Is Blogging Still Relevant?

Almost every month, I receive at least one email from someone who wants to start a blog.

Most of the emails are about how to make money blogging.

Sometimes they want to know what is the best way to monetize a blog and other times they simply ask if it’s even possible.

So, is blogging a good career? It depends on how you define “career”.

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Is Blogging a good career?

is blogging still relevant

If your definition of a “career” means making $100,000/year or more blogging then I would say no.

If your definition of a career is not tied to any particular location, then blogging might be for you.

Blogging has evolved over the years. When blogging first started, it was just people sharing information with each other.

Bloggers wrote about topics they were passionate about and shared that information with the world.

A lot of these early blogs looked a lot like a diary.

As blogging became more popular, people realized that by adding advertisements to their blogs they could make some extra money.

Today, there are two types of bloggers: those who need income from their blog and those who simply blog for fun.

If you are looking to make money blogging, then you need a blog that gets a lot of traffic, and readers that will buy whatever is being advertised on your site.

The more traffic/readers you have the more money you can make from advertisers.

If this sounds like a lot of work to you, then blogging is not a good career choice for you.

If you are simply wanting to blog as a hobby and don’t care about making money from your blog, then blogging can be a great outlet.

You might never make any actual money from your blog but it can be very rewarding to see how many people follow/read your blog.

Just make sure you pick a topic that you are really interested in and know a lot about.

I also see people quit jobs and make blogging their full-time job.

If this is your goal, then you need to think long and hard about how much money it will take for you to quit your job,

and whether you can make that much blogging before giving up on the idea.

There are also people who blog as a side hustle or part-time gig to help pay for extras like vacations and dinners out.

Why choose blogging as a career option?

is blogging still relevant

1. No need to commute or work in an office

With blogging, you can write about anything that interests you. It is not limited to any particular topic like having a physical storefront.

2. Ability to set your own hours

Blogging gives you the flexibility of working whenever and wherever you want.

You might even be able to make money while travelling or spending time with your family.

3. Ability to write from anywhere

You can start a blog from your living room or office, or even from a park using your phone.

As long as you have Internet access and battery life on your phone, then blogging is still possible.

4. No need for a degree

Although having a degree might help in some cases it is not required to start a blog.

5. Potential for high income

Like any other business, the more time and effort you put into it determines how much money you make.

If you are willing to work hard then blogging can be a great way to earn extra money or even replace your full-time job.

6. No need for start-up money

You can start a blog with no money. There are many free blogging platforms to choose from.

7. Flexibility in types of writing

You can write about anything you want on your blog. There are no boundaries so blogging is truly one of the most diverse careers.

Blogging may not be for everyone but it certainly has its perks especially if you are looking to set your own hours and work from anywhere.

Just make sure that you have something worth saying before starting a blog.

Are there other reasons why blogging would make a good career path?

is blogging still relevant

No. However, I would like to add that you shouldn’t start a blog if you hate writing.

Because you won’t be able to put out enough content for it to become successful.

What are some pitfalls of having a blog as your business?

There are many things to consider if you are planning on making blogging your full-time job.

The biggest challenge is coming up with fresh content every day/week.

Blogging also takes a lot of work to get started, but once you have an audience for your blog, it does become easier.

You will still need to spend time promoting yourself and writing new posts so blogging will take up a good amount of your time.

What are some alternative careers to consider?

You can do anything that you put your mind to and consider what skills and knowledge you already possess.

If you like photography, then start a blog about it or become a freelance photographer.

You can also look into teaching English online or translating blogs from one language to another if you are bilingual.

If you don’t like writing, but love art, then you can try to become a painter or an artist that sells their artwork online.

You could always go back to school and get your Master’s degree if you need a more formal education.

Since it does carry a lot of weight when applying for jobs.

They will let you know what they want from the applicant so make sure to check the requirements before you get started.

Can I start a blog as a hobby?

is blogging still relevant

Yes, you can, but blogging can become difficult if you don’t love writing and don’t have enough time to write on a daily basis.

If this is the case then maybe it’s best to start another kind of hobby that you enjoy.

How do I get into blogging?

You don’t get into blogging, you just do it!

If you want to start a blog then the first step is to pick a topic and get started building your website.

