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“Hey there! If you’ve got a website, you probably want it to show up when people search for things online, right?

Well, that’s where the Rank Math plugin comes in. It’s like a super-smart assistant for your website that helps it climb the ladder in search results.

Think of it like this: When you’re looking for something on the internet, you probably click on one of the first few results, right?

Well, everyone else does too!

So, with Rank Math, you can tweak and fine-tune how your website appears in those search results.

It’s like making your website more attractive to search engines.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through all those settings and show you how to use Rank Math to give your website a boost in the online popularity contest.

Rank Math Plugin Settings & Configuration for WordPress

NOTE: I am using the free version of this Rank Math plugin settings guide.

Start with installing the plugin.

connect your account - rank math plugin settings

After installation, connect your account to Rank Math.

login to rank math - rank math plugin settings

You can use any of your online IDs to connect.

activate now - rank math plugin settings

Click OK to activate now.

return to dashboard - rank math plugin settings

Skip this installation wizard and let’s start with the start.

1. Dashboard

dashboard dashboard 2 dashboard 3

Enable all the settings that I used in the screenshot.

If you are an advanced user, you can enable more features according to your needs.

But for beginners, these are the recommended ones.

2. Content AI

content ai

This is a premium feature, so ignore this.

3. Analytics

analytics - rank math plugin settings

If you want your Google Search Console data here in the Rank Math dashboard, then enable this.

4. General Settings

Copy the settings I use in the screenshot.

NOTE: Make sure to remove my example URL and add yours where applicable.


links 1 links 2


breadcrumbs 1 - rank math plugin settings breadcrumb 2


images - rank math plugin settings

Webmaster Tools

webmaster tools

Verify your Google Search Console here. Click on the link “Search Console Verification Page” and follow the steps. 

Easy steps, no technical knowledge required.

Edit robots.txt

edit robots txt

Leave this as it is.





Edit .htaccess


Do not edit your htaccess file unless you know what you are doing.

404 Monitor

404 monitor - rank math plugin settings



Create a custom 404 error page and add the URL here.


general analytics - rank math plugin settings

Content AI

general content ai

5. Titles and Meta

Copy my settings that I shared in the screenshot.

Global Meta

global meta global meta 1 - rank math plugin settings

Local SEO

local seo

Social Meta

social meta



Post Formats

post format - rank math plugin settings post format 1



Misc Pages

misc pages misc pages 1


posts - rank math plugin settings posts 1 posts 2


pages pages 1 - rank math plugin settings pages 2




categories categories 1 - rank math plugin settings


tags tags 1

Categories and tags can create duplicate content issues. So, I recommend to Noindex them. 

6. Sitemap Settings

Copy my settings.


sitemap general

HTML Sitemap

html sitemap - rank math plugin settings

Copy and paste the shortcode where you want to display the HTML sitemap.


sitemap posts


sitemap pages


sitemap attachments - rank math plugin settings


sitemap categories


sitemap tags

7. Instant Indexing

Instant indexing is useful for Bing and Yahoo search engines. It does not index in Google.

Submit URLs

instant indexing submit urls


instant indexing settings


instant indexing history

8. 404 Monitor

404 monitor 1

9. Redirections

redirections 1

10. SEO Analyzer

Here you can check your SEO errors and tips to resolve the error.

seo analyzer - rank math plugin settings seo analyzer 1 competitor analyzer

11. Status and Tools

Version Control

version control

Database Tools

Do not touch database tools unless you know what you are doing.

database tools - rank math plugin settings

System Status

system status

Import & Export

If you are using another SEO plugin like Yoast, then this tool is used to import and export your Yoast SEO settings to Rank Math.

import export

12. Help and Support

help and support - rank math plugin settings

Wrapping Up – Rank Math Plugin Settings

So, that’s the lowdown on Rank Math and how it can help your website shine on the internet.

I’ve covered all the settings and tricks to make your site stand out in search results.

Just like a well-dressed actor on a red carpet, your website needs to look its best in the online world.

Now, go ahead and explore those settings, experiment a little, and watch your website climb up the search result rankings.

Have questions, use the comments section.

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