CDN – Content Delivery Network: A Simple Guide!

Last Updated on 9th March 2023 by Ajmer Singh

When you are looking for something like ‘How to improve your website speed’.

You notice the common thing that everyone mentions is the Content Delivery Network.

Speed checking tools like Gmetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Speed also suggest using CDN in order to improve page speed performance.

However, a good host like Cloudways and a well-coded theme like Themify ultra are also recommended for better performance.

If you have reached this page, it means you have come to know the word CDN, which is Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. 

Almost all website designers must be knowing this network because they need to know how fast their websites load easily without taking too much time right?

Yes, you may have heard about Google’s product known as AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages.

But here, we are talking about CDN Content Delivery Network.

cdn content delivery network definition

What is CDN: Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that works together to provide fast delivery of internet content.

In simple, If your hosting provider data centre is in the US and someone opens your website in the US then it loads fast.

But, if somebody opens the same content from any other country then it takes time to load in comparison to the US.

CDNs have a lot of data centres all over the world. So that if someone opens your content from any side of the world, it opens quickly.

Because CDN provides them with the content from their nearest data centre. 

That’s how Content Delivery Network (CDN) Works.

CDN is the delivery network used for delivering content at a super-fast speed, that’s why it’s known as Content Delivery Network. 

Sometimes, people search on the Internet that how to speed up my website.

CDN is the channel of the delivery network, which is distributed all over the world based on the world’s geophysical union.

This consists of the proxy servers, data centres, and control areas, which all are distributed in this world geographically.

The idea to open this network channel is to speed up the loading of websites and to reduce its loading time which came into existence in 1990.

There are lots of content owners like media companies, eCommerce platforms, and other websites that help to improve the content delivery network in more practical ways.

Benefits Of Using CDN

benefits of cdn content delivery network

1. Improves Website Page Speed – It delivers content from the nearest data centre to the users so that they experience faster page load speed.

2. Search Engine ranking Google has made it clear that faster page load time is one of the important algorithm factors that improve ranking on search engines.

3. SecurityA CDN may improve security by providing DDOS Migration, creating page rules, and other optimizations.

4. Optimizing cachesMany website owners use cache plugins to optimize their websites like Autoptimize or WP-Optimize.

It’s good but using the CDN + Cache plugin will improve your page performance even better than before.

How does CDN work?

how cdn content delivery network works

It’s a common problem in today’s world of the competitive market for every content maker, that is to load their websites and webpages in a short time.

This problem is overcome by the CDN Content Delivery Network. 

It speeds up your website and decreases its loading time by using its channel’s network.

The more servers, and data centres they will have, the more will be the flexibility of website. Let me explain this with one example.

When you make a website, and when you go for its hosting, you’ll find that your hosting provider has data centres in different regions of the world.

If you make your website from India, but your hosting provider has the network and data centres in the US only.

When somebody opens your website in the US, you’ll see that it doesn’t take much time to load, and display the webpage.

But if you try to open your website from India or any other region instead of opening it from the US,

you’ll face many problems in loading webpages like loading times are more compared to the US, it doesn’t load quickly,

users are shifting to another network, and your website crashes, etc.

This all happens because of the lack of data centres in other regions.

This problem is solved by the CDN Content Delivery Network Channel system.

They have thousands of data centres all over the world, and all the data centres have data from every website and link.

Cloudflare is the CDN that I use on this website. You can copy my Cloudflare settings to use on your website.

How Does It Display Results Very Fast?

cdn content delivery network displays fast results

As we already talked about it, CDN has thousands of data centres all over the world.

And all the data centres have the data of every website and its web pages.

When someone opens your website from any region, it gives quick results to show your website to that person,

and it is possible because CDN gives and displays the contents from the nearest data centres.

This means if someone opens your websites, their nearest data centres will be working for displaying the results of your websites, and webpages.

What is the Use Of a Content Delivery Network?

use of cdn content delivery network

-To increase your user’s experience in high Internet, and high speed in loading your websites

-To catch the user base from outside of the reunion of your website hosting.

-To download static content from different regions, which are far away from the region of your website hosting.

-To prevent your site from crashing, and to decrease loading times to display webpages.

-To improve the performance of your website, and to attract more organic traffic.

More Benefits Of CDN!

-CDN helps in speeding up your website, by faster delivery of content.

-Helps in SEO and is easy to rank on search engines.

-Because of the lots of Optimization tools, security is high.

-Cache memory is Optimized, that’s why there is no crashing problem.

-Attractive for organic traffic, and visitors are highly motivated to visit your website once again.

Because we all know that waiting for any website to load properly is very much irritating,

and visitors shift to other sites because of longer loading times.


First, it’s clear that it increases the speed of your website to display webpages,

by using multiple data centres and giving results from the nearest data centres.

Page loading times are decreased, the security of users and websites is higher compared to that without CDN.

By using CDN, you can improve your Page Speed, the Security of your website, Page optimization, Search Engine Ranking, and many more things.

It is recommended to use CDN by almost all the Speed Testing Tools.

Use CDN and check your website performance (Before and After) and comment on your experience.