You can also look for websites that will help you find topics to write about if you are having trouble coming up with ideas.

How long does it take to start making money?

It took me about 6 months before I really started seeing any kind of income.

But I was working anywhere between 10-15 hours most days of the week during that time period.

So if you were blogging part-time and were only putting in a few hours per week, it might take you longer to start earning an extra income.

What types of income can I expect?

You can make money from your blog by selling ad space on your site or having affiliate deals with other companies.

You can also get paid for sponsored posts or get consulting deals if you have the right skills to offer.

How do I decide what topics I should blog about?

is blogging still relevant

You can write about whatever you are knowledgeable or passionate about.

But there are some things that will be easier to sell than others so it’s probably best to start with something that interests you.

If you don’t enjoy writing then this will become much more difficult because you won’t be motivated to write on a daily basis.

If I have blogging success, can I quit my day job?

Yes, but it might take some time and you will need to save up the money first before quitting your day job.

It’s best if you find another way to bring in an income while blogging so that you don’t have to worry about quitting your job anytime soon.

What are the most important skills I need to have?

You need to be good at writing and enjoy doing it in order to make blogging a career path for you.

You will also need time management skills because you will be tasked with finding topics, writing posts, sharing your posts with your audience, looking for sponsors and answering comments.

Don’t forget to learn SEO. It takes time but is worth it in the end.

What are the challenges of blogging as a career?

is blogging still relevant

One of the biggest challenges is coming up with a topic to write about every day.

It takes a big dedication to start a blog and maintain it on a daily basis.

You need to find time in your busy schedule to write new posts and engage with your audience or readers.

You also need to keep an eye on your analytics and trends in order to know what topics you should focus on more.

What can I do with my blog?

You can monetize your blog and make money from it or use it as a portfolio piece if you plan on getting a job at some point.

If you want to use blogging as a career path then it’s important to treat your blog like a business and take blogging seriously.

You can also use your blog to make a personal connection with your audience and show them who you are as a person.

Can I become famous through blogging?

Yes, but it will take time and lots of hard work.

If you want to become famous or well-known then you need to,

  • keep writing consistently,
  • build a loyal audience over time,
  • be consistent with your posts,
  • and always try to deliver content that is valuable for your readers.

What are the risks of blogging?

The only risk is wasting time if you feel like blogging isn’t for you.

But if you are dedicated and work hard on building a brand, then there shouldn’t be any risks involved with blogging.

Unless you get hacked or your site gets shut down by the hosting provider.

That’s why I recommend Cloudways hosting.

What is blogging success?

is blogging still relevant

Blogging success is being able to earn an extra income from your blog.

Having people share your posts or become loyal readers (and possible customers) over time.

Having people think of you as an expert in your niche and making friends with other bloggers.

Anything else to add?

Yes! Make sure you at least give blogging a try before dismissing it.

That way if after giving it six months, blogging is not for you, then you still have your old job waiting for you whenever you are ready to go back.

Being an entrepreneur is risky but there are many benefits of having your own business. Just make sure that you are prepared for it.

Is blogging still relevant?

Blogging has been a staple in the online community since its inception, and it’s still going strong.

In 2023 blogging will definitely continue to be a tool for everyone from individuals to business owners.

In fact, blogging is becoming even more accessible as time goes on.

There are entire sites dedicated to giving people the ability to blog without having their own website.

In this way, not only individuals, but companies as well can benefit from the conveniences of blogging without having to have a site.

What is the future of Blogging?

is blogging still relevant

In 2023 blogging will be easier than ever for anyone who wants to do it.

Online communities are just as strong as they ever were, and personal websites can still be run without too much work.

Blog posts will continue to rise in value as the world becomes increasingly connected.

Posts on popular social media sites like Twitter or Facebook will become more valuable than ever before because of their shared nature.

Blogs will remain an excellent place to find valuable information and online communities will continue to thrive in 2023.

Let’s face it: blogging is not going anywhere any time soon.

As the world becomes more connected, blogging will play an increasing role in that connection.

It will always be a tool for self-expression, which is something that humans need as much today as ever before.

Blogs will continue to be a valuable resource whether they’re on sites to which everyone has access or on personal websites.

And people creating blogs in 2023 will be able to do it from the comfort of their own homes.

