15+ Things to Consider before getting a WordPress Theme 2023

Last Updated on 16th May 2023 by Ajmer Singh

WordPress is a platform for creating websites using popular programming languages like HTML & CSS.

WordPress themes are pre-designed website templates having all the necessary elements, which can be modified or changed according to our needs.

There are many types of WordPress themes available in the market, but there are a few things that should always be kept in mind before getting a WordPress Theme.

WordPress themes are generally divided into two categories: free and premium.

(premium themes cost you around $50 to $500 but they also offer support and update).

How to choose a perfect WordPress Theme!

things to consider for wordpress themes

1) Choose the right platform

Before choosing any theme for your website, you should know the difference between free and premium themes.

Free themes are great for personal blogs, but if you want to create a website (for business or anything else), then it is highly recommended that you choose wisely.

You can use free themes as base templates & modify them according to your needs, but they do not include all features available on premium themes.

If you want to create a business website and don’t want to spend your time modifying free themes, then it is recommended that you go for the premium ones.

We recommend, Astra as a free theme and Themify Ultra as a premium theme.

2) Landing Pages

Before getting a theme, it is important that you determine the purpose of your website.

Are you planning to create a blog or want to start an online store (shop)?

If your goal is to create a blog, then it’s better that you get a theme having a single page; this will save some precious time and money.

But if you are serious about creating an online shop, then it is recommended that you get a theme (Themify Ultra) having separate pages for About Us, Contact us, Menu page etc.

3) Design & Style

Design is another important point to consider before getting a theme.

A good design will always keep your website looking awesome and eye-catching.

You can find many free themes on the market, but most of them are simple; they lack creativity and style.

So, before buying a theme for a WordPress website, make sure it has a good design and unique style like Themify Ultra.

4) Unique Features

Many themes available in the market claim to provide useful features like SEO compatibility, responsive layouts etc.

But these claims are false because all free & premium themes come with these features built-in.

Therefore, it is important to know that you should not rely on these unproven claims before buying a theme for your website.

unique features

5) Compatibility

Before getting a WordPress Theme make sure it works well with different web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari etc).

Also, check the support; some themes don’t provide support at all; sometimes the support is provided in forums or you will be charged for getting help.

You can also check reviews before buying a theme; they always provide accurate information about any issue with themes.

6) Maintenance

Themes usually come with updates, so it is important to choose one having an update feature built in.

So if your website goes offline after a few months due to an error in the theme, then you can download & install the updated version of that particular theme.

7) Plugins

Before getting a WordPress Theme, it is also important to check plugins compatibility with themes;

If your theme does not include some necessary plugin like WPML (for multilingual websites), then consider buying a theme having compatibility with the plugin.

8) Child Themes

Some themes come as parent and child themes;

Parent themes are useful because they provide support, updates and are compatible with many plugins

Whereas child themes save your time by providing all these features in a single product.

You don’t need to start from scratch if you have chosen a good parent theme.

child themes

9) Support

One of the major benefits of WordPress is its support.

You can get help easily by putting queries in different forums or checking the support section on the WordPress website.

Different themes come with their own support sections, but it’s better that you choose a theme having fast & reliable support channels because it will save your precious time.

10) Developer

It is also important to check the developer profile before choosing a theme for your WordPress website.

It is always recommended that you choose one developed by experienced WP developers because they are familiar with all the latest updates & plugins.

If you choose a WordPress Theme developed by less experienced developers, then there are good chances of bugs due to incompatibility with the latest plugins and updates.

So choose a theme by checking the developer profile.

11) Quality vs. Quantity

Premium WordPress themes have a lot of features, but before getting a theme for your website, you should know what your business needs are.

For example: if you want a simple blog template with only blogging capabilities, then you don’t need any premium features on your blog.

On the other hand, if you are running a corporate business, then you need Business & Magazine themes that provide professional features for corporate sites.

So, choose WordPress Theme by checking the type of your website needs.

12) Easy to Install

Most themes come with installation instructions; it is also important to check whether they are easy to install or not.

Because if you find any technical errors in installation, you will not be able to install them correctly.

Easy to Install

13) Regular Updates

It is always recommended to choose a theme that provides regular updates.

Because if your website runs on an old version of a WordPress Theme and WP releases new features or security upgrades,

then it may cause different glitches in the theme that could lead to downtime.

So, check the update feature before getting a WordPress Theme.

14) Backups

It is the most important point of consideration, you should back up your website regularly because sometimes it becomes quite necessary to have a backup option.

So choose a theme that provides easy backup options or consider adding a plugin for automatic backups of your site on a regular basis.

15) Shortcodes

Shortcodes are the special codes that help in saving time by letting you add some dynamic features to your site.

You can create slideshows, image galleries, and sliders using shortcodes.

Some themes come with shortcodes whereas some require plugins to run shortcodes.

If you choose a theme that needs a plugin for shortcode, then check the number of shortcodes it provides.

