Provide a free incentive with an email form but don’t make them give you their name and email address,

until they click on any social media buttons offered within this popup.

Instead of using something like leadpages since the conversion rate will be much higher in this case,

thus allowing you to collect more emails than before.

42. Subscription Links

Include your newsletter subscription link at the very bottom of every blog post you write.

So people don’t have to navigate away from your main page unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.

But taking them there too early may cause them to forget about it entirely or get distracted by other content,

which pops up later down the line so it’s best to prepare everyone properly beforehand.

43. Offer several Options

Offer several different options with a single signup form,

as opposed to asking for one specific piece of information from each visitor similar to how most email popup forms work.

Then split test each part of your signup process in order to determine what is most effective,

with the highest percentage of visitors converting into email subscribers,

all while also including an incentive like a free ebook or whitepaper download box.

44. Type of Popups

Use exit-intent popups for several different reasons in order to capture more leads.

Including when someone hovers over any social media or newsletter subscription buttons.

Since this is where they’ll be most likely to click on something,

but only do so if you don’t mind them leaving your site shortly after they enter instead of keeping them around for a longer period of time.

45. Don’t ask people directly to subscribe

Don’t ask people directly to subscribe unless they’ve already been reading your content for a while, and have clicked on several different links leading back to your site.

So it isn’t considered intrusive, but sending them an email, later on, is still far more effective than doing nothing at all.

dont ask people directly to subscribe

46. Embed multiple subscription forms 

Embed multiple subscribe forms on any major page throughout your website with an incentive,

like a free ebook or some other type of download box directly underneath each one.

Since this makes it easier for people to sign up without scrolling all the way down the entire page due to how they’re displayed in multiple places at once.

But place them higher up or lower down depending on what works best for everyone instead of using the exact same setup across every single part of your site.

47. Other Popups

Create popups that appear after someone has scrolled down past 50% of the content within any given blog post or other pages.

Since this limits, the number of effort people has to put into finding where your signup forms are located,

but also use eye-catching images related to your main content in order for it to stand out more.

48. Exit popup content

Use an exit popup that asks people how they found you whenever they click on any external links pointing outside of your site.

Since this is the best way to figure out exactly what visitors are searching for while leaving your site.

So you can write better blog posts around their interests instead of wasting time with content that almost no one wants to read.

49. Collaborate with influencers

Partner with influencers or industry leaders to promote your email list to their followers and increase your reach.

50. Unsubscribe Link

Let everyone know they can unsubscribe from your emails at any time using a single link within each of your email newsletters.

Since you should never attempt to mislead anyone about what they’re signing up for in order to keep your list clean.

But also don’t forget to follow through on whatever deals or offers you’ve promised so people don’t feel cheated out of their hard-earned money.

unsubscribe link

Wrapping Up

In summary, there are several different ways to grow your email list as large as possible, while still remaining compliant with email marketing laws and guidelines.

So you don’t have to worry about any spam complaints or unsubscribe requests from people who shouldn’t be on your list in the first place.

Make sure to include an incentive, only ask for one type of information, and don’t ask people to subscribe directly unless they’ve already subscribed through your social media pages.

If you follow all of the recommendations listed above you should see a significant increase in how many people sign up for your email newsletter.

So you can begin engaging with them on a more personal level, but only if you take action right away instead of putting it off or thinking about it too much.

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