No article can predict what’s going to happen in 10 years, but we can make some educated guesses.

In this case, looking at how people use blogging and social media now and how those things will change.

We can assume that the future of blogging will be as bright as it’s ever been, which is pretty bright indeed.

What makes blogging popular?

is blogging still relevant

1. Anyone can do it.

2. It’s an easy and effective way to share information and opinions with a wide audience, in text or even video form.

3. Blogging has raised the bar for creating good content.

Bloggers have to work harder than ever before to produce quality posts that keep people engaged and coming back for more.

4. There are a lot of blogging resources available that make it easy for anyone to do it without knowing too much about HTML or coding.

Drag and drop themes like Themify Ultra. No coding is required, you can create the website in under 1-2 hours.

5. The more people who use blogging, the more valuable each post becomes.

Personal sites have traditionally been a good way for individuals to get noticed and drive traffic back to their own site or business.

6. The internet has made it easier than ever for individuals to connect with each other, and blogging is part of that connection.

7. The internet has also made it easier than ever for businesses to promote and give valuable information about their products and services.

Again, blogging is part of that connection.

8. Blogging can be used in support of any cause or issue because it provides a platform for the exchange of ideas.

That’s pretty valuable by itself, but even more so as the world becomes more connected.

9. Blogs can be read by people on any device or platform, from desktops to tablets and mobile phones – even watches!

10. The more people use blogging platforms, the better those platforms will get at helping bloggers produce quality posts quickly and efficiently.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

So, Is blogging still relevant?

is blogging still relevant

1. Yes, because so many people use it.

It’s valuable for anyone who wants to share information quickly and easily with a large audience.

2. Yes, because so many social media sites rely on blogging content.

The more good posts there are, the better these sites get at helping users find the valuable stuff that they’re looking for (and avoiding the stuff they don’t want).

3. Yes, because it’s an easy way for anyone to share anything with a wide audience.

It can be used by individuals, businesses, governments and politicians – everybody!

4. Yes, because the internet has only made blogging more popular over time. It will continue to grow in value and importance.

5. Yes, because it’s still the easiest way to get news and information quickly.

Faster than TV or social media, blogging remains at the forefront of information discovery.

6. Yes, because the more people who use it with different devices and platforms, the better all blogging platforms will become in terms of features and design.

The growth in blogging platforms shows no signs of slowing down, and that benefits everyone.

7. Yes, because it’s still the easiest way for people to share their views with a wide audience regardless of whether they’re writing about politics or Pokemon.

It also enables users to search past blogs related to topics they’re interested in regardless of when they were posted.

8. Yes, there are still plenty of causes and issues that need to be tackled better with blogging.

The more people who use it, the more chances we have of seeing positive change in the world.

9. Yes, because bloggers can reach anyone on any device or platform, which means you never know where your next follower might come from.

10. Yes, bloggers are still pushing the envelope on what’s possible with blogging by themselves, and with all of the new blogging tools being released every year.

It’s an exciting time to be a blogger!

Is blogging dead in 2023?

is blogging still relevant

For most of us, the answer would be “no” because technology never dies.

This is especially true considering that blogging has proved its worth both as a method of social media marketing and sharing knowledge with the world.

However, this article also tries to put across some points which may lead you to think about it differently.

1.  The emergence of native social media websites.

Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram and Pinterest are all popular examples that have left independent blogging platforms behind.

In terms of growth rate and popularity among internet users.

Even though there are many who still write on their own blogs, the number has definitely shrunk over time.

Moreover, these websites provide more platforms for interaction with other people than simple text-based do.

People are familiar with them and very used to using them, and they prefer using the same platform for all their social interactions.

Therefore, blogging as a whole might take a backseat in 2023.

2. The increasing competition from other websites

The fact that social media has taken over does not mean that blogging has died completely.

However, it means that there is more competition from other sites such as Quora, Reddit etc.

Which have been able to compete successfully with platforms like Tumblr and WordPress.

In essence, people may feel more inclined toward sharing knowledge on these sites rather than on purely text-based blogs.

Moreover, these websites can provide a “one-stop solution” for various needs of users.

Who are interested in different topics without having to switch between multiple websites or apps.

is blogging still relevant

3.  The advancement of Artificial Intelligence

AI is an upcoming technology that has the potential to do many things.

