10 Unique Ways To Get Traffic From Youtube in 2023

Last Updated on 9th January 2023 by Ajmer Singh

So, you have a website. Congratulations! Maybe the site isn’t getting much traffic.

It happens to everyone sometimes, even though marketing can be frustrating and time-consuming.

SEO is good but you need to have different sources to get traffic.

Fortunately, there’s another way to get your message out there: social media sites.

Can you get traffic from youtube?

In this article, we’ll explore how to get traffic from youtube.

One of the most popular social media sites, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world according to Alexa.

That means lots of people go there. You can use that to your advantage by promoting your website on youtube.

Getting traffic from Youtube is actually quite simple.

All you need to do is upload a video with information about your product or service and include links to your website.

However, before you upload videos to YouTube, there are a few things you should be aware of that will increase your chances for success.

Successful Youtube marketing is about taking advantage of opportunities and getting people’s attention.

Make sure the video you create is compelling and interesting so they’ll want to watch it.

Don’t just upload random clips to your video. That won’t get you any traffic.

When deciding what to put in your video, consider targeting a specific audience.

For example, young mothers are probably going to be interested in videos that will teach their kids how to speak.

Therefore, it makes sense for them to learn about this topic from a video on youtube.

On the other hand, if you’re marketing to retirees, they aren’t going to care about speaking videos.

Make sure your target audience is anything but nonexistent.

Of course, once you’ve created your video, there are some additional steps you can take to make sure it gets more views and ultimately downloads.

First of all, set up an Adwords account. This is Google’s ad platform.

website traffic from youtube

If you manage to get your videos on the first page of search results, there’s a good chance they’ll be clicked on which increases how many people view them.

Another way to promote your video is to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

All you need to do is share your video on these sites and encourage people to watch it.

Getting viewers isn’t too hard; getting them to act is the tough part.

Once you get all of this setup, there’s one more thing you can do: wait.

It may take some time for your videos to gain traction so be patient.

If they aren’t working after several months, it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing.

There are tons of people on YouTube looking for new things to watch.

If your videos manage to catch their attention, you’ll get more traffic than you’d ever imagine.

Try these techniques and see if they work for you!

Before starting, make sure you have a good landing page. And what makes a good landing page,

  1. Unique and quality posts
  2. Classy design and layout – Themify Ultra
  3. Loading speed under 1 sec – Cloudways

10 unique ways to get traffic from youtube to your website!

website traffic from youtube

1. Create a video on youtube with your website’s link

– This can be as simple as just having a browser window open to your site.

Talk about the features and benefits of your product/service on camera while it is displayed in another window.

2. Buy targeted traffic from Google AdWords

– Using Google Adwords makes sense if you have a larger budget since it tends to give more targeted results.

3. Share your video on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and Linkedin

– Be sure to include the link to your site within the description of the video on youtube.

You’ll need this when posting your link on these other social media sites.

4. Think outside the box and create videos that will link to your site naturally in some way

– This may involve creating entertaining or informative videos around your niche and including links.

But be creative and remember there’s a fine line between helpful and spammy when it comes to giving information away in exchange for traffic.

5. Engage viewers by creating video responses to popular videos that are relevant

– Many people watch the comments on youtube just as they would read responses on traditional forums.

So take advantage of this opportunity if there’s a video already out there with your target audience by responding to it.

With either your own video or simply leaving feedback.

website traffic from youtube

6. Submit your video to popular youtube channels

– Find relevant, very popular youtube channels and search for email addresses on those sites if possible.

Even if the channel doesn’t publish contact info, you can find people’s email addresses and send them a message that way.

It is same as guest post blogging.

7. Create videos that show off your product/service in action

– Many businesses create advertisements as videos rather than online ads because it seems more relatable and will hopefully inspire viewers to take action.

This won’t work if they don’t know what you’re advertising.

So give potential customers a taste of what they’ll actually be getting by showing off your product or service in action.

8. Sponsor contests relating to the targeted audience of the products/services you offer

– If there’s a popularity contest in your niche, try to sponsor it and get your brand name out there.

You can mention it in the video itself or use other forms of advertising such as creating flyers you’ll hand out during the event.

9. Create alternative revenue streams to youtube

– This may be easier said than done but if you can find a way to create these sorts of products/services and combine them with social media promotion.

Similar to what you would do for youtube videos, you might just have quite a successful business on your hands!

Use this knowledge wisely and you could turn something fun into an extremely lucrative online business.

10. Promote your video with youtube ads

– There are different types of advertising that can be done using YouTube.

You can choose to place an ad before or after the actual video, both, or just promote the video itself.

This is mostly based on your budget and what you’re trying to accomplish with this particular video.

website traffic from youtube


For many business owners, using youtube as a form of advertising is fairly new.

And this is just another method they’re taking advantage of in order to get their product/service out there and generate more revenue.

There are countless ways to use videos on the internet and all it takes is a little creativity and your business could be on its way to success in no time.