As some premium themes offer more than 200+ different options and those are good enough for creating advanced websites.

16) Price

Last but not the least; choose a theme wisely.

It is obvious that you should invest money in the best WordPress themes only because it is a long term investment and you can’t replace your site in just a few days.

So, if you have checked all the points and found everything okay then go ahead with your choice of theme or templates, but if not then simply rethink the options again.

Our recommended theme is Themify Ultra – it contains all the things I mentioned and more other features – Check this Themify Ultra Review.

FAQS 0n WordPress themes!

FAQS 0n WordPress themes

Q: Why choose a premium theme?

A: Premium WordPress themes are designed by professional designers.

They provide better service, faster updates, more functionality and a better user experience.

They also come with outstanding support channels including tutorial videos and forums which help you fix things faster if there is some issue or concern.

It is always recommended to use premium WordPress themes for business websites.

Q: How can I check how long a theme will be supported?

A: You can check the ‘last updated date on the theme’s page or go to their official website and read about it.

Q: How can I find what themes are compatible with the latest WordPress version?

A: You should always look for WordPress Theme Compatible with the Latest Version.

Because the WP team releases updates regularly so your theme should be up-to-date to work with the latest WP release.

Q: Can I upgrade my free WordPress theme?

A: Yes, you can easily upgrade your WordPress themes if they are premium or purchased from an authorized distribution partner (like Themeforest).

You only need to buy the new package for the upgraded version and download it; follow simple installation steps and you are done.

Q: What is the difference between free and premium WordPress themes?

A: There are many points of consideration when it comes to choosing a theme for your site.

Every theme has some pros and cons so you should always compare both types before making a final decision.

Free WordPress Theme gives you full control over the customization process,

while some paid themes save time and provide professional results because they are specially designed for a particular purpose.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

A: Yes, most themes will provide a 10-30 days money-back guarantee.

You can ask the theme developer or marketplace you have purchased the theme from for a refund option.

In most cases, you need to contact the theme author directly.

Q: What should be my first priority when selecting a WordPress Theme?

A: First of all, check how it feels and looks on your system.

Do some image editing in Photoshop and see how it looks with different font types and sizes; play with colours and other design elements.

Then check for Speed, SEO, Cross Browser Compatibility and learn about the ease of customization options if any.

Themify ultra is a theme that I use on my websites. It is speedy, SEO optimized, provides regular updates and is compatible with every plugin.

Q: Should I choose a free or premium theme?

A: It totally depends on your niche.

If you are building a blog website then free themes are good enough but if you need professional results then you must go for premium themes.

Always compare both before making a final decision!

Should I choose a free or premium theme

Q: Is it necessary to register with WordPress Theme Directory?

A: It is not mandatory; you can use any theme anywhere if it comes from an authorized distribution partner (like ThemeForest, Themify etc.).

If you are using a free theme then you should check the official WordPress Theme Directory because they are offering quality alternatives.

Q: How can I find the best WordPress Theme for my site?

A: You must check themes based on your niche, features, responsiveness and design.

Also, check for customer reviews because other buyers will give you an idea of what to expect from the theme.

Check out our recommended theme – Themify Ultra.

Q: How can I check the quality of the WP theme?

A: You should always go with themes that offer modern web standards and codes.

This will help you build a better website and give a professional look and feel.

Q: How can I get support for my theme?

A: You should check the documentation of your theme or you can use support forums available on their official websites to get help.

On our recommended theme – Themify Ultra, 24×7 dedicated support is available which covers all your queries and helps you find a solution.

Q: How can I ask a theme developer to make changes?

A: You can use support forums available on their official websites to get help with the customization process.

Q: How can I customize the look and feel of my theme?

A: You can use the Custom CSS option to add custom styling rules; you will be able to add your own layout using the available options.

If you need even more control over design, HTML & CSS editing options are available but it’s complex so we recommend you learn how to code.

Q: What is the difference between a WordPress Theme and a Blog?

A: Themes are designed to create a beautiful blog or any other website, they can be used across multiple niches.

In fact, many WP themes are being used for blogging only!

A Blog/Website is nothing but a single instance of a WordPress theme.

Q: How can I know if the WordPress Theme is responsive?

A: The best way to check responsiveness is by using the theme’s demo site on different kinds of systems and browsers.

If it looks fine then you can purchase and use that WP theme.

How can I know if the WordPress Theme is responsive

Q: What is the difference between WordPress and WordPress Theme?

A: WordPress platform is a free content management system (CMS) whereas WordPress themes are used to change their look and feel.

Every theme has a different set of features, designs and functionalities; you can select anyone based on your preferences and budget!

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Feel free to comment and I will be more than happy to help you out!


With these considerations in mind, you should be able to find a theme that matches your brand and meets the needs of your audience.

Remember, it’s worth taking some time upfront to get this right so you don’t have to make changes down the line.

We hope this list helps!