Including personalizing content for users based on preferences and interests etc.

With time, this technology will improve to a point where it can generate content on its own — something that people used to write themselves!

Even though this is not likely to happen in 2023, it seems more probable as time goes by.

4. Decreasing attention among Internet users

Decreasing attention among internet users due to different forms of instant gratification available through apps like Instagram etc.

The internet world is changing rapidly with each passing day, and so are the requirements of users who live their lives online.

From being able to read long articles within an app like Pocket, they have now shifted to micro-blogging on Twitter and more recently, sharing photos through Instagram.

These social media websites not only offer very simple interfaces but also give instant gratification to users who can get their required information immediately.

This has gradually resulted in a decrease in the attention span of people.

And it is also possible that they will prefer writing short articles or even just sharing photos to writing lengthy blog posts.

5.  Increase in mobile Internet usage

The world has seen an increase in the number of mobile phone users as against desktop users over time.

And this is obvious because mobiles can do pretty much everything that a computer can (just on a smaller screen!).

Therefore, blogging platforms would be wise to develop mobile-friendly features such as those found on Tumblr and Wattpad.

Themify Ultra is the best theme that provides mobile-friendly layout to websites.

Moreover, websites would have to be developed more quickly and efficiently in order to cater to the growing demands of mobile Internet users.

is blogging still relevant

6.  The introduction of e-books

In 2023, it is likely that there will be a significant increase in the number of people who prefer reading on their phones rather than from paperbacks or laptops.

In fact, many technology companies are trying to make this possible with e-ink screens that resemble real paper while still being lightweight and easier to carry.

It is not far before we see a generation raised on smartphones going back to books for leisure reading.

This means that online blogging platforms would not be able to ignore this change if they are to keep up with the evolving trends.

7. The increase in popularity of video blogging

The days when people were satisfied with text-based articles are over, and there is a growing preference among users for visual content.

This has led to the rise of many short video blogs on sites like YouTube, Instagram…

Which appeal to an entire generation used to consuming much smaller bits of information in the form of Tweets, Instagram photos etc.

Although not everyone prefers watching videos instead of reading text, it would be useful for platforms offering blogging services to adapt accordingly so that they can benefit from this change.

8.  Changes in social networking platforms

Social media websites have evolved very rapidly over the past few years, and they might not remain static even in 2023.

This means that people might move away from already established platforms like Facebook and Twitter to newer ones that offer fresh features.

For example, new social media apps like Instagram are offering more ways to express yourself,

while others like Pinterest allow users to explore different interests by following other users or browsing through their collection of photos etc.

These changes will also affect blogging platforms since there would be more competition for the attention of users.

Who may not necessarily visit sites designed for blogging after spending some time on social media blogging still relevant

9. The introduction of more powerful online publishing tools

One of the most important reasons why blogging is still alive is because it does not require much technical expertise!

It merely needs basic writing skills and access to a computer/tablet/smartphone.

This means that blogging will always remain a popular mode of expression,

especially among people who would rather not spend money or effort on hiring others to develop their websites.

In fact, the rise in user-friendly website builders like Themify Ultra is likely to raise demand for blogging services,

which can further increase the popularity of online publishing platforms throughout 2023.

Is blogging dead in 2023?

The answer is no.

But it might become more difficult for many smaller bloggers because of increased competition from large corporations and social media sites.

However, this should not discourage anyone since there are still a lot of reasons why people prefer writing articles or posts for blogs instead of using other methods!

How does blogging change over time?

is blogging still relevant

– As more people are using the internet on smartphones, blogging will be involved with it.

– The introduction of e-books and video blogs will reduce the popularity of text-based articles on websites.

– There is a potential rise in demand for bigger content marketing companies to counter the threat of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

– The introduction of more powerful online publishing tools would allow everyone to create their own blog without needing much technical assistance.

– Personal blogging might face increased competition from social media websites and large corporations because of the latter’s willingness to spend money on marketing.

How much time is left for blogging?

– Blogging is still used by millions of people throughout the world, and it will remain a popular mode of expression in 2023.

What’s next for bloggers?

is blogging still relevant

– Bloggers should continue to propose high-quality content that would be more appealing to readers than a few short sentences on social media websites.

– They should also adapt to changing conditions by offering content that is more visual in nature (like videos), and learn new skills like SEO, blogging etc.

– Blogging platforms will need to consider offering excellent customer support, compatibility with many different devices etc.

If they hope to remain popular throughout 2023.

Can I start blogging in 2023?

– Of course! Anyone can start blogging right now – all you need is a computer/smartphone, access to the internet and strong writing skills.

– Bloggers should always keep themselves up to date with new technologies.

They should also work hard to develop their skills by learning about SEO, marketing etc.

– Blogging will not be dead anytime in the near future, but changes are in store for bloggers trying to make it big.

– Bloggers need to focus on developing themselves instead of relying on one platform for their blogs.

They should also learn about new technologies and skills if they hope to survive in 2023.

Can I make money through blogging with strong competition in every niche?

is blogging still relevant

– Yes, just like any other business, you can make money by blogging if you choose your subject correctly and maintain a strong online presence.

– Blogging is just one of many ways to attract attention online.

You can also use social media websites, Youtube etc., to complement your content and grow your audience.

– It is important to create content that appeals not just to your readers, but also to search engines and social media websites.

This can help you drive more traffic and thus increase your income.

– Blogging alone might not be enough – many successful bloggers have branched out into other online ventures,

including selling their services as SEO experts and web developers.

– Like every other business, blogging can be rewarding if you choose your subject well and appeal to many people.

It also helps to learn new skills like SEO, marketing etc. over time.

Focus on your goals and don’t look for news that demotivates you about blogging!

How to keep you motivated?

– Pick your niche and stick to it. Don’t get distracted by every new idea that pops up!

– Come up with a schedule so you can write posts on a regular basis.

– Show your work to people who will give you honest feedback – family, friends or even strangers online!

This way you can improve your style and learn new techniques.

– Keep your blog up to date – readers will pay attention if they see fresh content posted on a regular basis!

Why blogging is not easy, but worth investing time in?

is blogging still relevant

– Blogging gives you more freedom compared to other mediums of expression like video blogs or Instagram.

This is because you are in total control of what you post and how it is published.

– Blogging gives people a chance to amuse themselves by reading your posts,

unlike video blogs which require their audiences to sit through long videos or Instagram posts which often rely on visuals for impact.

– Blogs can be read at the readers’ convenience, whereas other forms of media will only be seen by their audiences for a specific duration.

– Blogging gives you more authority compared to other mediums because your opinion is being presented as if it were fact.

Readers are more likely to take what you have written seriously, which can help grow your reputation in your chosen niche.

– Blogging is a great way to grow your income because you have the freedom to write about any subject under the sun.

Other mediums may be more limited in their appeal to audiences,

which can make it harder for content creators to grow an audience and generate revenue from them.

– In 2023, blogging is definitely alive.

It may be difficult for new bloggers to make a name in the field, but it can be done if you work hard at your skills and learn about new concepts like SEO.

– Despite competition in every niche, choosing your blog’s topic well and sticking to it while maintaining a strong online presence will help you grow as a blogger.

– While it is true that blogging alone may not be enough to generate revenue, most successful bloggers have branched out into other mediums like social media and e-commerce to augment their income.

“Blogging is the second best platform for self-expression after YouTube and everyone should blog if they wish to.”


Blogging is a great career option and there are many opportunities available to you.

The ability to turn your blog into an online business or even create products means that blogging can be profitable for those willing to put in the time and effort required.

It’s been said that “a rising tide raises all boats,” which could mean that as more people start blogs, it’ll become easier for everyone involved because of how interconnected we’re becoming as a society.

So if you’re considering starting a blog, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

You have nothing to lose by trying something new – what do you have to lose?

Though blogging may look a little different in 2023, it will still be an important communication tool.

The key to effective blogging in 2023 is creating content that is genuine and interesting to your audience.

This means taking the time to understand who your readers are and what they want to know.

It also means being creative and finding new ways to share your message.

So go ahead and start planning now for a successful blog in 2023!

Blogging is still considered an excellent way to develop yourself and earn money online.

Although it might face increased competition from large corporations.

And improved publishing tools will allow users to create their own blogs without needing technical expertise.

The future of blogging seems bright – all you need is strong writing skills and access to a computer/smartphone.

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